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5 Reasons Why Trump Is Moving Towards War With Iran


5 Reasons Why Trump Is Moving Towards War With Iran

Trita Parsi

Trump's confrontation with Iran is a war of choice, not a war of necessity


There’s only 1 reason and its #4! And who owns Trump…#4.


These are not reasons why, but mostly ways that and reasons he shouldn’t. And none of those have any traction for djt. He wants to throw out the deal because it’s an Obama accomplishment. That’s his greatest motivation for any action, to demonstrate his power by undoing what O did, no matter what dangers or benefits anything has for anyone but himself. That’s why the “any which way but” on health insurance (where this morning he’s managed to coopt Rand Paul).

I hear what’s actually going to be announced tomorrow is a halfway voiding of the Iran deal. Let’s hope it’s enough.


Trump in typical schoolyard bully style sees a non nuclear Iran as an opportunity. We have a significant military presence in Iraq and in Afghanistan to either side of Iran. The opportunity to create a major distaction for a failing presidency and a possible reelection pathway despite those failings rests in a war with Iran.

Trump’s ego must feel like he is missing out while having such a vast military under his command but never using it! True he would like to use it in North Korea but with Seoul being in such close proximity to the border, conventional artillery pose a problem. Iran however offers that historical scope for huge military maneuvers.

What good is having a gigantic military if you never use it? Sound insane? A profound lack of empathy perhaps? Both?

Well you don’t see Trump making sure the rescue effort in Puerto Rico is the best that our country could provide do you? Nor in wildfire burnt Northern California either. However you do see Trump treating Iran like it was about to invade New Jersey! A very quiet Iran is nevertheless made into an ‘urgent’ military priority for Trump but providing desperately needed meals and water to Puerto Rico is not.

That is why Trump is scary!


" There is no secret that Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have been pushing the US for years to go to war with Iran." The true AXIS OF EVIL" !


Excellent points, Wereflea. Iran has not invaded another country in centuries, since it was Persia. The U.S., however - well we all know its track record. Which one is the real threat to peace? Which one is the real aggressor? Which one has nuclear weapons, and has actually used them? On a civilian population, no less? Not Iran. Yet, Iran is the bad, evil country. You’ve got Trump’s motives/mindset pegged exactly.


Just the same, Iran kept the hostages, so they aren’t totally innocent in history. Iran’s previous president had reckless words too.

But I agree that if someone is peaceable and has made a serious effort to comply with a binding agreement like Iran has in this instance (and made a substantial effort to comply no less!) then our sabotaging the treaty puts us in the wrong! Unfortunately we have a Trump as our reckless leader and he is incompetent enough to start a war where no war was needed by either side!

Iran is in compliance and apparently we will not be! That is Trump! He isn’t really a true president in the historical sense although he is technically and legally the president. History will not view Trump with respect nor honor. He is so inappropriate as a leader that it is almost agonizing. Yet he could instigate a conflict where thousands and maybe tens of thousands of innocent people and soldiers would die … for no reason.

If this goes to war, history would view those who would lose their lives as having been considered expendable! There is no reason for a war. To send soldiers to die without there being a real need is to make their lives expendable. Those who urge Trump to war would be as guilty as he would be of doing that!


To add to that, sending cruise missiles and the mother of all bombs to other countries and taking innocent lives in the process, absent any significant objective in mind, is nothing short of murder. Donald Trump will not hesitate to murder foreigners and Americans alike in his insatiable quest for attention.


One can only hope that Trump is constrained by the negative response that accrued from those incidents in the ‘press of history’ and restrained by wiser heads who learned their lesson concerning Trump from those same incidents.


During the 1980’s Iran-Iraq War, didn’t the Iran-Contra scandal reveal how the US was arming both Iraq and Iran? Could be more like the same interests looking to escalate war in the Middle East that way. The modern Christian Crusade way to destroy adversaries producing our petroleum products?


I can hear Alec Baldwin now on SNL: “Mountains? There are mountains in Iran? That’s OK because I’m huuge in the mountains.”

God, I’d love to play Trump in a game of Risk–if he didn’t have that dadburn button…


The evil insane one MUST be removed, 25th, deranged, and threat to the entire Planet!
His evil grows worse, every day!


I am not bothering to read this. There are only 2 reasons for the push to war with Iran. The first one is Exxon-Mobil would like to get its hands on Iran’s oil like it had under the brutal dictatorship of the Shah of Iran. The Shah’s secret police, the Savak, was trained by the CIA. There is no war on terror, as the US is the largest source of state-sponsored terrorism, killing well over a million Iraqi’s including a half million children in the past 30 years and 3 million Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. This is part of a cold, calculated master plan to consolidate control of all energy sources in the Mid East, North Africa, and Central Asia. It will take the world to the brink of WW III.
The second reason is Iran’s alliance with Russia and China. The US imperialists and the whole capitalist world is still in crisis. Even as profits increase, the rate of profit is falling. Capital flows to where it can get its largest return. That is what led to the financial crisis that is still casting a specter over the world. This critical drive of capitalism to maximize profits is driving the engine of inter-imperialist rivalry. The three main players are the US, China, and Russia. Russia and China have a strategic economic and political alliance. Their end is to loosen the grip of Wall Street over oil and other strategic resources. The US capitalist class is still suffering in the wake of the banking crisis of 2008-12. US banks lost considerable international financial clout and leverage in the aftermath. Chinese banks have grown more powerful and both China and Russia’s military capabilities have grown substantially at a lower cost to their economies than in the US. In the next 5 to 10 years China will be able to challenge US naval power in the Straits of Molucca, the strategic route for passage of oil to China and Japan. Then they will be able to loosen the US oil monopoly in the Mid East and also in Central Asia. All these events will lead to global war. See www.plp.org


Since we’re talking about Tweetle-Dumb here, ‘duh-plomacy’ will probably suffice . . .


When has not the US been fighting an undeclared war with Iran?
Since mid 1950s’ when we overthrew Iran’s rightfully ruler.
The taking of hostages was but an outcome of a counter revolt by the vast majority of Iranians.
Even the failed military attempt by US to releaDr prisoners, who were not in danger of loss of life and limb, did not stop new Iranian rulers from attempting by diplomatic means to open dialogue with US.
The military policy of US was and always has been the subjugation of Iran.
Iran’s biggest mistake in the diplomacy field was trying to use France as a middleman which at that time frame France was battling national strikers and the US insistence that they go through Israel
US slapped sanctions and reneged on Regans promise that normal relation talks would be held in return for after election results were in, and the arms were delivered through those same double dealing Israelis.
Blew an Iranian civil airliner from sky, sank shipping and blew up off shore oil filling platforms and then supplied Iraq with chemical and conventional weapons to kill est. 150,000 Iranians.
Sanctions and embargos are acts of war, no different than historical seige tactics other than the ignorance of Americans towards warfare.


Jews here who have money, AKA the doner class, and Zionists in Israel want this. The Saudis don’t have a say. Though the religious war is a fact, Yemen is a proxy war for this. Our MIC supports all and any wars.


I believe it would be a war crime and I hope the UN or some international entity will characterize any action against Iran as such, before it happens, and send Trump wandering down some other street looking to cause trouble.


While you’re listing reasons for Trump moving toward war with Iran don’t leave out these obvious reasons:

He is a deeply mentally ill, sadistic, pathological liar who knows his presidency is already a complete failure. And like any child he is striking out at others to try to hurt them to forget his own pain and failure and generally miserable life. He’s probably paranoid too which makes him see enemies everywhere and he’s striking back at them in the lowest, most chicken-shit way. Oh wait he does have enemies everywhere. I think probably he is the most despised head of government there ever was alongside of Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. Only the bat-shit crazy rightwing Christians think is a good president and still support him.

I say god-damn the Republican politicians who are keeping this bastard in office. Unfortunately, we can’t rely on the Democrats either. Schumer, Pelosi and Feinstein, to name but a few, are worthless drones holding on to whatever power they have and long as they can while their party sinks around them. The other day Schumer was heard on an open mic saying about Trump, “I think he likes me!”. What a complete piece of shit this guy is and he leads the Dems in the Senate! We’re so screwed.


Vietnam and all these Middle East wars going on now are war crimes too. Nothing has or will happen to chastise the US for these crimes.


One of the greatest risks in the two wars that Trump would like to start is the likelihood of far more American casualties than in our recent wars. The 16 years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq have been more or less ignored by the American public because the dead and wounded are all volunteers and relatively few in number. Media events at the football games , contributions to Wounded Warriors and lip service suffice to manage public opinion. However, the loss of hundreds or thousands along the Korean DMZ or aboard a carrier off the Iranian coast would be an enormous shock to a public that expects only foreigners to die in our wars. I don’t want to imagine what the response of the American people would be at that point, but we are very, very spoiled…