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400+ Former Federal Prosecutors: Trump Would Face Obstruction Charges If He Weren't President

Да , да! Конечно. oops another boring spin from IRA ( internet research agency)

Your hate of Dems overshadows law and order .

There should be a counter like with national debt , convenient non issue for GOP until Debs are in power

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Your idiocy overshadows the TRUTH that the damnocrats are Rethugs wearing a “D” after their names! Wake up!

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A lot off emotions , no solutions. Enjoy your comrades pseudo socialist paycheck.

How do fools like you end of coming to a site where people actually have brains and can use them! Idiot!

next thing you are going to argue dumb people should not vote, I have heard it somewhere ? oh yes GOP playbook

Well, then, you’d better not try to make an “X” on a ballot then. (-:

How very predictable of you, thanks for consistency

Back atcha…

Clearly you are getting paid by the post please do continue, you do need those rubles comrade!

Apparently you are brain-dead, poseur. I’m through…

Oh please do not end a conversation such abruptly , do leave the wiggle room to get back in! You can click post another ruble earring amazing statement!