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5 Key Things Pope Francis Says about Climate Change


5 Key Things Pope Francis Says about Climate Change

Janet Redman

Pope Francis just released an “encyclical,” a fancy word for a sort of intimate letter that is meant to serve as a guide to understanding our personal relationship to some of the most complex issues of the day through religious doctrine. This particular encyclical is on climate change and is addressed not just to the globe’s 1.2 billion Catholics but to everyone of any — or no — faith.


Drowned out by the sounds, profits ,cries and false glory of war, war and more war.


Many middle class people vote for the Clinton/Bush dynasties, afraid that any changes will impact their meager Wall Street holdings in a negative way.

How do we convince these voters that progressive change will not impact their pocketbook? Perhaps Pope Francis can address their concerns directly.


The subject is how elites rig the system. And here’s a poster using the name “Nature Boy” to push the meme that the problem is about U.S. voters. This shows a profound lack of insight given the fact that this problem is global and increasingly, decision-making is in the hands of global corporations… or did you miss all the hoopla around TPP/TIPP and Fast Track?

As I will continue to point out–specific individuals are planted in these threads to take any issue and convert it into the false idea that U.S. voters are the problem.

HUNDREDS of times (and that is no exaggeration since I’ve logged over 10,000 comments)… I’ve elucidated all of the control factors that are part of the limited election choice pool and what is taken for–and 100% of the time enacted as–viable. But make it about individual choice or voters or “the sheeple.”

THAT is what you’re no doubt paid to do.


You seem a little cranky lately Siouxrose.
Its not all or nothing and I am not a shill :rewind:


Some questions for the Pope whom we must remember to thank in our prayers for Gaia Health.

  1. Has the Vatican Bank cleaned up this mess? “The cleric, nicknamed Monsignor Cinquecento after the €500 bills he habitually carried around with him, was charged with fraud and corruption, together with a former secret service agent and a ­financial broker.” That is from the Financial Times, December 6, 2013. Yes, we know that and lots of other bad news from the Vatican has disappeared from the noise industry since you came into prominance, but let’s not keep changing the subject from the Vaitican’s shady cultures.

  2. Has the Vatican Bank divested from all fossil fuel and fossil fuels related industries?

  3. When will the Vatican Bank begin to show the world’s other banks how to set the examples of habitual generosity to the poor, instead of continuing the examples of buying politicians to help cover Vatican and other Roman Catholic Church crimes?

Why should we believe you are any less a high-treason pretty-rhetoric artist than is Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Charles Grassley, Nancy Pelosi, or any of the rest of the celebrities Americans keep expecting to see deliver miracles just because they say the words we want to hear?

We pray for your most divine guidance aligning your heart and spirit with the Great Spirit’s.


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Taxes don’t solve problems very well. Taxes tend to create problems. Giving tax revenues to sold out politicians to squander on war and direct up to their paymasters of the 1% is one way the oligarchy rigs the system.

There are better ways to deal with increasing wealth inequality than tax laws made by, for and of the oligarchy.

One way is to cap personal wealth at an amount decided by yearly referendum and electronically distribute excess wealth equally to all citizens.