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41 Senators Urge Trump Administration to End 'Cruel and Dangerous' Effort to Cut Social Security Disability Benefits

Is there anything lower than a blood sucking, bottom feeding, fish?

It seems the debate is over how to best prevent fraud, which is estimated to be around $1 Billion every year. Trump discovered that many people who lost their jobs during the recession have remained on disability, when the number of people submitting disability claims surged. It’s difficult to know exactly when people are lying about back pain or other medical issues.
I agree that arbitrarily kicking people off the rolls is wrong, but how would you suggest we discern between the liars and honest people, if not through more scrutiny?

You dont get disability just because you want it. You have to swim thru an ocean of broken glass to finally get it and thats if you do get it. The vetting process is long and not easy. To say people dont deserve it and are faking dont know the process and are only using the rhetorical bullshit of the republican party. Trump and the republicans are habitual liars. Vote them out tax the feckless rich make them pay their share take the caps off ssa and watch everyone flourish. When republicans run things they fuk everything up they are incapable of running this country they can only run it into the ground. If you are a Trump supporter GFY you dumbshit.

Hey you got my post hidden for no reason other than you are an asshole GFY dipshit.

Trumps red hatted beeyaches are to stupid to realise he is going to get their SSA to them dumbshits.

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Please do not believe the propaganda and political tactics. I receive Social Security and have received more raises in my check in the 4 years Trump has been president than the 8 years that Obama was in office. Believe what you see not what they tell you to believe.