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5 Lessons Charleston Can Teach Us About Race, Guns and Healing


5 Lessons Charleston Can Teach Us About Race, Guns and Healing

Tavis Smiley

After last week's massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, there should have been no question of guilt, or motivation. Dylann Roof made it clear what he did, and why, long before his confession. And yet, the media has bungled so much of it, from beginning to, if not the end, then the point at which we continue, which today saw South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley call for the immediate removal of the Confederate flag.


Let’s include damnation of the hate-based media that propel people into sick and twisted states of mind.


how about a massive movement to hold media accountable?


We don’t need gun control, as the criminals will have guns and law-abiding citizens will not. We need violence control, but that’s not going to happen as long as America has a violence policy for every occasion. We’ve invaded seven nations in the last 14 years and continue to slaughter innocent people on a daily basis in the name of righteousness.
This man-child is a reflection of America’s policies on violence. If it threatens you, you HAVE to kill it, bomb it, torture it, and/or imprison it in tortuous conditions. America LOVES violence. It thrives on violence. It eats violence for breakfast and enjoys every bite. The last two administrations alone have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people because of their ideological differences. Obama has murdered far more innocent people than this man-child has, but he’s giving speeches about the tragedy of random murder, as he continues the drone war on innocents all over the globe. Sorry, but this is what we get when we worship violence as a nation. Our troubled kids grow up believing that violence is the answer to all their problems. THAT’S the problem we need to solve, NOT taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.