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400+ Miles Into Journey for Justice, Marchers Call for Police Reform


400+ Miles Into Journey for Justice, Marchers Call for Police Reform

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

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Social justice and human rights activists are rallying Monday on the steps of the South Carolina State Capitol Building, calling for full-scale criminal justice reform including national, uniform standards for use of force among all local, state, and federal law enforcement agents.


The War on Drugs/Private Prison system is the new Jim Crow.


Great to see this march for justice! It is just the beginning of a renewed effort to ensure equal opportunity in this country and to stop the ongoing police violence against people of color and others. Young and old have joined together in this struggle and it can only get bigger from here. From the west coast to the east, from south to north; fight the good fight! We’re proud of all of you.


I fully support this march and its goals. We must join together as we did decades ago and insist that American police stop being trained by and imitating the IDF of Israel. We must stop merely taking videos of their brutality and fearsome disregard for the person and human rights of their targets. Police should become peace officers.


This is good news- this march of people coming together. I still maintain that replacing ALL the corrupt police forces with qualified women of color is a good idea. The centuries of violence must stop.My two cents.