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5 Radical Ideas Hillary Should Support


5 Radical Ideas Hillary Should Support

Robert Kuttner

I've argued that Hillary Clinton is at risk of being a weak presidential nominee -- on several counts. She seems like yesterday's news rather than tomorrow's. The excitement of a having a breakthrough woman president is blunted by the fact that her husband got there first. She will raise a ton of money from Wall Street, just like the Republican nominee, blurring differences and depressing turnout. Despite the absence of a formidable primary challenger (assuming Elizabeth Warren doesn't run), Clinton is still likely to under-perform in the primaries.


Sounds like more Huff-fluff.

Among other things, the report calls for much more public investment, more help for trade union organizing, full employment, disdain for fiscal austerity, taxation of the rich, and lots of other good stuff usually associated with the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

Unless the report calls for breaking up the world’s big banks and outlaws military interventionism, it’s as worthless as we would expect anything signed by Larry Summers to be.



You’re never going to get any of that from Wall Street’s favorite “street walker” (I get called misogynist and a sexist pig for using the “W” word, which is what she is to them). No, Shillery, and Bill, are totally owned by the PTB. We are expected to bend to their preferences, as the only “realistic” way to be.

I really think her “inevitability” is being over-hyped by those who want to preclude anyone supporting a true progressive. She has a political glass jaw, to use a boxing term. Meaning that any opponent who takes her head-on on the real issues could land a knock-out blow to her candidacy. A lot of us on the left hate her as much as everyone on the right does. Her negatives with all Americans approach 50%. And with the Clintons name recognition is not the problem. The problem for her is that everyone DOES know her and Bill. These numbers are among people who know and remember them and what they did to average Americans in the '90’s.

We need to support truly progressive opposition to eight more years of selling out the American public to corporations and other power hungry a-holes. Run Bernie, run!


She “Should” indeed. The “S” word – should. Has she seen this list of suggestions? If so, does anyone suppose she is saying to her “aides” (including, I guess, Bill): “There’s an idea I Should champion and advocate.”


Haven’t we heard all these ideas once before with minor variations? What happened to universal healthcare? We got a Republican monster bill instead with free birth control pills.

People have to wake up to the “promise the moon and then do what the banks and corporations say”.

Hillary can shout those radical ideas from the rooftop every minute, I would not believe her.


i’ve got an idea for Clinton: Don’t run.


If there were a god it would certainly prevent the horrors to come should Hillery be selected by the ruling elite. Political wonks like Kuttner be damned.


“Still, Clinton is likely to be the Democratic nominee. So what might she
do that could improve her own chances – and our chances of getting a
president elected in 2016 who is first of all a Democrat, and maybe is
some kind of real progressive as well?”

Please make it stop.


The articles here on CD don’t tell us much anymore about what “…Obama should do…” Now we’re being told what “…Hillary should do…” As if there were a chance in hell she would do anything like this. I believe these articles are designed to keep people on the left from deserting the Democrats. “See…this is what COULD happen if only we stick with the party…etc”
Then there’s the existence of Sanders and Warren. They are there to do the job that Dennis Kucinich did so well: be the gate keepers of the left. They represent the “Democratic Party wing of the Democratic Party” Yeah, right! The one that has no power.
So now I expect here on CD we’ll get a stream of articles about what “should” be done followed by articles trying to polish her image followed by articles telling us “she’s not THAT bad” and then finally how EVIL the Republican nominee is.


Even the ideas that Hillary’s think tank advocates are sheer rhetoric, like the first Clinton campaign, putting people first. Nice ideas, not a one of them fulfilled. What gives her any credibility? Hopefully we will not be conned again. Given the identidy vote she summons as a woman though I wouldn’t be surprised if she did succeed in her lies. I like the comment of another anti-Hillary poster saying that many woman would vote for her if she were a female version of Vladimir the Impailler. Please run Elizabeth and give these desperate woman a choice.


Exactly … so as I always do, I’ll just pre-empt their bulls**t by saying I’m not ever going to vote for her. Run her all you want, DLC, my progressive vote will not go to her. Post-Obama, we all know she will do nothing remotely progressive. We don’t need Republican Lite. Give the people the full flavor of conservatism. Let’s have it out, America. Look at Moral Mondays in North Carolina. Look at the backlash to Mike Pence in Indiana. Let’s have. it. out. No Hillary and no DLC crap …


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“5 Radical Ideas Hillary Should Support” Until she doesn’t. Just like her ol man could feel your pain, cause he was helping to cause it!


I agree. But Physicians for Social Responsibility should look up Dr. Gideon Polya, and find out that the unnecessary deaths just in Iraq/ just in the George W./Obama period: total more than 2 million! Never mind the more than 1.7 million killed by the sanctions during Slick Willy’s reign. And then there’s Afghanistan… The numbers are astounding, and scream for Nuremburg style trials, but get drowned out by the Daily Pablum.
Remember Saxophone Bill’s Sec. of State - Madeleine Albright saying “Yes, we think it’s worth it…” when asked on “60 Minutes” about half a million children dying in Iraq as a result of Wm. Clinton’s enforcement of UN sanctions.
We should not accept number-trimming on these genocides. This is important history. But there has been next to no coverage of Dr. Polya’s work. I challenge one and all to search this man’s name, and check out his work. You will see that he is no slouch. But people like Polya and Abby Zimet’s article on Obama granting “Absolute Immunity” to Bush, Cheney et al- get little to no coverage, while hair-styles and eating contests are given serious coverage by the corporate media.
And we should not belittle one person’s death by saying that taking that seriously is “political purity”. Kuttner et al
are intelligent enough to realize that the party they support has its hands dripping with the blood of millions.
Modern liberalism (“neo-liberalism”) is not liberal. “Championing” a few domestic issues, while conducting genocide abroad, and policies at home (No WPA and CCC, -“We just don’t have the money.”-Obama) that cause poverty, homelessness, and suicides- is a Devil’s Bargain.
Our planet could very well suffer a domino effect of habitat failures, resulting in famines and exponentially increasing extinctions- because too many people bought into the “liberal” self-fulfilling prophecy of “We can’t build a good
third party and win.” So many Democrats think like that,
that rather than use their millions of people to help build a non-corporate party like the Greens, they will take the lazy way and passively vote for, or take money to actively support a party that is pushing in secret: Ayn Randian
“free trade” deals that people on this site may recognize as a series of NAFTAs-on-steroids TTP, TTIP, TISA…
that attack nations’ sovereignty, labor protections, and ENVIRONMENTAL protections at this pivotal time for life on Earth. When is the last time you had enough caffeine,or whatever it takes for you to REALLY WAKE UP?! STUPEFACTION! “Doing the same thing, and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.” -Einstein “Don’t get fooled again!” -The Who


I don’t understand why anyone even goes through this exercise of listing what Billary might do since he/she will invariably cater to the will of the 1%, continue the transformation of the U.S. into a fully fascist state, and promote Hillary in particular who is deranged enough to continue the love affair with the Israeli Likud fascist government and destroy us with a nuclear World War III.

Go Jill, go!