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400+ Former Federal Prosecutors: Trump Would Face Obstruction Charges If He Weren't President

400+ Former Federal Prosecutors: Trump Would Face Obstruction Charges If He Weren't President

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

More than 400 former federal prosecutors asserted in a statement published on Medium Monday that President Donald Trump would face multiple felony charges for obstruction of justice if he did not hold his current office.

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Learned Bi Partisan determinations by Highly Trained Professionals from the field.

In Stark Contrast to the Opinions from partisan hacks ( like pelosi and hoyer) protecting their positions

Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) policy?


Do your Damn Job.
Impeach and throw this Criminal to the curb


OOTHWH= occupant of the white house. He needs to be impeached now and held responsible ie punished when he is no longer an OOTHW


Trump has a nasty past that was obvious to anyone who wanted to look and to most New Yorkers. How did he get the red carpet while Hillary got the lies even from big media who gave Trump the push he needed. Even now they let him ride when it is obvious he is a disaster and never should have been a candidate for President. Also the propaganda Fox-heads need to learn to read.


NO. ONE. IS. ABOVE. THE. LAW. Full stop.

i have not seen a law…a LAW or constitutional article that says charges cannot be made against a sitting policy. i’ve seen only some “legal” people’s opinions. Dump is a criminal and is committing fraud and violations of standards and laws.

it’s ridiculous to say that a president…especially this one…can’t do the job of “running the country” if he’s under indictment. no president runs the country…and this one sure the hell doesn’t. he just dys-runs the country.

he’s a sick man, his brain is deteriorating, and the sooner he’s made to undergo full neurological and psychometric evaluations, including brain scans, the safer we will all be.


So, Un-President him. Then throw him in jail. What’s it gonna take Mr. Lawyers???

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DAMMIT!!! If even a fraction of the time spent on this bullshit had been spent on chasing down the DNC’s theft of the 2016 primary, that orange-headed asshole wouldn’t be in office!!!


Congressional republicans and their right-wing constituents know that it wouldn’t be any fun at all if they lose the presidency and the senate. They are futilely try to cover their asses and Trumpenstein’s at the same time. That’s a lot of ass.

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Why did he obstruct if there wasn’t coordinated collusion? Simple. Too much light on peripheral items.

Too tired. Too busy everyday (but today’s a day off). Anyway, I always think: Maybe I’ve missed someone who’s summed things up…accurately. Well there was (mostly)…Bill Curry back on April the 21st on TRNN. It takes A DAY OFF for the brain to rack itself enough to conjure up the right search to find it. And it wouldn’t have worked to follow TRNN everyday, cause Curry doesn’t come on TRNN even every week. And Curry can’t even get himself out of the media-bubble-frame often enough to encompass internet redacting [of world events + internet slanting] AND prodding the bear and the dragon…both issues at the same time IOW. Not to mention climate disruption. Anyway, even with Curry adding all his insights, it took PAUL JAY to round things out [Does Curry join issues like THIS often at Salon? Right or wrong, my suspicion is no…which is why I go to Consortium News 4X a wk and hardly ever to Salon].

Paul Jay “…Whereas now, he’s [Mueller’s] kicked it to Congress as a political issue to go after obstruction, which probably goes on for a bunch of hearings until the 2020 election that’s combined with following up with Michael Cohen. And I personally, don’t think it’s a bad thing if the Democrats use all this to expose the kind of criminal corruption of the Trump administration. Now on the other hand, if the Democrats put most of their focus there, it will be a disaster. If they don’t fight for a vision for what the country can be and some of the candidates running for president– I think Sanders is doing this, Warren’s doing this, Tulsi Gabbard is doing this, and there are some others– there are candidates who have a vision. But if the media and the Democratic Party cling to the status quo, the corporate Democrat, the Biden Democrat, if that becomes the vision they fight for, they’re going to strengthen these kinds of far, right-wing forces of Trump and the Koch brothers and Robert Mercer, who we mentioned, and many others who are part of this far-right cabal.” https://therealnews.com/stories/mueller-and-a-dangerous-moment-in-human-history-jay-and-curry

Two other links I also missed probably of interest (2nd one only by around 12 hrs)…

12/19/18 https://therealnews.com/series/the-russian-social-media-campaign-how-to-see-it-in-the-larger-context-of-digital-capitalism

6/6/19 https://therealnews.com/stories/why-im-pro-detente-with-russia-rai-with-stephen-cohen-5-5

All so they can rake in as many beans and roll as many pork barrels as they can for themselves.

"The only reason Trump has not been charged with multiple felonies, according to the ex-prosecutors’ statement, is because of the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) policy against indicting a sitting president."
*When I was a kid back in the 1930s and '40s, we had a Constitution which set the government up, with checks and balances to see that no branch of the government could take power. Nothing in that Constitution allows any government official, including the president, to be a crook and a thief and placed beyond the law due to their position.
*If that were to be allowed, it would have to be through an amendment to the Constitution, which requires a procedure, with We the People to have the final approval or disapproval of the amendment.
*Nowadays, it seems that some crooks, probably Democrats and Republicans, can set up a committee, which can then make a policy that, no matter what the president and his henchmen do, it is legal because it is not policy to yank or correct a shitting president who is a lying, cheating, thieving crook.
*Hitler or Mussolini could get away with that sort of thing, but it led to a World War to get rid of them. Now, our alleged government can just set up a committee to justify any excesses of power, and We the People are to just accept it?
*The Oilagarchy has two sock puppets to play in the endless Kabuki that We the People get to watch while said Oilagarchy rips us off into oblivion, just to fill their coffers.
*Now the blue sock puppet “D” has set up a loyalty oath which those who want to clean up this mess are to swear to follow whatever candidate the corrupt DCCC puts in the running, and they are to promise to follow and support them and ignore candidates who would like to clean up the swamp because that might interfere with the unlimited profits of the said Oilagarchy.
*Sadly, but not unexpectedly, Bernie rushed to be at the head of the line to sign up. Once a quisling, always a quisling, I guess, but it seems to me that our honest, progressive candidates are going to be pressured to sell out to the two sock puppets and their masters, or all that billionaire money will be used to defeat them.
*Frankly, I think it is time for We the People to stand up to that small roomful of people that own 80 to 90% of all the wealth of the world. Surely we can do something rather than submit. We outnumber them by about three hundred million to ten or fifteen. (If we count in the rest of the world which is suffering under the greed of this bunch of criminals, we outnumber them by over six billion to ten or fifteen.)
*We needn’t be violent. BDS would work here against Wall Street as it does against Israeli butchers, and I hear them squawking, as much of the world works to cut them off.
*The alternative seems to be for us to resign ourselves to working as serfs or slaves for whatever crumbs the Oilagarchy may sweep from their tables. When we succumb to the stress of working two or three jobs each to try to put bread on the table and pay rent, and die because we cannot afford medicine or medical treatment, the Oilagarchy is happy to grab replacements from the three hundred million and work them to death as well. The left-over children will have plenty of dog kennels to be raised in, until they are old enough to go to work and earn pelf for the wealthy.
*Mrs. Minitrue and I are glad to be in our eighties, as this will soon be a moot point for us, but our heart goes out to the young of today and their progeny, who may well be serfs or slaves for life, unless they relearn the dedication, work, cooperation and sacrifice that got us through WW-II and the fascist and Nazi dictators of that time.
*We worked together toward that goal; we all had victory gardens, we all salvaged and recycled; we really carpooled as fuel was short. Finally, we “won” and the war was over. That, apparently, caused the profits of the MICC to drop, so it appears that we have been set up to take the place of Hitler and Mussolini, with crooks, thieves and murderers of our own, to keep the profits coming.
*We say, NO! Wake up!


That’s only part of it. The GOP=right-wing has an AGENDA: REVERSE as much of “progressive gains” as they can (CIVIL RIGHTS for POC, women, LGBT people,; CONTINUE so-called “DE-regulation” which means strip out PROECTIONS for our environment, consumers, public health, workers safety on the job; DESTROY labor unions & workers’ rights from the New Deal onward. The aim is to GO BACKWARDS to at least, 1950–if not,. 1920. Add to that a RETROGRADE/REPRESSIVE program by the Religious Right/Fundamentalist “Christians” who under the guise of “religious liberty”(ONLY for THEMSELVES) women, people of color & the poor will be UNDER fundamentalist control. ALL religions (including other Christians denominations) will be suspect or in effect, banned EXCEPT Fundamentalist/White Evangelical forms of “Christianity”.

To complete this Agenda, they need even MORE Judges, MORE DESTRUCTION of federal & state agencies. MORE budgets for EVERYTHING HUMAN must be CUT—while MROE MOENY must be shoved into MILITARY, POLICE & PRISONS.

Corporate Oligarchy maintained by Fundamentalists & a Police State is the end goal.


Funny how in a couple of days the number of prosecutors went from 400 to 600 to 900 and counting.

Damned straight! I don’t think that it IS a law…And, if it is…Change it…I think that is why they are called “lawmakers”.

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Steve, I agree with your heartfelt post, but…most of us on sites like CD already get it. And it’s possible that the majority of us are oldsters and won’t live to see a significant change for the better. However, it’s a very short drop into full-on kakistocratic, authoritarian autocracy, too imminent.

The challenge is how to get education like your points into the heads of the disenfranchised, apathetic, very ill-informed, unregistered-voter, and/or fearful, hateful ________-phobic people. With psychos like Alex Jones and Limbaugh and stoopid or willfully prostituted media lying to their myriad fans, what are the chances for your “No! Wake up!” to happen before America hits the proverbial bottom? And that hitting bottom may well be eclipsed by war on our turf, and yes, nuclear war, or climate disaster.

A peaceful revolution? Hell, even an unpeaceful revolution? Without at least a charismatic and convincing leader (hopefully with an understandable and easily-adopted ideology), again, what are the chances…? There are several awesome movements out there, but they’re not coalesced into one powerful force. Singly, very little power against the “man.”

(As for the quisling, what else viable to do right NOW, my dear comrade?)

Last point, somehow, we need to spread specific ideas to folks, even on these sites, for whom to target BDS (like Wells Fargo) and other actions at. I use buycott and Leaping Bunny apps when I go shopping…and more, but this post is too long as it is. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Toni. Lots to think about, but not tonight. It is our anniversary and we are going out for dinner and reminiscences.
*Love and hugs to all,
Mr. & Mrs Minitrue

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If Trump signed an EXECUTIVE ORDER making Himself the GOD to TRUST, what’s his is his, and what’s ours is taxed or tariffed at 500%:speaking_head:

Awwwww, my dear friend, have a wonderful time tonight and give each other a hug for me!

And so we did! Many thanks.
Love and Hugs,
S & A

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