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47 Lawmakers Join Rep. Cori Bush's Resolution to Remove GOP Members for Inciting Attack on Capitol

This article, like too many neoliberal screeds, doesn’t place the blame where it seems most appropriate, on the shoulders of 80+ Million corrupted and largely irredeemable U.S. voting citizens. That is the problem we must face,…or we merely kick the can a bit further down the road.

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I agree, but the first step in that process is bringing everyone associated with this failed Coup to justice first, imo. If the 14th could be applied, it would eliminate Trump and company in the future, allowing us to concentrate on taking down the next Trump like figure.

Unfortunately, if we don’t address the root issues with our “fellow” citizens/voters, none of the rest is anything but rearranging the window dressing and setting the stage for successively worse iterations of Fascism.

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