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40 Groups Demand Congress Probe 'Gross Misuse' of $1 Billion in Covid-19 Funding by Pentagon

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/25/40-groups-demand-congress-probe-gross-misuse-1-billion-covid-19-funding-pentagon

Demanding truth from a Fascist, is like getting water from a stone.

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Penny wise pound foolish as we have known for decades that pentagon cannot account for trillions of lost tax payer dollars and here we’re wondering what happened to a billion? Why would congress give raw meat to the pentagon wolves is the question worthy of an answer by congress. It is in wolf’s nature to devour raw meat so what’s the surprise here.

We are finally the banana republic we’ve been propping up all over south America. I always questioned the CIA/US military enthusiastic support for the south American dictators. We should’ve questioned and stopped any CIA effort in support of killer dictators abroad. Now we have to deal with one right here at home.

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Maybe Congress should look and see what military person approved this use of the funds and created their own order instead of following orders. Those people shroud be demoted for lacking the ability to follow orders!

Unfortunately the congress people are on the receiving end of bribes and/or threats by the corrupt military contractors to keep the gravy train rolling.


Hi timber:
sigh—I want Congress people to live like monks and live in dorms and have a curfew! : )
Then we would get a lot more positive work done. And too lobbyists would not have as much power—but also , a lifetime in Congress is NOT a good idea for new ideas and a better nation.

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Agreed, I think they should be the outstanding members of their communities appointed by their community without their running for office or knowledge of being selected to serve.

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Exactly, where are we gonna find a person honest enough to do anything?

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“It’s unconscionable that the department would prioritize defense contractor wish lists over the health and safety of the American people.”

Not really unconscionable unless one does not realize that Amerika is: A FASCIST MILITARY EMPIRE! The health and safety of the American people?

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Fascism Has Purchased Washington DC, Lock, Stock, and Barrel.

True too bad so many brainwashed Americans probably will not realize it until it is too late. If Trump steals a second term, I predict what little is left of American Democracy will be gone.

Hi Gandolf:
Finding an honest enough person? LOL, RALPH NADER: he’s been working for the People forever. :slight_smile:

Finding honest politicians is difficult We should brag them up regularly when we find them. Getting full disclosure (via body cams) ain’t gonna happen. We can’t even close down the smoke filled rooms of right-wing cultists.
The right-wing demeanor is insidious. Some people cannot be allowed to have their hands in the cookie jar. Something always goes wrong.

I predict a mass upheaval. A revolution of the masses.

I personally won’t pretend.

I cannot imagine most young people tolerating an outright Fascist takeover.

Hi Gandolf:
We really do need term limits for Congress. AND we really do need more thinkers who act on their ideas—like the Squad! : )

Count me in!