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5 Myths About War With North Korea That Make Americans Think They Are Safe

5 Myths About War With North Korea That Make Americans Think They Are Safe

Lisa Fuller

"Americans may have less than a month to prevent World War III."

Protesters call on President Donald Trump to stop his drive to war against North Korea on August 14, 2017 in Miami, Florida.

" Launching a nuclear attack could be suicidal."


And what could be more terrifying than a suicidal, maniac that belongs in a mental institution, having his hands on the nuclear trigger and could order a surprise, nuclear attack on North Korea any day because he does not need Congressional approval!

" Americans may have less than a month to prevent World War 111."


And the greatest tragedy of all, if and when it happens, is this: IT IS TOTALLY UNNECESSARY!!!

Our nation simply must stop thinking that the solution to every problem is a military one.



It is time for legislation limiting the president from launching nuclear war on his own…but I do believe this is all a smokescreen because the real issue is tax cuts for the elite—and they want more money for the military. People need to pay attention everything Trump , republicans and corporate media are doing is to get tax cuts for the elite. This is going to happen fast-----if people are paying attention they will realize all the pressure form the elite to pass these tax cuts. These tax cuts will be devastating to the common people.

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First off, a nuclear winter would not necessarily follow a nuke strike upon Korea, the neutron warheads and types of burst will decide amounts of fall out.
US is already daily receiving radiation from Fukushima and has been for 6+ years and is on the order of 30x farworse than Chernobyls meltdown and continuous leakage, yet you eat fish, rice, seaweed and drink tea from Japan.
Colorado Springs received over 50 millions of cpms last year and many cities have 20+millions of counts per minute.
And before you sunshine and banana and natural radiation or chest exrays naysayers begin even the medical professions say a chest x Ray has a possibility of causing cancers.
Afraid of radiation poisoning raid the government’s iodibe tablets for 25 millions weekly for a year stockpile.
Congress, and for that matter the Constitution, is no longer effective in limiting the powers of the Executive Branch and are but ass kissers who are dependent upon that branch for their and friends wealth accumulation.
Our military believes it , they and US political system will survive even a full blown WWIII nuclear exchange and have already made provisions for such a secenario.
REMEMBER; The have theorized that the top 500 Corporate and financial entities can provide all that is necessary to have a viable military government.
THEY also figure that minimum time frame needed for a workforce of between 15 and 25 year olds in order to sustain such a government is just 10 years productivity.
What happens after that well take a F’n guess.

If this happens then the only conclusion is that this species is incapable of survival. Why war? Why is the murder of millions with the possibility of ending life on this planet a course of action that is even considered? Why do polls show even a minute degree of support for this let alone such a high level? Perhaps this population been dumbed-down to such a degree that the media can manipulate even the highest educated of the population. Somehow this system has become so out of touch with life and love that greed, fear and hate are our only understandable realities - rather like the mindset of a mass killer who simply wants to end his life while hurting as many as possible.


Will it take a nuclear holocaust to change the system?

Fire the politicians.

Direct Online Democracy NOW!

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I don’t like the whole thrust of this article - that concern is only warranted if it might affect me-me-me.


Well and truly spoken, countryrds!

I believe that this is all hype. I also believe that this is a different tactic. For years all presidents have had to deal with the issue of North Korea, and have basically punted the issue on to the next one. But unfortunately here we are with NK with a real arsenal. So something has to happen? This is just a different tactic because all others have failed. Obama was a very weak president… and Bush just tossed pebbles at the issue and was weak on NK as well. If everyone would take their hate out of the equation and be rational… you could see into the forest. Everyone in the White House knows what happens if a Nuke flies… so remove your hate and be realistic

Thanks for your perspective. I certainly hope your perspective is the correct one.

Most Americans thought bombing Japan was a good idea …

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Unfortunately they likely still do think that dropping two nukes on Japan was the only way to end WWII. Without realizing that Japan was already going to inevitably lose anyway. There is no justified reason to using a nuke ever.

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Oh I dunno know, couple places at right time might, make the world a better place.
Anyone ever notice that all this killing fervor and Empire building seems to originatefrom those people’s of New England and South of Mason Dixon line?
All the wealth of NATION flows into the Beltway surrounding DC and New York and they say you know what flows downhill, Southward, could be all of them drink from same cesspool.

The problem might not be our species, but our economic system.
Capitalism is based on competition, which escalates into war, (not a good idea in the nuclear age!),
while socialism is based on cooperation.
Einstein said “The splitting of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and thus we drift inexorably towards unparalleled catastrophe”.
I recommend people search Einstein’s “Why Socialism”.

While I agree with you, the real issue as I see it is simply how to change to a cooperative model recognizing that what is good for the whole is good for the individual. We are taught our entire lives that life is about winning, possessing, dominating the weaker - capitalism - and that is so ingrained that many would rather die trying than to change that mindset. However, there is no longer a choice as either we consciously make the decision to change to a mutually supportive system such as socialism or that will be forced upon us for our very survival as our current social, political and economic systems self-destruct at a ever increasing pace. Given the reality of nuclear wars, climate collapse and the inherent resistance to this kind of change it may already be too late for a peaceful transition. Survivors, if any, will adopt systems of mutual cooperation as there will be no other way to exist.

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