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45 Years After COINTELPRO, FBI Still Thinks 'Dissent is the Enemy'

45 Years After COINTELPRO, FBI Still Thinks 'Dissent is the Enemy'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Forty-five years ago on Tuesday, peace activists broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania and unearthed documents exposing the government's expansive COINTELPRO operations, which aimed to surveil, disrupt, and "neutralize" lawful activist groups, including war protesters, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the American Indian Movement, and the National Lawyers Guild.


How best to describe the FBI? The Thought Police? American Gestapo? The CyberStasi?

Whatever they are, they sure are busy these days. Lots of naughty dissent across the land, what with hundreds of millions of people now having their lives ruined by an entrenched neoliberal oligarchy.

It’s hard out here for these dedicated enforcers of imperial exploitation; imposing a corrupt status quo upon a captive population of desperate, disenfranchised wage slaves. Let’s take a moment to dedicate an appropriately solemn and respectful anthem to our good friends, those watching our every move for a chance to fling us into a ThoughtCrime dungeon.

The FBI: keeping America’s corrupt elite safe from change for 107 years now. This one’s for you, boys:

inequality promises that it’s here to stay
always trust the injustice 'cause it’s not going away


Bernie Sanders has been at protests within the last year. Did he make it in the data base?

What if Bernie becomes president and went on a march against fracking. Could he be arrested?

First Use Of Terrorism Law Against KXL Protesters For Glitter-Terror

By Kevin Gosztola, www.dissenter.firedoglake.com
December 17th, 2013

A demonstration against Devon Energy and the company’s role in fracking and tar sands mining, including the Keystone XL pipeline, ended with four individuals being placed under arrest last week. Two of them were arrested by police on the basis that they had violated an Oklahoma anti-terrorism law prohibiting “terrorism hoaxes.”

It is strongly suspected that this happened as a result of advice that TransCanada has been giving local law enforcement in states, where protests against the Keystone XL pipeline have been taking place. They have been meeting with law enforcement and suggesting how terrorism laws could be applied to stop citizens from protesting the corporation’s activities.

The protest had a banner and glitter fell on the floor leading to an arrest for terrorism.

According to attorney Douglas Parr, who is representing the two individuals who unfurled The Hunger Games banner, glitter “fell off the banner” and on to the floor of the atrium. All protesters inside the building were asked to leave. The two individuals, who dropped The Hunger Games banner and left the building when requested to do so by security, were then sought after by police and arrested. The two people locked inside the revolving door were eventually removed and arrested as well.

Stefan said he allegedly let go of The Hunger Games banner and it unfurled. “Consequently, some glitter that was on the banner fell [from the second floor] to the ground.”

“At which point, we were approached by Devon employees,” Stefan added. He and the second individual, Bailey, explained they were engaged in “nonviolent peaceful protest.” What had fallen was glitter. Building security told everyone to leave.

A janitor, according to Stefan, came over to sweep up the glitter. Security did not have the building evacuated. However, FBI and a HAZMAT team were later called to the scene to inspect the substance that had unintentionally landed on the atrium floor of Devon Tower


Kaos and Kontrol were also parodies of the FBI. Get Smart was a satire to show how incompetent and useless the FBI really is. But it is no joke. Those losers are really doing damage to people’s lives. In a sense, the FBI itself is a terrorist organization.


This article is about FBI’s history

This is what they are doing today

A re tweet from Edward Snowden of a tweet by Jenna

Edward Snowden ‏@Snowden 13m13 minutes ago

Edward Snowden Retweeted Jenna McLaughlin

The global technological consensus is against the FBI. Why? Here’s one example: https://www.aclu.org/blog/free-future/one-fbis-major-claims-iphone-case-fraudulent … #FBIvsApple Edward Snowden added,

  Jenna McLaughlin @JennaMC_Laugh
 .@Snowden: **The FBI says Apple has the exclusive technical means to unlock the iPhone. "Respectfully, that's bullshit."**

Snowden’s tweet linked to a technical article from the ACLU on things that the FBI must know how to do.

But the truth is that even if this feature is enabled on the device in question, the FBI doesn’t need to worry about it, because they can already bypass it by backing up part of the phone (called the “Effaceable Storage”) before attempting to guess the passcode. I’ll go into the technical details (which the FBI surely already knows)

The article gives details

What’s really going on here?

If this generally useful security feature is actually no threat to the FBI, why is it painting it in such a scary light that some commentators have even called it a “doomsday mechanism”? The FBI wants us to think that this case is about a single phone, used by a terrorist. But it’s a power grab: law enforcement has dozens of other cases where they would love to be able to compel software and hardware providers to build, provide, and vouch for deliberately weakened code. The FBI wants to weaken the ecosystem we all depend on for maintenance of our all-too-vulnerable devices. If they win, future software updates will present users with a troubling dilemma. When we’re asked to install a software update, we won’t know whether it was compelled by a government agency (foreign or domestic), or whether it truly represents the best engineering our chosen platform has to offer.

In short, they’re asking the public to grant them significant new powers that could put all of our communications infrastructure at risk, and to trust them to not misuse these powers. But they’re deliberately misleading the public (and the judiciary) to try to gain these powers. This is not how a trustworthy agency operates. We should not be fooled.

Here is the article
One of the FBI’s Major Claims in the iPhone Case is Fraudulent


I’m sure the FBI can stretch existing law far enough to insist that your comparing them to a terrorist organization is terrorism.

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One thing that might make it less complicated is if you learned to use paragraphs. Come on, every three sentences or so, give a brother a line-break. Not so hard.

As far as the substance of what you wrote, yeah it’s definitely worse than people think. I used to have a friend who worked deep in the MIC. He once shook his head and looked painfully into the middle-distance before saying, “If people only knew how Orwellian it already is. If they only knew…”


how does this article not mention the Obama administration. You do understand that these issues have continued for the last 7 years? If there was a Republican administration the headline would referenced the President in your headline, what an obvious display of bias.


a few years ago a bunch of us were sitting around in our carpenter friend travis’s home workshop. he had everything including a well-stocked beer refrigerator. trav came up with a great idea for a new organization called BOW! an acronym for bitches of the world! we even mentally designed tee shirts. we decided that it would be an “equal-opportunity” club men and women of all sizes, shapes and colors would feel welcome. anyway we had fun with the idea.

good post, by the way. i especially like this sentence from your:

It’s hard out here for these dedicated enforcers of imperial exploitation; imposing a corrupt status quo upon a captive population of desperate, disenfranchised wage slaves.

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Does anybody know if the US War Department has changed its practice of decreeing that free expression, in the form of lawful protest, is “Low Level Terrorism”?

Since the role of the “alphabet agencies” is to protect and extend the power of corporations (which essentially rule this nation), any threat to these corporations IS seen by said alphabet agencies AS a “domestic threat.”

“That the FBI cannot discern between activism and terrorism shows us that they think dissent is still the enemy,” said Chip Gibbons, legal fellow with Bill of Rights Defense Committee and Defending Dissent Foundation, which organized the letter."

Point of fact. These organizations can not be reformed via legislation. It does not matter if it the CIA, The CIS, The FBI or the CHCQ.

At any point in their history where they violated liberties and overstepped their boundaries when monitoring the public , they did so by working around or outright ignoring legislation that may have existed at the time. The same peoples that sought to get around those laws and that oversight in the first place remain on with the given agency so on on Earth does anyone expect an added layer of oversight to change that mindset?

The only legitimate reform is a total breakup of the agency in question, a purge of all of its employees with those that most openly violated liberties charged with crimes and a rebuilding of the agency in question from the ground up.

JFK was well aware of this when it came to the CIA and him promising to break it up into a thousand pieces and scatter those pieces to the wind. Kept intact they are a cancer on ANY society . They will always metastasize into something worse.

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Alan Dulles’ legacy lives on


All that stands between totalitarian control by the .00001% and sovereignty of the people is an internationalized and militarized police force. Every expression of disagreement with the present unconstitutional regime is treated as enemy action. http://coloradopublicbanking.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-view-from-top-of-power-pyramid.html

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Is there anybody out there who believes the FBI’s mission includes anything other than protecting the corporate controlled government ?


Although they are disguised as “trade deals”, most of Obama’s TPP, TTIP and TISA chapters iron out the details of transferring judicial authority from government to corporations.

We ARE on the home stretch to totalitarian control. Obama and Congress are planning to push these deals through after the November election and before the January 20 inauguration.


The irony is that those who have dealings with these and other groups that use their voices to speak out against social injustices, inequality, abuses by the powerful, corruption, environmental crimes, etc., etc. etc. are the ones who truly care about this country. They would like to see an end to abuse of power, corruption, inequality, destruction of our planet on so many planes, etc. They want to revive our fallen democracy.

Additionally, the irony continues when one realizes that the powerful directing the show want none of those principles that this country was founded upon to be viable today. Call those principles an anathema to those in power. They want total control of the money, the power and just as importantly, the minions. Keep them down. Think of Oliver Twist when we are told that $1,300 per month is too generous. Social Security needs to be cut.

In order to hang on to the power, they must have control over every aspect of our lives. Dissent simply doesn’t jive with their twisted ideals. Thus, we have various governmental agencies spending lots of our own tax money to spy on us. How sad.

I remember way back when during my indoctrination as a young child many years ago during the Cold War, we were taught in grammar school how the SOVIETS LIED TO THEIR OWN PEOPLE AND ACTUALLY SPIED ON THEM ALSO!!! We couldn’t imagine the ghastliness of such a government. We were so thankful we lived here. Our government didn’t spy on us! Our government didn’t lie to us. Until we realized it did. And sadly, it was a very short time we managed to remain in our state of delusional naïveté - that bliss was shattered very early on in the 60s.

We need to remain aware and not accept the abuses of power.


In this era of the United States it is the government that is the enemy of the people. The plethora of gun toting, badge waving police have all taken oaths to “serve and protect” the establishment.

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sound of crickets

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Isn’t it funny how the FBI are frantic to get inside everyone’s iPhone, you know to “protect Americans”, but they have no curiosity at all about electronic voting machines?

I think the single best word to describe what the FBI actually are is one they throw around a lot: fraud.