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5 Reasons Congress Should Reject Obama’s ISIS War


5 Reasons Congress Should Reject Obama’s ISIS War

Peter Certo

At long last, the Obama administration has submitted a draft resolution to Congress that would authorize the ongoing U.S.-led military intervention against the Islamic State, or ISIS.


So the clown prince John Kerry wants to send “a clear message to the American people” that our criminal government intends to continue the illegal, immoral, and counterproductive policies that created this mess. Reality seems a concept unfamiliar to this man.

I will message my “elected” reps as urged, just to salve my conscience, but it is pointless. I visited Sherrod Brown’s website yesterday - yes that senator mentioned in every paragraph concerning “progressive” democrats - and he was on board with this disaster even before Obummer made his proposal. And my house rep, Bill Johnson, is a tea party crazy, who along with the rest of the republican asylum wishes unlimited authority because they see a fat bellicose elephant in the WH after 2016.


The author gives us some very good arguments and there are others to be made as well.

If it were the goal of US foreign policy to do the right thing and seek a lasting peace then these arguments would have already carried the day. There would have been no Gulf Wars, no invasion of Afghanistan, and most likely no 9/11. We would never have propped up the tinhorn dictators and given them the assignment of protecting US corporate interests in their countries.

But Wall Street’s bible says “Cursed are the peacemakers for they rob us of profits.”

As long as we look at the rest of the world as nothing more than resources and not as peoples’ homes then we’re going to continue to disregard anything that does not immediately benefit the balance sheets of our banks and weapons manufacturers.

In the end, it will not matter at all whether Congress supports the president’s request. The matter of military authorization is a phony issue which is just another act in a very long and very sad play.



One has to wonder which wild, ferocious and not too bright animals, bribed by the Pentagon with raw meat, are the true authors of US foreign policy.


I recommend following the money.
Following WW2, many wartime industries had to retool in order to ‘diversify their portfolio’ or go out of business. The poor wittle babies…
Endless war means never having to change production- business as usual!


The dangers you point out are absolutely there. Thanks for this excellent summary of concerns!


Apart from this broad frame that suggests that it is We, the citizenry, that is looking at the world as resources rather than people. So you paint a case for how foreign policy is in the hands of those who care not for peace, but then place the mantle onto The People for what corporate puppets and related prostitutes are finagling into foreign (not to mention domestic) policy.

There’s a cognitive slip between your Wall Street Bible quote and then reverting to a sloppy collective use of one all-encompassing WE frame to cover up what special interests DO arguably in The People’s Name.

Amy Goodman interviewed Norman Solomon on Democracy Now, today. And he speaks eloquently of Obama’s deceit. He also says that Obama relies on the uninformed consent of the governed. THAT is key to the calculus. Holding citizens accountable for what they don’t know (along with their lack of access to vital, critical Info. that is increasingly being cordoned off through a variety of legal tools used to silence, punish, and/or incarcerate the tellers of inconvenient truths)… presents a strange angle on, or case for culpability.


Yeah, sure. This is your standard “NOT ME!!!” response to any statement that even resembles a generalization.

Whether WE like it or not, what Wall Street does is seen by the rest of the world as an act of our nation. Until WE find a way to defang the monster of the financial midway and get our government’s head out of the banksters’ collective ass, WE share some responsibility.

WE are not held accountable for what WE know or do not know. WE have to answer for what WE do or - in this case - do not do.


  1. The corporate media portray ISIS as the biggest threat of all time, but isn’t it very odd that the nearby powerful nations of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Egypt choose to do next to nothing in response to the group’s activities? These nations each has an air force of hundreds of fighter jets and bombers, but they seem to be yawning while U.S. officials wet themselves in their excitement.
  2. For some very odd reason, U.S. taxpayers still fork over $6 billion in aid each year to Israel and Egypt. There is no justification for this. It is completely insane. But U.S. politicians regularly debase themselves by fawning over these aid packages, groveling and trying to out-toady each other. Obama did it again just the other day. It’s bizarre, one of those political quirks that expose just how distant America’s ruling class is from ordinary people.
  3. The new secretary of defense has a background in weapons purchases and logistics, just the type of person one would want if one were going to, say, get one’s ducks in a row to launch a new world war. That might sound like hyperbole, but consider this: What choice does the Wall Street crowd have? If current world trends continue, the U.S. dollar will rapidly lose value in the decade ahead and might well collapse altogether. That would force the people on Wall Street to look for real jobs. What’s more, all those sanctions on Russia and China are beginning to look an awful lot like the sanctions on Japan imposed by the U.S. in the late 1930s. This time the war’s end probably also would involve mushroom clouds, which might explain why the world’s super-rich are rumored to be building survival bunkers in remote locations.


Justaman is correct to say that contacting your “Representative” is pointless. Those corrupt creatures that lurk.in Congress don’t pay any attention to any one that contacts them without a bag money. The clear message this proposed legislation is to keep the endless wars going. Our military industrial complex makes money by funding both sides of any war. Isis is us. We, the United States, are the terrorists.

We must overthrow our current government. Hopefully we can do it by voting out the crud that inhabit it now. Do not vote for any one in federal office now. They are owned and operated by the 1% and they are working full time AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF THIS NATION.


I get a strong impression that Americans think of war like a TV show, with the idea that they can simply turn the station when they grow tired of it. In fact, we are a fly stuck in the spider’s web of the Mideast. When US troops are sent to fight, what they are actually doing is protecting US oil interests in the Mideast. There’s nothing we can do about it. America demands an abundance of reasonably affordable fuel to maintain our lifestyle (i.e., car culture). High prices and gas shortages can (and did) cost political careers.


Doesn’t it occur to people that, by now, the issue is out of our hands? I doubt it. People should have been able to figure it out following 9/11. For decades, US oil companies have been the equivalent of occupying military forces in the Middle East, treating the people and governments of the oil rich nations as enemy entities. America demands oil, our powerful oil companies will deliver it.


ISIS is fighting a holy war. All 3 monotheistic, Abrahamic religions of the Book have fought holy wars.

The 31st Chapter of Numbers in the Torah tells us that Yahweh (the god of the ancient Israelites commanded the Israelites to slaughter the Midianites (men, women, children, even the livestock) because the Midianites had the temerity to worship a different god than Yahweh (Yahweh also promised the land where the Midianites happened to be living to the Israelites).

The reason there are Muslims living in Palestine today is because Muslims fought a holy war to take Palestine from the Romans who were Christians ever since Constantine converted to Christianity in the 4th century CE. Muslims used holy war to occupy most of the Roman/Byzantine empire.

Pope Urban II told the Crusaders that it is God’s will that they drive the infidel Muslims from the Holy Land and now ISIS is killing infidels because it is the will of Allah.

You can authorize a war to defeat ISIS, but since members of ISIS are irrational (they believe that if one dies in jihad killing infidels, one is immediately transported to paradise where one will be met by 72 virgins–how do you like them sexist apples, Siouxrose?). The only way you can defeat irrational humans is to kill them since their goal is to die trying to kill infidels. The only way sailors could protect their ships from Japanese Kamikaze pilots during WWII was to kill them before they could crash their planes into your ship.

The preaching atheists (Dawkins, Dennett, and Harris) think religion should be abolished because it is dangerous. They may be right, but it seems to me that we should all become Buddhists because they don’t have gods, especially gods who tell you to kill people who don’t believe as you do.

H. Rap Brown famously said: “Violence is as American as cherry pie.” Those of you who talk about endless war don’t understand that war is as human as breathing. In Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece: “2001: A Space Odyssey,” the first thing our ancestors did after they were enlightened by the monolith is figure out that they could use the jawbone of a herbivore to act violently toward other hominids to control the water hole. So, humans have been at war with each other ever since they figured out how to make weapons. Humans are no more aggressive than other species. The problem is that you can certainly kill more people with atomic bombs than you can with fangs and claws.


Isis is Frankenstein’s monster.

The US is Frankenstein.

The Dems and reps are commited to endless war. The American people who vote them in are the terrorists. The have a choice and they choose terror.