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40 Senate Democrats Join GOP to Send $717 Billion Military Spending Bill to Trump's Desk

40 Senate Democrats Join GOP to Send $717 Billion Military Spending Bill to Trump's Desk

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a late afternoon vote that garnered very little attention in the corporate media—and predictably didn't spark any of the handwringing about costs that pundits typically apply to social programs for the poor and working class—40 Democrats and Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) joined nearly every Senate Republican on Wednesday to send a $717 billion military spending bill to President Donald Trump's desk.


When our country needs to pull out of our economic nosedive, then this.
What a disgraceful band of political tools.


And yet again I must post:


Haven’t you heard? They are becoming progressive socialists now. Yeap, any day now. Just you wait…


#LeeCamp is right. The billionaires are using their wealth to distort reality for so many millions of Americans that this never ending war is seen as necessary and important to our security. It is a masterful job of misinformation, propaganda, deception. It is evil. One would like to think that truth would prevail, but at this point it’s hard to be hopeful on that point.


I guess we won’t be beating our swords into windmills and solar panels anytime soon. Meanwhile the world burns. Look over there, RussiaPutin!!!



"Let them eat F-35’s"

What are these democrats thinking? Are they thinking at all? Or have they been absorbed into the borg of the MIC and this vote is just the “click whirr” of automatons?


There thinking their stock portfolio is going to surge in value. Members of Congress are immune from insider trading rules.



Sherrod Brown?


I’m bitterly disappointed, but not surprised in the least, to see my senators Booker and “Gusano” Menendez on the List of Shame.


With their adulation of the CIA, NSA, FBI, their inciting of tensions with North Korea and Russia, and their consent to war with Iran, the Democrats are staking their claim to be the Party of Patriotism and War.

Note how quick they were to take up the USA, USA chant recently, in response to their failed attempt at a cybersecurity law.


In Medeival times peasants by the thousands would leave their farms to flock to the local nobles castle. There they would grovel to their “masters” and the more obsequious they were to the Nobility , even as they treated with contempt by the same, the more leavings they would get off the dinner table. Servitude became ingrained. Peter the Great once showd his contempt for the “lower classes” by defecating in a chamber pot while dining out on a visit to Paris, wiping his backside with banknotes , and leaving those banknotes as a tip for his waiter.

Much the same happened during those years of slavery with what became known as “The House Negro”. The more deferential to the Master , the better one lived and become a “House Negro” had sort of Status to it . Indeed the slave owning class insisted this in and of itself showed that they enjoyed their servitude.

The Pentagon and the 1 percent use the Military in much the same manner , not only locally but across the World. They have ensured Military spending happens in each and every State and have ensured that that network of Military bases at home and abroad spend lavishly in local economies. At the local level those Military bases support thousands of jobs, be it in Japan or Germany , in Ohio or Washington state. Billions of “Government dollars” spent on those bases or in those local factories do half the work when it comes to supporting Militarism and the Warfare State. The people then become much more willing to accept the latest hype about the threats posed by Terrorists are the Russian State. All of the while the 1 percent funnels billions of dollars of the nations wealth into their pockets.

Those people showing up at Military parades and waving their silly little flags as they advance the meme of “supporting our troops” . those that stand at attention when a Veeran shows up at some football game so as to who what Patriots they are , merely demonstrate how servile they are and how servile they willing to be so as to get those few scraps off the table , much like those “House Negroes”.

The MIC enslaves all.


The press and “center” right Dems call those of us on the left “extreme,” “radical,” or “far left.” What could be more radical than this military budget? We on the left are the true moderates.


I hope the idiotic railing against Sen Elizabeth Warren here on CommonDreams will stop now.

As for the rest, organize now to retire them all by 2022!


Its no accident that every congressional district/state in america has some arm of the military hydra, “defense” industry" in it and thus the obscenity of the pentagon/war-machine is funded by sellout scum like these DINO’s!

The Military Industrial Congressional Complex is the original term President/General Dwight Eisenhower used and his 1954 warning to our nation is more than accurate today! Eisenhower knew what he was talking about, like Smedley Butler who wrote _War is a Racket_The people that voted for this obscenity are the proof of the success of that pre-meditated subversion of America by the forces of WAR!

Those Quisling traitors are complicit to the theft from a civilian nation to a military scam costing trillions!

The war-machine must be fed and nourished by the theft from our civilian society and needs! All civilian priorities are slashed to feed the war-machine monster - hey, get out there and wave those flags! - education, health care, infant and elder care, environmental protections, infrastructure, green sustainable energy, and so much more, all languish, ALL the things that make any nation really strong (and “great”) are starved to feed the obscene military beast, the MICC!

The military and arms industry cannot be diminished/slashed because of the jobs is the BS argument! Are there no jobs that aren’t predicated on slaughtering other people and fomenting endless wars to feed the beast?


" I like ike" Wow, that dates you and me. I remember my mom had an I like Ike button. :slightly_smiling_face:


Dino’s. Bernies still all we have.

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Unsurprised and disgusted to see corporate-military sell-outs and fake progressives Murray and Cantwell from WA on the list. i just voted against Cantwell, fat lotta good my vote will do.


Both of my Senators (females) joined the ravenous pack.:angry: “Rats” indeed.


You take military spending and deficit reduction off the table as issues that separate Ds from Rs.

Not a dime’s worth of difference in that regard.

And which party moved to other party’s position to cancel these issues out? Hint: it ends in rat.