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5 Things You Can Do Right Now About Donald J. Trump


5 Things You Can Do Right Now About Donald J. Trump

Michael Moore

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I guess Mike is telling us to trust Lucy with the football, again

He is offering to be anybody's Honorary Chair, if they want to run as a Dem, though.

Also, we could be sitting ducks, if we descend on DC during the inauguration, giving them the immediate excuse to tighten the screws on our Individual Liberties, right off the bat.

You know, for our own security.

That Narrative will be gleefully supplied by the Captured Media, those wonderful folks who brought us the Bernie Blackout.


"Lucy?" He is asking US to grab the football from Lucy! And yes, vigorous dissenting actions throughout history means risking imprisonment or getting killed. SO WHAT? Your cowardice is breathtaking and disgusting.


The man (Moore) has a plan and energy and I approve his message!

  1. Stop depending on leaders. No hero on a white horse is immune to million dollar bribes or threats to his life and family.

Online Direct Democracy


I'd like to amend that "very few are immune to million dollar bribes".
Bernie has proven throughout his 50 plus years career that he is impervious to corruption, as are many others.

We will elect people, who we believe to meet this condition and watch them carefully. If they fail, they will be off the slate, when it comes to re-election.

If you get one million and in vest all of it at 5%, a return which is extremely hard to achieve, you get $50,000 in return. - Not exactly enogh to live a life of luxury. It is much better to get re-elected and receive a pension at the end


The point is, maybe it's time for a Party made up of US.

Not playing into their hands for just a Show.



The point is that maybe it's time for a Party made up of US.

Not a Show.



A fascinating, laid-back evening conversation with researcher and writer George Lakey talking about "the Nordic nations model" - brief talk and fielding of good, sound, wide ranging questions.
When we feel as though we don't have the necessary tools, we need to look beyond our model and be ready to experiment. Lots of matters not being addressed for the light bulbs we need to be lighting up.
Hint: The Chinese are visiting Nordic nations as "a laboratory" exploring what works and what might scale-up.


Direct democratic Mondragon began as a coop with 9 members. It is now second to the largest corporation in Spain, employs 100,000 owners, and partners with GM and Microsoft. Why not US? Why keep working within the same rigged system expecting different results?

Economist Dr Richard Wolff is well worth an YouTube search.


What "Party"? what the hell are you talking about? We are not not talking about electoral party-politics! We are talking about revolutionary anti-fascist resistance - which will be armed once we try "nonviolence" and get the usual result of "nonviolence"!


You also once posted that everyone who was at Woodstock in '69 got rich off the Stock Market and now lives in a Gated Community, didn't you?

What I just posted isn't that difficult to understand.

OK, for you...maybe.


Too many supposed progressives have gone off the deep end regarding Trump's election. Are they that upset about the defeat of their criminally-corrupt queen? I wouldn't have thought that progressives like Moore were closet Clinton devotees, but clearly he is. He wasn't half this upset at the way Clinton and the party establishment cheated to defeat Sanders.
Never mind the outraged Clinton Democrats. Screw 'em, they are useless to us. But progressives who are wasting their time having a hissy fit over the very existence of a Trump presidency need to get over it, and soon.
For one thing, there are ways in which Trump will be much better than Clinton. Two right off the bat -- with Trump there will be no TPP, no TTIP, and no TISA With Clinton, these three would have effectively imposed a formal system of oligarchy. Secondly, Clinton would have engineered a military showdown with Russia in Syria in 2017. Trump won't do that, and NOT because he is Putin's bitch. Any progressive believing Washington propaganda about Trump and Putin needs to have their minds washed out with soap.
Trump will be bad in some ways, terrible in others, and we as progressives need to be able to distinguish between the things we can support, however few of them there may be, the things we oppose, and the things we must resist, even with direct action where necessary.
Meanwhile, we should not lose sight of a vitally important goal: transforming the Democratic Party into a progressive party. This will not be an easy fight. The Clinton Democrats will fight to keep their stranglehold on the party. We must fight harder and better. Otherwise, they will continue to dominate the party and in 2020 the Democrats will nominate Clinton or Biden or some junior Clinton.
How about we focus on achieving progressive goals instead of stomping our foot and having a tantrum because Trump won and Clinton lost?


We have too long rested on our belief on predominant power and neglected to see ourselves critically. In military terms we are still there, at least in quantity. In economic terms we have some of the largest companies and the richest tycoons, but the socioeconomic mainstay has been allowed to rot and is broken.
we complain about losing all these jobs to China, but look at Germany by comparison:

Germany with one quarter of the population of US has shipped just as much production capacity to China as we.

• Germany led the world in solar panel technology, exported that to China. Now China out produces Germany and everybody else in that industry
• German companies built the first high speed rail installation in China from down town Shanghai to the airport. Now China has the by far largest high speed rail net in the world and exports “their technology” all over the planet.

But are the Germans crying? - Naah, they just do better.

Last time, I looked, about 400,000 (the US equivalent would be 1.6 million) openings in manufacturing went begging. Companies had to decline orders for lack of workforce.
The association was hoping that a lot of the newly arrived refugees could soon be trained to fill those vacancies.
See: https://www.asme.org/engineering-topics/articles/manufacturing-processing/how-does-germany-do-it


It is disturbing that we cannot be more understanding and accepting of other peoples opinions especially the majority of people on our side. We are not always going to agree 100% of everyone else thinks and wants.

United we Stand, Divided we Fall. We need to all come together and surely not divide ourselves.


I double like what you said and there is many progressives politicians and people standing up and getting our word out. More of us have to do that. 200 people at a march in downtown Portland Oregon does not hardly hit the news. Our lamestreet media plays a pick part of the lack of info coming to the people. We need to break up lamestreet media and take back our public airwaves.


Michael's basing his hopes on an impeachment or resignation. But is there any hope there? Suppose Trump is gone, who will be president? That's right, Pence. The Grand Inquisitor, the Guardian of the Dogma. Suppose we "email scandal" him out of office, a real long shot, but just go with it. Now who's in charge? Paul Ryan, the feudalist. And suppose, against all odds, that we're also able to drive him out of office, who's in charge then? Rex Tillerson, CEO of the planet-destroying Exxon Corporation.

So no, Michael, I don't see any hope. None at all. Worse, I see Ginsburg leaving, allowing Drumpf to nominate a second hard right judge who will prevent democracy in this country for the next 30 years.


In a fair world, Dr. Wolff's point of view, given exposure, would be a Nation changer.


No everyone, but quite a few did. Few hippies were committed socialists or only had sophomoric liberalish understanding of socialism and the working class struggle (Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon are/were examples of this). Most were just narcissistic spoiled suburban brats. The misogyny and homophobia of male hippies was legendary. The big resurgence in Ayn Randian, objectivist, capitalist so-called "libertarianism" in the 1980s largely came from ex-hippies.


As I observed, at the time, when you first opined about Woodstock, you tend to sound like a guy at a bar who had too much to drink, starts spewing idiotic, unsubstantiated opinions, and thinks they're diamonds.