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4 Things more Dangerous to Israel than Iran’s civilian Nuclear Enrichment


4 Things more Dangerous to Israel than Iran’s civilian Nuclear Enrichment

Juan Cole

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s strident and continual harping on the alleged dangers of Iran to Israel’s security. Netanyahu has raised this issue repeatedly over the past 20 years, often predicting that Iran was as little as a year away from having a nuclear warhead. Decades later, it does not, and Israel is still there. Many observers believe that Netanyahu is performing as a magician does, trying to make the audience take its eye over the real sleight of hand by pointing in the direction of a distraction.


Since al Qeida was created by the CIA in Operation Cyclone, and it has been reported that the CIA and the Mossad share intell files…

Israel knows al Qeida is fake. It is not a threat. Israel knows where ISIS came from too. CIA. So it is probably under control too. What Israel don’t control is Iran’s Oil. The fifth biggest military in the world can not operate without oil.

Any Questions?


This remains one of the most effective ways of delivering propaganda and conditioning a readership.

The author takes what are truths as he does in this article in this critique of Israel and then embodies in that same message the lies such as his remarks on Al Qeida. It interesting to note that just recently the Iraqi government claimed the USA made another drop of arms to ISIS inside Iraq. In the past the USA initially denies such occurred and then later admits it as some sort of "error"due to fluidity of the battlefield… This story was carried on global research ca.

The Fars news agency published an article claiming two British aircraft were downed by the Iraqi Military and both were carrying arms to ISIL. The Iraqi government had demanded an explanation from the British Government. Note in this same article various members of Iraqs government charge that these airdrops are ongoing .


"Iran is just doing what Japan, South Korea, Germany, Ukraine, Sweden and Spain have done– develop nuclear reactors to generate electricity. By doing so, Iran can save its oil and natural gas for export to earn foreign exchange instead of eating its own seed corn. "

By doing so, Iran may be eating its own radioactive seed corn. Nuke power has been obsolete for many years. The reason Iran may need nukes is not energy, but threats from other nuke states.


Israel has nukes!..I’m not overly in favor of anyone especially on that portion of the planet having nukes but if Israel has 'em…fairs fair!..Pakistan and India have them…Irans the only staple country besides Jordan in the Middle East at this time…and it’s not considered an Arab country…