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404 Error: Why Internet Access is Still a Problem for Many in Poverty


404 Error: Why Internet Access is Still a Problem for Many in Poverty

Erin Simpson

When President Obama recently announced the ConnectHome initiative in the auditorium of Oklahoma’s Durant High School, he again stated that the Internet is a necessity, not a luxury.

No kidding, Mr. President.


Tax the Hedge Fund Billionaires or charge them a "Decency Fee," the profits of which can fund computer-Internet access in inner city/low income communities.


The solution. Universal internet. Publicly owned broadband, high speed internet available for free to all households in America. Simply expropriate the three big communication companies, make all the workers unionized, government employees and reappropriate military spending to fund it.


This article repeatedly conflates mere correlation with cause-and-effect.
It also tacitly promotes getting on within the unspoken notion that all can rise to the top. But within an unequal system, competition in education or anywhere else, just makes us all busy fools as we are all still losers - even including the supposed winners.


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Brilliant. Government owns the servers, the fiber so they won't have to jump thru all sorts of hoops when they need something. Congrats Cadet, we're one step closer to total government surveillance. I know a guy cowering in some hole in Russia that might disagree with your idea... or not.


In the current circumstance it will either Industry or Government who dominates our internet handling and I've swung over to Government. Industry is just too abusive. At least with government control a citizen can vote for change, but unless you're a million-dollar shareholder you're powerless against a corporation.

What we should do:

-nationalize all the communications equipment.
-turn over management to The Post Office and the libraries.
-establish cost+overhead charging
-disallow live video (but allow asynch video, like BT)

Open internet policy decision making to users.


So lemme go thru this make sure i understand. The federal government
-taxes you and bails out bankrupt corporations
-imposes curricula and mandatory testing in schools
-lately cops (govt employees) shoot you dead if you disrespect them
-taps your comms
-need i carry on?

Yet, some people want to give government total control over, "communications equipment", energy, finance, etc

What gives?