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41 Senators Urge Trump Administration to End 'Cruel and Dangerous' Effort to Cut Social Security Disability Benefits

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/28/41-senators-urge-trump-administration-end-cruel-and-dangerous-effort-cut-social

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“It’s no longer just a threat… Trump is cutting Social Security right now.”

And I would add who is next?


2.6 billion dollars over 10 years saved.
hundreds of thousands of people
from the article…

57 million americans are labeled disabled on radio last week. (?)
subtract 16% for everyone age 65 and over.= 21 million
subtract 18 million military veterans.
8.6% of 132 million are disabled under the age of 65 (census) = 11.3 million
totals 60.3 million, so 57 million estimate is in the ballpark

There are categories of disability.
Those not permanent, such as alcoholism, emotional impairment, etc. should be physician, clinic reviewed.

BTW, VA wait time is no decision for you until you die !!

Trump is trying to justify his trillion and a half dollar tax cut. If it is cuts you want, start at the top. The rich, the corporations, and old money.


where were the senators the last decade and a half when a notoriously difficult “benefit” to collect was being withheld from nearly 60% of applicants?

picking on the disabled has been a bipartisan sport since Reagan.

having said that, there really wasn’t much fat to cut in the first place, since the program has already been notoriously stingy to the majority of claimants.


The cost of administering this is roughly 3x the amount saved. Does no one else remember what happened in the 80’s when Reagan tried this? It caused a rebellion in the Republican party and Congress finally ended it in 1984


"But we have to address entitlements!"

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… the MIC!


…to pay for the war machine and tax cuts for the rich and corporations


We have to reduce the deficit somehow.

You cannot expect the Billionaires to start paying their fair share of taxes?

So why not reduce Benefits to Social Security programs, this way the Billionaires can show their Conservative Republican friends that they are trying to reduce the Deficit.

Tax Cuts to the Billionaires and Multi-National Corporations are much more appealing to Large Donors who hate Social Services for the Working Class.

As MLK said the Millionaires only like it when Socialism benefits the Wealthy.

The Rich love it when government assistance programs goes to them in the form of Massive Tax Cuts, which means the average worker must pay higher taxes in order to meet the shortfall in the tax pool in order to pay for the Military and Infrastructure.

It is time to rid the Nation of these cruel Plantation Owners and defeat them badly at the Ballot Box.



With folks so divided on so many issues, Social Security benefits are the one absolute thing almost all of us citizens have in common. Like so many others before me, I worked and paid social security taxes faithfully for as many years as the government debited them from my paycheck. We all have or are doing so in the present. That’s a unifying issue. Not only should we elect the candidate who has historically upheld these benefits, our Social Security, but who has a vision to make the Social Security Administration stronger for all workers into the future. That’s a great way to start a universal conversation about an issue that unites. I don’t know why these democratic candidates don’t focus on this and a couple of other uniting issues. Trump’s base should be the first to understand their Social Security benefits being tampered with to the detriment of their ability to live a better life when they leave the work force. That is all of US! Unite


The deviant plan of the republicans is to first destroy social security disability and then NEXT they come after senior citizens by forcing them into medicare advantage plans which are for profit. More for profit means less care. Private for profit rat fukers will swarm to get your SSA dollars thanks to the GOP rhetorical dogma of insanity. PLUS they will make seniors pay higher deductibles and raise the rates on medicare itself. All you stupid Trumpbillys better wake the fk up its you’re ass too they are coming after. Thats my only solace in this madness knowing you dipshit retards are going to get assbanged like the rest of us.


How low can this horrible man-baby go?


Make it End in 2020. We can do it!. Maybe staple sanity can win one this time instead of of a self taught moron.

It does not surprise me that this information is not being shown widely in the corporate media. It seems that tRumps attacks on social security, and medicaid would not be popular with anyone. So they keep quite to satisfy their advertisers.

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As low as you know, and can imagine.
Bernie could construct a chart asking voters who they would rather have as president.
Someone who brags about grabbing women, having affairs with other women, and paying off women to shut up?
Or would you rather vote for a mature candidate that won;t?
Someone who lies to the American people every time he speaks to them, or someone who wouldn’t?
Someone who will not reveal their taxes, or someone who would?
Someone who would use the presidency for personal gain, or someone who wouldn’t? I can think of a dozen more like this right off the cuff, and their are dozens more than that. Are we going to support moral leadership, or trump?

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How many of the 41 were Republicans? Not a one, I bet. There are 47 Democrats in the Senate, plus 2 Independents. I’m sure Bernie was one of the 41. Which Democrats haven’t spoken up?

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(Akita, I respectfully request that you use another word instead of ‘retards.’ It’s a highly offensive word akin to the slurs hurled at Blacks, Jews, Italians, etc. thanks!)

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Fuking A dude VIVA Bernie.

Is there anything lower than a blood sucking, bottom feeding, fish?