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400 Days? Really, Alvarez? Really, McCarthy? Really, Rahm?


400 Days? Really, Alvarez? Really, McCarthy? Really, Rahm?

Eric Zorn

The release of the dash-cam video showing 17-year-old Laquan McDonald being shot to death by Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke will help members of the public answer some questions about the incident. Is it as bad as those who have seen it say it is? Does the viewer see any mitigating, justifying factors in the images?

But it will not answer what ought to be the central question here: What took so long for officials to act?

Tuesday marked 400 days since the shooting took place on Oct. 20, 2014.


C'mon Eric, you are a Chicago reporter and must play the game, but Jeeze-Louise this flimsy piece is really a softball! Is all you can offer lots of easliy answered questions and zero investigative answers?

The dash-cam video shows an execution with zero justification. The "delay" in charging the executioner was an attempt to evade justice pure and simple - by police, by the prosecutor, by the mayor, and by all officials concerned. The ONLY reason the charges were filed was the forced release of the murder-tape! The 1st degree murder charge is likely the first-step to evade justice as it is hard to prove and will let the murderer off - legally - the AG will make "mistakes" and the killer-cop will walk. The lack of conspiracy charges/indictments against others who clearly attempted to destroy evidence and lie is blatant collusion by the AG! The deleting/erasing of the Burger-King tapes was a crime by at least four cops - and others who reviewed/made excuses their actions, that is conspiracy, as is the original police lie on the victims actions "justifying" his murder.

Alvarez said "We have no credible evidence at this time that would cause us to believe CPD purged or erased any surveillance video". This case and all the Chicago officials involved has a stench that will not quit! Don't be part of it!

You will have to answer all the questions you asked and more if you want anyone to take you seriously, otherwise you are a cog in the wheels........