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400 Years After Slavery’s Start, No More Band-Aids

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/22/400-years-after-slaverys-start-no-more-band-aids

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A study down on the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain concluded that the source of Capital for that revolution was the institution of Slavery implemented in their overseas Colonies. The Colonies in the Caribbean where slaves used provided huge profits which then used as Capital to build those Factories and Railroads and other infrastructure in Great Britain.

The French also extracted huge wealth from their Slave Colonies which fueled their own Industrial revolution . This the same Country that insists ex African Colonies pay they tribute each year for all that infrastructure they built in those Countries when they part of the French Empire.

The success of the Western Economies is often claimed to be the result of “The Magic of Capitalism and the Free markets” when in fact the basis of that wealth was SLAVERY.

America’s wealth came and still comes from three that are exported to other nations.

  1. agricultural products - yes, slavery in the southeast states and later, share cropping
  2. manufactured goods - no, the midwest was free laborers, new england did have endentured for repaying the voyage and sponsorship of the worker. The southeast sates did not have manufacturing - even in the 1960’s.
  3. mining, includes oil and natural gas. - no

reparations are mentioned in the article. Prof. Kennedy of Harvard asks for reparations for segregation. Today, Chicago and Baltimore are examples of the two generations of failure for affirmative action.

Business opportunities were a back burner item during the Korean War. Civil rights leaders went for education and voting. Both of these took many years to acquire. Both are at risk now. .

Certain neighborhoods have been ignored, allowed to be run down, lack normal services. Part of gentrification ?? Yes. And the residents, children pay the price. Downtown gets the tax dollars invested there, not the peoples. Same in Indianapolis.

Easy answers = no
If I won the lottery, I would sponsor hundreds of boys and girls in scouting.

I’m not sure what you mean “failure for affirmative action”. Affirmative action was pretty much dismantles starting with Bakke decision in 1978 and finished off under Bill Clinton. So affirmative action was never given a chance. Racial discrimination, especially against black men, remains widespread in almost all aspects of society - especially hiring and education.

And as far as winning lotteries, I never forget that I won the lottery way back in 1956 when I was born a white man. To hell with lotteries. They would outlawed in a just society.

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Affirmative action is in effect right now. Over the years the peoples qualifying to be included in our reports has expanded beyond those originally intended. For example:: people of mexican heritage and even an Egyptian immigrant. This expansion decreased opportunities for black americans and this morph of intent = has two generations waiting in line while others snuck into the line before them.

This is exactly what business is doing here.
A non english speaking immigrant has job preference before a chicago born black individual.
The immigrant qualifies under current interpretations to be counted in our personnel reports for compliance with affirmative action.

Many Americans want to ignore this aspect of US history. The discrimination and exploitation of non-whites is deeply embedded in our society. It occurred in the north and south, the east and west. The civil war failed to resolve the problem of unfair treatment of former slaves. The unholy compromise of the 1876 election and Jim Crow laws saw to that. The slave-based economic system fueled the rise of the US and the exploitation of immigrant workers added to the wealth of the American elites and the power of the US.

The US is a deeply divided nation. The divide forms around many issues: guns, immigrants, religion, militarism, gender equality, LBGTQ rights, and race. I want to see a truth and reconciliation process started at the national level to address racial problems. So many people won’t understand why this is necessary to escape our past and move ahead with a new understanding of our history and a renewed commitment to a just and equitable society for all citizens. It will take political leadership to do this, but such leadership is invisible today. With that lacking, the process will be left to citizen groups, churches, educational institutions, and financial backers to start and see through. It won’t be easy and it may be disruptive, but it is so necessary. If a truth and reconciliation process is not completed, the stain of racism will remain on the USA and continue to damage US society.

war on drugs… condemn several generations of black/brown
voter suppression, etc… we are bad people, even I suffer from implicit bias. How can I detroxify?