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40,000 Verizon Workers Strike Against Corporate 'Race to the Bottom'



Time to slice and dice. Verizon's actions and profits are so unconscionable, it is time that people take control of the incorporation requirements of national and state laws and change them so that deeds such as these that hurt either humanity or our planetary ecosystems, are dealt with through massive fines, or by transferring ownership into a public commons corporation. Time for the fat cats started losing.


A few years ago(14, I think), I did a couple month's time at Verizon. I distinctly recall, during our orientation, the anti-union bias expressed by the trainer. She got all flushed, and tried to "explain" the "problems" "a few" CWA members on the East Coast were "presenting" the company with. It sounded, and looked, as though she was trying to explain why her cat just ate a canary. I knew the CWA locals out East were big, and they were holdovers from the old Bell system or GTE. We were never to talk about them, or try to explain anything to any customers who might call. I lasted about three months, mostly because I was going to work nights, and had about a 75 mile commute. Fortunately, I found another job elsewhere pretty soon, but I ended up quitting Verizon; I still won't use their phone company. Any expression of concern for any union was a very bad thing. At Verizon.


As a former CWA member, and strong union supporter, I certainly stand with these folks. I think Sen. Sanders has exposed a hhhhuuuuuggggeee rift between the rank-and-file, and some of the so-called bought off labor leaders, supporting HRC. And, that's a very good thing for all USAins.


Why can't I find an article on the Verizon strike on Yahoo! news or CNN on line, or my local newspaper, insofar as the Verizon strike is "the largest1 U.S. strike in recent memory"?


I support the workers 100%. It is time for workers to stand up wherever they can and hold corporate board rooms responsible. It is easier said than done, but I hope it works out in the favor of the workers. They deserve better. The greed is overwhelming.