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400+ Groups to Obama: You Have the Power to 'Keep it In the Ground'


400+ Groups to Obama: You Have the Power to 'Keep it In the Ground'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Hundreds of prominent organizations and leaders from Alaska to Florida are formally calling on President Barack Obama to stop new federal fossil fuel leasing on public lands and oceans in the United States, arguing that doing so would accomplish more in the global fight against climate change than any other single action taken by the president's administration.


"That's the kind of bold, aggressive action it’s going to take to solve this problem, and that's what it means to truly be a leader on climate change." Now that Obama is soon to be a lame duck prez, he has nothing to lose and everything to gain in order to make his presidency noteworthy. To date, his record as prez is spotty at best and a sell-out at worst. He needs to at least leave a nominal legacy of protecting our environment and natural places while on his way out the door. Save his lobbying on behalf of the energy and mining giants for later when he goes to work on K Street.


As a Lame Duck he doesn't seem to realize that he has the power to make these important decisions to follow through with his campaign promises made during both campaigns. His lack of doing so reflects on the dependability of other Democratic candidates. Both Clinton's records are shaky at best and definitely needs to be shored up. The weak legacy that Obama is leaving certainly isn't going to do it. He needs to grow some pelotas and make a bold move like keeping the fossil fuels in our public lands in the ground for the good of the planet and the people of the world.


You have to understand: if Obama does it, it's because he's the greatest president ever. If he doesn't do it, it's because those evil Republicans are blocking his every move (that doesn't involve bombing innocent people, overthrowing sovereign governments, unleashing militant extremists on weak states, coddling lawless bankers, etc.).


"We are simply asking President Obama to stop selling off our national forests, oceans and sacred heritage sites for pennies on the dollar..."

Don't vote, vote third party, or vote directly for Trump. He'll get us a better deal.


Kassandra, I sincerely don't understand why you think Hillary Clinton is any different from Obama.


Who does the PR for these things?
Instead of Save The Arctic or Saving The Planet the message should be Stop Destroying The Planet or Stop Trashing Our Home. The only reason we are in this mess is because of ill-planned ACTIONS - not inaction.
The difference is not just philosophical,


Obama has the power to keep it in the ground, but big oil has all the power to take it out of the ground, because Obama is big oils stooge!


True, on that post she didn't mention Hillary. She however has been shilling for Hillary as if she is against the oligarchy, or that she isn't part of that very oligarchy.

Here is a quote "Did anyone seriously believe the oligarchs running this benighted country were ever going to allow Clinton in? the relentless media smear should be proof enough she threatens the powerful."


Any honest observer would note the long standing and multifarious ties to corporate governance that would-be-heir Hillary Clinton has had, and serviced in her public life. Those ties are deep and ongoing, and will continue even if she loses the nomination. Corporations will not be closing the door to Hillary Clinton, and she will continuously pass through such doors as evidence of who she really is.

Why do you support such a corporate tool?