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48 Words at 4 AM Is All Network News Has to Say About Pipeline Protests


48 Words at 4 AM Is All Network News Has to Say About Pipeline Protests

Jim Naureckas

The broadcast news networks—ABC, CBS and NBC—have aired exactly one report on the Dakota Access Pipeline protests since the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe began an encampment against the project in April, according to a search of the Nexis news database. That report, read by Anne-Marie Green, aired on the CBS Morning News at 4 a.m. on September 5. Here it is in its entirety:


Now it's even less newsworthy because Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka were there.


Amazingly, Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC gave up his Labor Day weekend to take a camera crew to the protest and talk to the protesters and cover the dog attacks. He has shown a real understanding of what is going on there in the last few weeks, and received praise from the tribal leaders for his coverage. Given that MSNBC has become the unofficial shill network for the Clinton campaign, he is an amazing exception in this one small area. He still spins hard for Hillary, but apparently can't stomach more lies about our oppressed native peoples.


Dear CBS, NBC and ABC:

The Sacred Stone Camp organized by the Standing Rock Sioux against the Dakota Access Pipeline is an important news story.

The false coverage (CBS) and complete lack of coverage (NBC, ABC) by your organizations, is simply disgusting.

Everyone who works for your "news" organizations, should be ashamed.

We see you.


Although not identified, I think the idea came from Rumsfeld--This premise that WE (the leadership circle or U.S. "Politburo") will increasingly DEFINE reality.

Kind'a reminds me of the TV show popular when I was growing up, "The Outer Limits." It began with the statement, "We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical."

Add both to the idea of "If a tree falls in a forest and there's no one present to hear it" then what value did the event have?

The corporate control of mass media is a deliberate action. It's done in any and every nation where an authoritarian group of business and military "leaders" intend to control the population.

If that goal can be accomplished through direct "Perception Management," then no armies are required.

Anyone who doesn't see Perception Management going on is INSIDE the Matrix.

Those who read C.D. at least get "the alternative narrative." Whenever a viable alternative is presented, the claim to absolute truth is challenged.

In this era where psychopaths rule and serial killers (in uniform) are celebrated while truth tellers must hole up in foreign embassies (and otherwise face threats on their lives), the Truth Teller is a modern Galileo facing the old church-state establishment.

Since the masses are reverberating and already see through the dark magicians attempting to control what passes for consensual reality, the top echelon likely intends to tighten the screws.

Kaine is as much a fascist as Pence.

The times could not be more dangerous. That's always true just prior to the implosion of dying and deadly paradigm.

Watch for falling debris.

(The Native Americans understand how these cycles work and are best equipped to negotiate then since they honor the quintessential elements that make life possible.)


Goebbels would be green with envy if he could see how well the corporations, their media and duopoly politicians have refined his work.


What makes me gag most about these 48 words are the implications that the protesters/protectors were the ones that were 'violent'. And by the way, why is there an arrest warrant for Jill, but not for the 'security officers' who brought the dogs and mace to a peaceful event?


The corporate media doesn't report on things that scare them.


Do not worry folks, the network news will be covering the Dakota Access Pipeline 24/7 ad nauseum when Dr. Jill Stein is served with a warrant for her arrest and handcuffed again for vandalism!


The media needs to save prime time for serial broadcasting of the non issues intended to distract voters from issues of consequence. Its what they get paid to do and what they do best.

During the primaries the media downplayed the many Trump events where Trump instigated violence, while the false rumors about chairs being thrown by Sanders supporters at a DNC event in Vegas was overplayed to the point that several MSM "news" consumers told me that Sanders' campaign was violent and Trump's was not when I asked them what they thought of Trump instigating violence.


" Kaine is as much a fascist as Pence."

So very true; otherwise, he would not have been selected as Hillary's running mate!


The tribes, like the labor unions will continue to be ignored as long as they continue to support Democrats carte blanche.

Tribes and unions need to unite behind the Green Party that will return the favor instead of ignoring them like the DNC has for the past half century.


Where can I go to contribute $ ?


Black snake white out


Where does Colin Kaepernick stand on all this?


"Police say four private security guards and two guard dogs were hurt. "
Sounds like the kind of news we get from Palestine when the "IDF" become the victims of the wicked terrorists.