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42 Nobel Laureates Urge Trudeau to Act With 'Moral Clarity' and Stop Climate-Wrecking Teck Frontier Mine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/21/42-nobel-laureates-urge-trudeau-act-moral-clarity-and-stop-climate-wrecking-teck

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And get the fuck off indigenous land!


I voted for PM Justin Trudeau because I actually thought he cared about stopping Global Warming, First Nations Peoples, increasing the Federal Rate of Corporate Taxation and Proportional Representation. I was wrong. He’s just another Capitalist.
We need male and female politicians like Tommy Douglas, J.S. Woodsworth and Stanley Knowles. We need a new socialist manifesto like the 1933 C.C.F. Regina Manifesto . The N.D.P. are " crawling " with Liberals. or wolves in sheep’s clothing.The only socialist in the NDP is Ms. Linda McQuaig and she wasn’t elected in the last Federal Election.

Mr. Blair M. Phillips
Retired Autoworker


Would the creator have a hard heart like that? No…

Oh Mr. Trudeau… it must be wonderful for a politician to have TRU in his name. I bet that helped get you elected. But, you know, you are not being honest to Canadians, and if you ever dare to push that LNG pipes under the RIVERS( are you f***ing insane???) Need I remind you that oregon is NOT part of Canada???
IF, Mr Trudeau, you do not live up to what you advertised , then Mr. Trudeau, then I am very much afraid that forever after you will sadly be know as Mr. TRUE-DOLT, and you will deserve that!


I am not talking about the Great Spirit (I am an eco-socialist, by the way) I am referring to those who insist on trespassing on indigenous land and shove their black snake lines irrespective of indigenous rights. The indigenes are our last best hope for a future.


We are sufficiently enlightened now to understand that by not keeping oil under the ground we risk ending ,not only human life but possibly the whole speciesystem.

This is tantamount to a crime against life ,and those that promote further growth and promotion of fossil fuels are complicit.
They go against the highest good of all .

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She would say ,what would love do Now ?

Let the abuser continue his abuse of the land ?
To let the abuser continue his abuse is not very loving to the abuser as what has he learned if you let the abuse continue ?
Like a bully it doesn’t serve to not stand up to them.
We are the creator and created I believe .Given free will to self determin our collective future .
To be or not to be that is the question.
Does the human race wish to thrive or as some say we are devolving.
The whole concept of ownership of land,resources the stuff of life must be done away with .We are here to be good stewards of the land,air and water. Not to say we own these things but to be good care takers responsible for protecting ,sustaining and revere our home planet , to pass this on to the next generation and so on .

And “whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”–I say–stand up to it and face squarely the “sea of trouble” coming our way. To Life!

Certainly no Trudeau/liberal fan, i predict the mine will be approved, with some liberals hoping market conditions delay/stop the massive project from unfolding. This is likely since partisan polarized politics, with a rabid, untethered opposition party, will be happy to cause conflict and sow division based upon establishment ignorance. By ‘approving’ the project, Trudeau will free his party from accusations of being against resource development, and of course, really against the good people of Alberta, those hard working people who give money to the rest of Canada while pretending they do not exist as a petro-state due to federal support and national taxes and subsidies. Stay tuned to the next episode of Mad Magazine ~ Politricks For Idiots featuring Jason Kennot and the Warp Room.

Trudeau is riding high on his gravy train of oil money and won’t jump off. He has about as much integrity as trump but, unlike his putrid neighbor, pretends to care about the climate catastrophe. Reminds me of centrist democrats, who are more dangerous than republicans because they vote against democracy and lie about it. At least with republicans, you know what you’re getting.

For political expediency the Liberals should vote against the project as they have nyada seats in Alberta or Saskatchewan imo

Most of the rivers and streams in this area run northwards into Wood Buffalo park. The First Nations communities that are in the Delta that empties into Lake Athabasca have already detailed rises in cancer and other diseases due to pollution from older plants on the Athabasca River. The lake itself is not teeming with Fish that are malformed and diseased.

The Teck mine will make this orders of magnitude worse and even if one does not believe in Global Warming this reason enough to halt the project.

As far as Climate change goes we are not talking just about the added GHG imagines of burning those dirty hydrocarbons. We are talking about destroying one of the largest carbon sinks in the world. That area is forest and peat bog which will be dug up to get at the tarsands underneath resulting in exponentially more tons of GHG into the atmosphere which the Canadian Government conveniently does not measure when it looks at environmental impact.


The Athabasca Delta is drying up. This started ever since those first Plants in the Tarsands built these plants pulling tens of millions of gallons of water out of the river for their operations. As other streams are destroyed in the area covered by the TECK mine even less water will find its way to the Delta.