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43 Green Groups Demand Moderators Make Climate Crisis 'Central Focus' of 2020 Presidential Debates

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/03/43-green-groups-demand-moderators-make-climate-crisis-central-focus-2020

“In 2016, there was not a single question on climate change in any of the four presidential and vice-presidential debates. This cannot happen again,”

If it does happen again ( and I believe it will ) we Progressives need to demand that we will not allow it!

I expect to hear nothing and more nothing. The Republican official platform is still “Drill Baby Drill,” The same as in 2016. The Democratic official platform is to entirely shut up. The part of the press that always asks the questions never had any interest whatsoever in this catastrophe stuff.


Climate change is the driving factor of all the problems the world faces. All the issues are related, one influences another and another etc. This concept is reality and must be discussed and acted upon. Otherwise there will be no end to the madness. Peace


But the Oligarchy doesn’t want to talk about climate change. Who will win, Green Progressives or Oligarchy? I know it is a rhetorical question.

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I don’t think there will be any debates.  The excuses from the democratic camp will start with possible exposure to COVID and migrate from there, IMO.  Don is in on it since they work for the same masters, so expect a calming from both sides.
If I’m wrong and there are debates, I’m expecting them to be scripted with Don refusing to go for the knockout when clearly presented the opportunity.  It’s all Kubuki theater at this point.
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And Biden loves fracking . . .

The choice before us (or rather before competing partisan electors) is to choose the lesser of catastrophes even as megatons of methane explode from seas and tundra. If, by some miracle, Trump can be removed, it will take massive street action and shutdowns to push the corporate Dims.


The Democratic platform is to talk a decent game out of one side of their mouths (big spending on renewables infrastructure, green jobs, emissions reduction targets), and talk about making peace with fossil fuel interests with the other (continued fossil fuel subsidies, taking fossil fuel campaign donations).

In other words, it’s the usual d-party approach: Try to be everything to everyone, end up being nothing to anyone.


Forget the climate , it’s tooo late .
Make a bucket list and do some crazy but fun stuff .
Nature can heal itself . humans ? Nope .

The so called “moderators” work for the corporate networks, and the corporate networks work under the two-party rigged “debate” mechanism, the “Commission on Presidential Debates”, that was stolen from the American people and their NON-partisan League of Women Voters - LWV who always had been the debate sponsors.
neither Dems or Repubs want a non-partisan moderator asking tough questions so they stole the debates to control all the dialogue and narratives!

Neither party wants their corporate donor masters or themselves exposed for the criminal scum they are! Neither wants to have to explain why the greatest threat - the Global Heating Catastrophe - to our planet and people are being ignored!

" In 1985, the bipartisan (bipartisan means both groups are partisan) National Commission on Elections recommended “turning over the sponsorship of presidential debates to the two major parties” The CPD was established in 1987 by the chairmen of the Democratic and Republican Parties to “take control of the presidential debates”. The commission was staffed by members from the two parties and chaired by the heads of the Democratic and Republican parties. Thus the people - the voters - only had prearranged BS Pablum questions already prepared-for by the two-party charade!

Give presidential debates back to the NON-partisan LWV for a real debate, not fabricated propaganda and gotcha questions designed to screw the voters!




Its funny (not really) how in a clearly bi-partisan screwing of the public and national interests by both R’s & D’s - like the prez so-called debates - that some comments only focus on the failings and deceit of one half of the equation, only one enemy, only one hated and demonized party and ignore the crimes and destruction of the other - I wonder why that is over and over and over ad nauseum? An ulterior motive, some sort of emotional aberration, or something else?


Forgive me if my prose is even more disjoint than usual, as the smoke around here (current “catastrophe stuff” in the Bay Area) is insane this morning. Regional dizziness, taking it slow. Weird low fog mixed with smoke, smelling like mainly smoke. No breeze to speak of, so the smoke just keeps accumulating.

It’s not super-hazardous urban smoke, mainly wood. But it doesn’t ever let up. Then we’ve got another heatwave headed our way shortly. God it’s awful out here.


Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.
– Philip K. Dick


Come visit me in AZ where the altitude is 5K and it is hot and dry but no smoke.



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The too big to fails own both candidates, drumpf is for no pollution controls, pedal to the metal, and Biden, like Hillary, is pro-fracking, kick the can down the road. Save your breath you’re going to need it. It’s already too late!

Oh, yes, mitigate, but mitigate means slam on the brakes right now. We see hurricanes becoming more like tornadoes, crazy rainstorms, the ice shelves are about to collapse. Four or eight more years of imbeciles in the WH is only going to make things worse! When “In God We Trust” is the objective the living planet as we know it goes away.

Members of the oligarchy, which includes politicians and many corporate media pundits, some of whom will serve as debate moderators, are wealthy enough to have built retreats and bunkers far from the effects of the Climate Crisis, so why should they even think about that crisis? It doesn’t concern them.

It’s similar to US wars: sending US soldiers to risk life and limb in endless wars means little to the oligarchy (except more wealth), so why should they even worry about it, much less even think about opposing it?

As you very well explained above how the debates were stolen by both corporate parties from the League of Women Voters, many of us are aware of the greedy Corporate Duopoly pretending to be political parties as they run/ruin the US and the rest of the planet for their insatiable, sociopathic corporate overlords.

A true revolution, taking power away from those overlords and creating a Socialist Democracy, is needed now more than ever, but I don’t see that ever happening, especially not in time to mitigate, let alone prevent, the inevitable Climate Catastrophe.

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Terrific read, thanks – a sincere letter from Santa Cruz, with surprisingly broad scope:

Daniel Swain, a climate researcher at UCLA, tweeted that on Friday: “This is probably the most widespread and violent summer thunderstorm event in memory for Bay Area & also one of the hottest nights of the year.” Brunton, the Cal Fire chief, described burning conditions that were “unprecedented and unseen by veteran firefighters”.

This is what climate change looks like.

Richmond, where I live, is more like core metropolis – as distinct from the wildland interface areas on the chopping block where so many friends and family live, and whence the linked viewpoint originates: That of evacuees south of me, simultaneously coping with the height of CA’s COVID outbreak. Freaking mess and a half, wearing out even veteran reporters. It’s an old joke to expect an earthquake any day now – we wouldn’t bat an eye at a swarm of locusts at this point. God definitely hates us for our sins (or our freedoms!) out here, and we’ve got the message loud and clear. Oh well!

In this part of Africa, we ALL have a saying – whenever something bad happens,
we just throw our hands up to the sky and say HASA DIGA EEBOWAI!

Maybe hasa-diga eebowai! can be the theme of the first and last nonexistent presidential debate. Two cowardly lions, neither motivated to submit themselves to formalities of extemporaneous debates, which are most unlikely this time around, imho. Pelosi is terrified her guy might get set up.


Thanks REDPILLED, a clear and accurate assessment I believe.

A lot of what we face are the intentional down grading of education to produce several generations of - ahem -less than participatory individuals - liberal arts and science replaced by “how to get a job”
The buying-up our Fourth Estate to keep the whole truth from being the widespread norm - bought by corporate interests or individuals with vast accumulated wealth due to premeditated complicity of politicians, political parties and governments they came to buy/control.
Tax cut after tax cut for the 1% with the 99% forced to shell-out more and more. For every dollar the rich and corporations evaded giving-back a dollar came out - one way or the other - from the pockets of the middle classes and poor!

Another piece of the puzzle - to assure wealth accumulation enough to buy-out the future and government - progressive taxation to grow society and the Common Good was trashed - the things that make any nation truly “great”. were starved and the war-machine obscenely bloated- civilian priorities defunded: equality, education, transportation, health care, elder and infant care, environmental protections and stewardship, care for The Wild and Natural World like the National Parks started to do in modest part - while wars of choice were fattened at the public teat.

All taken together made the ability to see a “great society” wither and smothered. We got greed, fraudulent elections, unqualified scotus/potus frauds instead of social needs and interests - ie a Socialist Democracy. - **that dirty word!**far too many have been brainwashed (a light rinse usually sufficient) uninformed, misinformed, fed propaganda lies and right wing talk radio blather by nutcases and opportunists until - well, here we are, in a perfect shit storm of mindless idiots, racists and the uber rich that use them to thwart real change and growth…

And that’s all I have to say about that. Peace