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5 Things to Know about Billionaire Betsy DeVos, Trump Education Choice


5 Things to Know about Billionaire Betsy DeVos, Trump Education Choice

Lisa Graves

Billionaire Betsy DeVos, a major GOP funder and party activist from Michigan, has been tapped by Donald Trump to become the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education next year.


Not to mention that Amway is the most successful pyramid scheme ever.


Oligarchy is the name and corruption is their game.

Direct Democracy


Wealth & Money are derived from the conversion of Natural Earth Resources and Human Labor into money.
For people-Millionaires & Billionaires- to hoard such wealth should be a crime against humanity and Earth.
Until this mindset changes, we will all be heading down the path of Earth Destruction, one only needs to look at the signs from our natural environment via Extreme Weather Events. It is only in the best interest of the wealthy to redistriubute their wealth into resources to build stronger communities, or the future will not be kind to them as they and their children will become the targets of the desperate masses and migrating refugees......


The DeVos family wants to force the Calvinist tradition of religion on every American family, under the smoke screen of good education for all of America. The DeVos family care nothing for American families and must be boycotted and sued if possible at every level. By the way, Richard DeVos Sr. is the owner of the Orlando Magic NBA professional basketball team, and owner of the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida where the Magic play. Lets hit this DeVos family by boycotting their NBA team by not attending Magic games where ever their playing this NBA season. Also, boycott the city of Orlando entirely. When they lose money they will know we mean business.


Boycotting the DeVos families NBA professional basketball team is very powerful form of boycott. Here is why, Dec. 22, 2016 the Orlando Magic are to play the New York Knicks in New York Cities' Madison Square Garden. Television crews from all over the world will be there to cover the game, especially Europe. If very few or nobody shows up for the game just before Christmas along with some protesters outside the arena the world will know about the DeVos family, and about their diabolical plan to destroy America's public school educational system. Add this to boycotts in Boston for the Boston Celtic game, and in Los Angeles for the Los Angeles Clipper game, etc. and they will not only lose money, but the DeVos name will be Mudd, as in your name is Mudd. This is the perfect boycott, television cameras from all over the world to capture this Diabolical DeVos family. Spread the word far and wide, boycott, boycott, boycott the Orlando Magic NBA professional basketball team.


Ahhh... the rewards of the "grand chessboard": a feudal fifedom at home.


Trump and his Choice

Birds of a Feather


That Trump sure is breaking up the Establishment, don't you know!


When we talk about a person whose life treasure has been based on a pyramid scheme for profit and a private military force, it is very worthwhile to become familiar with and to contemplate the concept of the sierpinsky triangle or sierpinsky gasket. Please note what the very first action is: inversion.
Then the question might be posed - Where is the initiating inversion in this political theater?