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5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Wins Big With Cruz Dropout


5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Wins Big With Cruz Dropout

Seth Abramson

Here are five immediate repercussions to Ted Cruz dropping out of the Republican primary:

1. News coverage for the Democratic primary, and thus Bernie Sanders, will increase exponentially — immediately.

Without Trump in the field, all of the focus on future election nights — nine states and several territories over the next 45 days — will be on Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.


I see a house falling on a witch.
I see a bucket of water thrown onto a witch.
I need some ruby slippers.


Thanks for this heartening article. It's good to have ways to think about this campaiagn that exclude HRC from an automatic outcome that would make her ecstatic even if the rest of us would feel something quite different.


Hillary should just drop out now.


All excellent points you made. If Hillary continues to blow off Bernie, and the states yet to vote, to skip straight to the general fight, she will be making a huge mistake. This already happened in Indiana. The WV protests and the round table reaming she had were both a heavy blow. Sanders is up in the polls in WV after her coal flip flop. I am so hopeful Bernie can pull this off, I can hardly stand it!! This is going to be a nail biter! Go Bernie!


I'm no fan of Mrs. Clinton but I think we need to stop the witch references and the b word that rhymes with witch. Or any references to her gender for that matter. That just plays into the perception that those who oppose her are misogynists. Keep pounding away at her, but please stick to the issues (corruption, war-mongering, etc.) that make Mr. Sanders so much a better candidate. We do not want to allow Clinton to be portrayed as any kind of victim or to stir up any kind of sympathy for her.


Seth makes some excellent points, but it seems to me that he is assuming a level playing field and forgetting that Hillary plays dirty.

Hillary condoned the cold blooded murder of Kadaffi and has no conscience, so one wonders what she has in store for Bernie.


Seth, great article, great insight, great research. I look forward to your byline.


I have Republican family in California that aren't happy with Trump and would rather not vote for him if they don't have to.

And.. They REALLY don't want Clinton.

To them, Bernie is the Lesser of THREE Evils.

I will let them know that if they register "undeclared" by May 23, they can vote for Bernie (against Hillary), and switch back to Republican later if they want.

Time to let our Californian friends and family know about this option!



From my checking on the polls, Abramson seems very optimistic. On what is he basing his opinions on the upcoming primaries, which seemed to me to be still pretty much in Clinton's favor--even if it's only by few points average. The big states don't look good for Bernie as far as I can see. California down by 10. New Jersey, Sanders trending up but still down by 11... up by 40 in Oregon but with a small fraction of the delegates CA and NJ have. And so on. Yes, he won Indiana and that's great. I'm so happy that it might help break free of the post-NY miasma. But... he closed the gap of about 320 pledged delegates by.... 6.

Are there enough places in which he's far enough ahead to do anything but close the gap a little here and there? Does anybody have a better handle on this?

Now I'm hoping I'm wrong and he will do what he's done all along--show up and convince people to vote for him late in the game and come from behind. But to think he can make up a shortfall of 800 pledged and un delegates by the first ballot at the convention...wow. How would that happen? Does anybody think the superdelegates--the epitome of the privileged elite whose whole purpose is to prevent candidates like Sanders--are going to switch to him without being absolutely forced by overwhelming vote totals and a big pledged delegate win?


Does anybody think the superdelegates--the epitome of the privileged elite whose whole purpose is to prevent candidates like Sanders--are going to switch to him

I don't. I stand by the idea Sanders should go independent, taking his support with him while he has momentum, then use it as leverage to get into the debates, much like Perot did.

I hope Bernie gets the needed delegates at the convention, and wins the nomination, if he doesn't, Sanders will fold his support into the HRC Camp and it will be over.

I could be wrong, and I hope I am, but I'm thinking there needs to be a reality check among a lot of people.


This race has come down to three choices: One is a political creature since her beginning with an inflated ego, massive ambition and matching self-interest, and contempt for the lives of others - a human wind-sock politician (along with her mate), that will say or do anything to enhance her position regardless of consequences, a person that doesn't really believe in anything outside her own interests and profit - morally and politically corrupt.

Two is a person with a history of massive ego, narcissism, pathological exaggeration and manufacture of truth. A person completely dedicated to self-interest at the expense of everything and everyone else, women, minorities, the poor, the middle-class, the environment - everything, a creature dedicated to the capitalist model - usury - of life on earth. A shallow, vapid, ego-driven blowhard absent any real moral compass.

Then there is Bernie Sanders, a person who began fighting for others and justice very early, fighting for civil rights, for a more egalitarian society, for the little guy and gal, for an honesty mostly lost in politics today. A person with a grasp of right and wrong even within today's ugly political sphere.

So who will you support, who deserves support? The answer isn't either political ambition and greed or pathological ego and delusional world view, it is the very principled leadership, common decency and concern for the 99% that is alive and well in the person of Bernie Sanders!


For what it's worth, I'm on the record as a big time fan of Liz!


As my wife's grandmother used to say, "from your mouth to god's ears," but I think, while you are right on many counts, the media --including much of the alternative media it appears, will still ignore Bernie. I noted that today, NPR's "Morning Edition" reported on Cruz's decision to quit, and at length, but barely mentioned, in a whole hour or news blather, that Sanders had won, and there was no mention in that brief one-liner that he had beaten the pollsters' projections by between 8% and 12%. If that keeps up, we won't even know Bernie's in the running.

See y'all in the streets of Philadelphia on July 15:

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening!


So the media mantra is that Clinton has won- and yet Sanders wins Indiana! And don't think the wall to wall coverage of Trump will stop.----Any real political pundit would be asking why Clinton can't put this away---and these commentators were all confused that Trump came across so low key.-----Watch Trump move to the left of Clinton and put democrat states in play.----just make on thing clear- if the democrats go with Clinton don't blame Sanders for the outcome.-Its clear that Sanders would be the better candidate!


Most of the votes for Cruz should go to Kasich. There doesn't seem to be any way for Kasich to stop Trump but last I heard he is still running. The press will be all about Clinton vs Trump. For all practical purposes the general election has now started. Clinton has already shifted much of her staff to general election swing states and campaigning in those states as well as in primary states and I would guess Trump will soon do the same. The battle for Ohio and Florida is on.


I think you missed the point of the article. The delegate numbers will be meaningless in a contested convention, so Bernie catching up in delegates is a non-issue. This is what the MSM has never really understood (or said, anyway) - that the democrats will have a contested convention where the super delegates will decide the nominee. There is no way that isn't going to happen.

Now, you mentioned the polls showing Bernie down in CA and NJ - OK, Bernie has ALWAYS been down in the polls from the beginning and yet he has won many times. The polls are very misleading because Bernie's support is constantly going up while Hilary's is constantly going down; opinions aren't static, if they were, Bernie wouldn't have won a single primary. So it's certainly possible that he win CA and NJ and all of the remaining primaries. But again, that's kind of beside the point. The delegates from the primaries will not determine the nominee, the super delegates will. But Bernie doing well in the primaries is ammo to convince the super d's to support him.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you Mr. Abramson for the up lifting article. It's always reassuring to see the ways Bernie can still win. I hope our friends in California come out big and push him over the top. We can't wait for another 8 years to make change happen. I sure can't vote for her.


There is a #6 that must be mentioned.

And it's that the greater the victories of Sanders, the higher the MSM will turn up the volume on BLAMING Sanders for kneecapping Hillary (who the MSM has already christened as queen). They will turn HIM into the bad guy, the one who's handing the national leadership over to an unstable celebrity enfant terrible like Trump.


Thank you, ninety nine. Noting that 10 people gave the juvenile reference a like was disconcerting.

The demonizing of women as witches was the way the church stole power from women for centuries. Essentially, the ethos was that any woman who showed ANY form of power was regarded as evil. What better way to allot all power to males?

The remnant of this THEFT of power is still very much with us and yes, references that so glibly tie Hillary to the archetype of the witch (or bitch) keep the old sexist stereotypes in play. They also subliminally work to reinforce the misogynistic structures of patriarchy.