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5 Things Biden Can Do to Fight Climate Change Even Without Congress

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/09/5-things-biden-can-do-fight-climate-change-even-without-congress

As the article brings out, there are lots of things Biden could do to help with the climate disaster we’re facing, and ways to get around congress on many of them, that wouldn’t hurt him politically, the 64 thousand dollar question is, will he do them?


My hope upon hope, as foolish as it may be, is that Joe is thinking legacy and not politics. You can say that I’m a dreamer…

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Most of us hope your right, I know I do.

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you’re not the only one…

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A carbon tax should be considered by Biden because the only way a carbon tax will have a significant positive impact is if its uniform across the whole US.

Car regulations and encouraging EVs are important but far more important is free public mass transit. High speed rail is a crucial climate solution and can only be done by the federal government. That can be advanced through the declaration of an emergency, as 1,814 governments have done already, including 30 countries and representing 830+ million people.

One of the major points that are being ignored is the fact that we have squandered four years of time in a growing catastrophe. If we stopped burning anything to create energy we would still have years of burgeoning worsening weather and burning forests. This really is a situation that by the time it seriously affects a majority of the population of the planet it will be too late for the run-on will keep on making things worse for a really unknown measure of time.