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47 Groups Back Rep. Joaquin Castro for House Committee Chair Post to 'Build a More Restrained and Progressive Foreign Policy'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/13/47-groups-back-rep-joaquin-castro-house-committee-chair-post-build-more-restrained


Increasing diplomacy, addressing the climate crisis and reducing military spending/waste all sound like good ideas. I hope he gets the position.


Speaking of diplomacy over war. Here’s a report on U.S. war history and Biden’s plan to keep up the good murder…er…work:



He’s saying positive things about the Palestinians, so he has a snowball’s chance in hell of being selected.


Con. Castro’s openness to offering a political platform to discuss cuts in the DoD budget, since he serves Bexar ( bear ) County and San Antonio, is quite refreshing and undoubtedly progressive. That area is deep in the heart of Texas and deeper in military bases; which translates to large communities of military retirees and pensioners. A tough bunch to talk about cuts to military budgets, even obviously bloated and wasteful ones. Con.Castro has my vote on this.
As to Con. Meeks and Sherman; both are old moderates from safe districts. Neither of them have distinguished themselves on the policies raised by the article. And, they certainly aren’t critical of the suffocating merry-go-around always playing out in the MENA. They’re both mostly empty suits on clothes hangers, imo.


This is America you are talking about. When was the last time a progressive was allowed any positions of power in the Democratic Party (or elsewhere for that matter)? What is it that progressives can do when they are once again given the brush off?




Great, now you have to slip it past Wall Street Pelosi and Associates.


Agree. But none of this will come to pass until we’re rid of the elitist phony Pelosi. Do nothing, preening Nancy Pelosi, enemy of anything progressive.


Since when did Democrats in power listen to progressive groups?

If Castro is indeed selected, and this is a slim to none chance, expect him to be sidelined and muzzled.

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Will anyone challenge Pelosi for House Speaker? Why not?


A nice read. Is there anything citizens can do to make this selection more likely? Who are all the top Democrats making the decision? If my rep (Lieu) was one I certainly would contact him but I doubt he is in the set.

Sounds like I would have liked this guy for president more than his brother.

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Plus he’s mumbled some sort of reservations about the multibillion dollar arms sales to the clown colonies in the Gulf.

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An article from January 2019 details this factoid:

America Has Been at War 93% of the Time – 222 out of 239 Years – Since 1776


Since that was a year ago, you can add one more to each number. 93% of our history, people. And those numbers don’t tell us that in most of those years, the US was involved in more than one war, which the article lists. I had no idea about many of those wars, since they were against Native Americans, and the “winners” write the history. As George Carlin said, we are a warring people. Anywhere there are black, brown, or yellow people who have something we want, we will bomb the life out of them because…money. Castro has zero chance of being appointed if he is against endless wars.

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Bait-and-switch worked for the preceding centuries of our hallowed Republic. Planters & middle-MEN, pretending we weren’t ALL servile slaves, who had to pay them for mass produced weapons to metastasize their feudal autocracy?

Israel, al Saud, Atlantic Council… simply JOINED European Oligarchy, to hand pick our suck-up tag-team kleptocracy.






Only bit I’ve heard is that somehow she has some kind of monetary control over the Democratic caucus and that members are indebted to her, which is a minuscule price to pay to risk control of the House. Fact is she lost seats under her control, no matter what the idiot Perez spins about her failures. If Perez isn’t the biggest asshole he’s light years ahead of any other establishment Democrat vying to be the grandest political anachronism of our times. Want to put a stop to all this? Easy. Investigate the treasonous Moscow Mitch and his equally culpable wife Cocaine Elaine Chao. Find out where their money comes from. Moscow gets away with what he does because nobody comes after him. Once again and again it’s Pelosi. Never heard her call out McConnell’s treason have we? Why not? must be asked. Simple answer is that they’re all part of the mindset to enslave the lower classes. But howso? Easy. Saddle them with debt and terms that make them impossible to repay. Then convince them that they must pay forever. Horseshit. Want to end the cycle of debt enslavement? Just as easy: don’t pay it. Fuck your credit score. All that’s for is to deny credit. Also: when it comes to repaying student loans from private lenders don’t hesitate to default. Your account will be purchased by an indemnity company for like ten cents on the dollar who will be eager to negotiate settlement terms with you. You’ll get sued for some full amount and you’ll lose. Then they’ll negotiate. Whatever figure is arrived at will be much less than the amount owed originally. Will this action damage your credit? It may. But most auto dealers, for example, will tell you up front that they don’t count student loan indebtedness against you when you seek to buy. It’s often a matter of determining what your repayment options are then working within that framework. But don’t let them threaten you with damaging actions when most every student borrower is similarly positioned. Finally, some lenders like Navient negotiate settlements all the time, with offers to retire accounts for a fraction of the owed amount (which often requires making a balloon payment). The task is to keep asking what are your options, and to keep seeking a representative you can work with. Never forget their job is to retire accounts, not to extend them. Just forget about throwing in the towel or blowing your head off. You do have options.

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