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'5-Star Award for Idiocy' as Trump Threatens to Cut Off FEMA Funds to California in Wake of Deadliest-Ever Wildfire Season


'5-Star Award for Idiocy' as Trump Threatens to Cut Off FEMA Funds to California in Wake of Deadliest-Ever Wildfire Season

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As California works to recover from the deadliest and most destructive wildfire season in its recorded history, President Donald Trump declared in a tweet on Wednesday that he has "ordered" the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to cut off federal funding unless the state's officials "get their act together."


Please California, you guys could change the course of US history tomorrow.
Secede from the Union. Lead the way. There is no fixing this rotting Union now. The time has come for the more progressive leaning states to stop trying to show the Rubes the way and just abandon them to third world libertarian shit hole states.


…We need some adults in the room, there are none yet…


Trump telling others to get there act together is hilarious, his whole life is an act that he can’t get together.


The orange dough brain misspelled “forest.” He used uppercase F to describe a forest.


Yeah. And for some reason he capitalized “Management” too.

To be sure, I catch myself capitalizing tree and animal species names especially threatened ones i.e. “Eastern Hemlock”, “American Chestnut”, “Indiana Bat” because, well, I like living things, especially the huge (but increasingly less so) diversity of trees in my region…


This freakin idiot cretin is a blight on humanity, and the planet…an affront to all thinking people, civilization, the future of all living things (what are even left), and common decency…he and all who sail in him need to be removed from power before he/they (try at least) to start a war, maybe nuclear, to divert attention from his arrogant stupidity, overt racism, and destruction of everything his tiny little mind and hands touch!


Chump twit sez:
“Billions of dollars are sent to the State of California for Forrest fires that, with proper Forrest Management, would never happen.”

Hmm … maybe he’s stumbled onto another way to prevent the fires: “Run, Forrest, run!”


Emphyrio, as long as you keep posting I can be lazy, kick back and just read the other comments since you are doing such a fantastic job of echoing my very same thoughts. Thanks mi amigo:)!!! (Rake the forests to prevent wildfires??? [rolling eyes] No wonder the bastard doesn’t care about our national forests and parks. The closest thing he’s seen to a wilderness area is a fucking lawn on the outskirts of New York City and the closest thing he’s seen to wildlife is a subway rat. Hell for Trump would be to be all alone in the wilderness surrounded by a pack of wolves without a box of Milkbones.)


Exactly! What I have been saying for a long time!


Yes to all of those things, and I would had to that Herr Trump is VERY representative of his class which one reason I can never understand how people so idolize the rich.


It’s a 5-star award for revenge, not idiocy. Those dam CA. voters didn’t vote for me, how can I make them pay ?


trump tried to send out some voice mail to several of his staffers. Someone had to tell him no, you don’t yell into an envelope.


The Donald decided to think of someone besides himself so he decided to treat Ivanka to a steak dinner one night. They walked into the steakhouse and the waiter seated them. The waiter asked Ivanka what she would like so she ordered the porterhouse steak, med. rare, a Caeser salad, a glass of white wine, and cherry cheesecake for desert. Very fine madame he replied, and then asked her what she would like for her vegetable? Oh he will have the same thank you she replied.


Coming soon to a theater near you: “Full Dinner Jacket (subtitle–Donald J. Trump: the Viet Nam Years).”

What a global embarrassment.


Amen. Yes, but he has a master’s in gaslighting. and has convinced much of the electorate he is not a failed millionaire but in fact “one of them” i.e here is a post from a Trumpite, in reply to a story on teaching your kids “critical thinking skills”. This is not atypical at all, though I would call it mind-boggling. But in today’s world of mass misinformation—where scientific facts are tossed aside in favor of religious dogma and myth–this is more the status quo in that realm:

Charlie Sherer

MO, I think you have your political parties confused. Of course republicans want an informed electorate. That’s how President Trump was elected. The people were informed that HRC is a liar and a crook and that President Trump shared the values of normal Americans. If you people ever get the socialism you want you’ll find out it’s NOT what you want and you won’t like it. But you’ll probably blame it on republicans


Yes. I’m reminded of the Teabag lady holding her sign, in opposition to Heritage/Romney/Obamacare, which read “Keep Your Government Hands Off My Medicare!”

Sorry, President Lincoln, but it’s now possible to fool enough of the people enough of the time.




I wish it were possible!
Alas, it is not. To secede you need support in places where it doesn’t exist. The White Trumpian Trash, who you politely refer to as Rubes, have a stranglehold on California. Until now, CA has been a great place to live and prosper, but now the time has come to leave, especially for those of us who contributed to what this state has become. I wouldn’t want to be here when the rot reaches California. I can sense the Trump’s White Trash smell already. It gets more uncomfortable by the hour.


My first initial thought too. Only I would go one step further, and have Oregon and Washington secede with Norther CA and create the United States of the Pacific Northwest. So Cal could be broken off and stay in the USA if they want.