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47 Democrats Join with House GOP to Refuse Suffering Refugees


47 Democrats Join with House GOP to Refuse Suffering Refugees

Jon Queally, staff writer

Forty-seven House Democrats joined with a majority of Republicans to approve a bill that would effectively stop the ability for Syrian refugees attempting to flee their war-torn country to be resettled in the United States.

"Supporters of this bill want us to turn our backs on refugees who are seeking safe harbor from the very terrorism we all abhor. This is not leadership. We thank the House members who rejected this reactionary impulse and this discriminatory legislation." —Karin Johanson, ACLU


More evidence that there is something to this whole theory of ponerology: that the worst among us "naturally" rise to positions of power.


I didn't catch the man's name but he was interviewed earlier today on Public Radio and self-identified as an Evangelical Christian... he sounded like a TRUE follower of Christ.

Using the parable of The Good Samaritan, this man took the stance that Syrians must be let in. That we are judged by what we do for others... particularly those in need.

I would love to see a cartoon in a Christian magazine that catered to this more enlightened ilk where the image is that of an individual hoping to pass through heaven's gates. While waiting for the verdict... this individual, having served as a politician in the early 21st century (like Ebenezer Scrooge) is prompted to look at his own behavior in the form of shutting the door on so many desperate refugees. These refugees were placed into that status at least partially on account of his nation's policies, ones he was instrumental in enacting.

Entrance denied!

"For as you do unto others, so shall it be done unto you."

And it's almost Christmas, and here this battery of representatives together don't demonstrate a modicum of charity for those in need.

Shame on them!


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Oh there is, there is! Psychopaths always have a big advantage over the rest of us, because they have no limits on what they'll do to get what they want.

They have another advantage in that people believe that they're capable of reforming (an error encouraged by otherwise-great tv series such as Once Upon A Time).


Total wimps, they are afraid of the people they have murdered and destroyed.


Let those politicians against admitting Arab refugees seek refuge in Israel. Nutty Yahoo will welcome them with open arms.


With each post, you further plumb the depths of your ignorance and mean spirit. Blessings on your sad path.


So true. To the extent that psychopathy is even considered a disorder (it it even in the latest DSM?) it is by far the most refractory of disorders - nothing close to an effective treatment has ever been devised to treat it. And more than any other place, the "leaders" of the US government is full of them. God Fuck Amerikkka.


I'd love to find a way to sterilize my country of fascists like you.


they should used plain language- just say "OK IS- we surrender- we are all scared of you, we will do anything that makes you happy- we will shut our doors to Syrians, so they will stay at home where you will be free to knock them off at your leisure. no need to thank us- you are quite welcome, and best wishes for your future attacks".


All those who voted no to accepting refugees are SCARED, not of ISIS but of losing reelection. Fed by the "yellow" journalists, they could give a sh-- about helping people in need, let alone protecting Americans


Nice to see politicorner there is a member here who actually understands how Congress works (or doesn't.) Of course they don't care for much more than their re-elections prospects and those who are facing a difficult reelection and find their constituents are as panicked over nothing, because they haven't a clue about the process of actually turning a bill into law, will vote against their Party, until the veto is done and then in the end change their vote to comply with
the Party who provides the funds for the campaigns past the primaries and for the general election. Unfortunately, all too many posting here in response to
the article are sadly ignorant so as a result the comments make the ignorance very obvious.


Why does the roll call show Ellison as not voting, since he's proud to oppose the bill?


Sorry you 47 Dems. I'm afraid you won't be able to take shelter in the House next election. Perhaps some other country will take you in.


Syrian Muslims -- many of them are refugees from Iraq who fled our nightmarish invasion. I find that the many gun hoarding, xenophobic neofascists that make up the American right are far more dangerous than the Syrian refugees fleeing the terror our country has fed.


I have no doubt that the same bunch voting to keep the refugees out are the exact same bunch who voted to arm rebels in Syria. They are all psychopaths!


I agree. As I recall her story, the blogger Riverbend was an Iraqi. In her last few posts she described the difficulties she and her family faced in their flight to Syria as refugees. I have always wondered about her fate.


Most blame the GOP only because Obama always gives nice progressive speeches. His kill list and eternal droning were kept secret for a long time. Many still believe that Obamacare is single payer and just grand. They cannot quite understand Obama's push of TPP but that might change with more and more speeches in favor of it.

As far as the refugee crises is concerned neither the Republicans or the Democrats in Washington give a hoot. It is simply political theater at this point to get elected or re-elected. After all in the end those refugees will not end up in the gated mansions of the politicians or Hollywood celebrities. By dividing the voting public the oligarchy system of the ONE party, two heads wins in the end.


One of the most moving things on the night of the paris attack was the call for "open doors"; asking that people open their homes to people who may need shelter to get off the streets while it was all still going on.
I found myself in tears when I recognized that those words "open your doors" would never be spoken here in the US, except by FBI, DEA, et al.

Apparently we need open more than doors here.

Open minds.
Open hearts.
Open doors.