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5 Ways Donald Trump Has Not Drained the Swamp

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/12/5-ways-donald-trump-has-not-drained-swamp

Not that it will matter much to his base–the worse people have been bamboozled, the less likely they are to want to hear it–but it’s good to get this information out there, if only to displace some of the corporate happy news.


Hello, Mr. Reich! I understand that, in the wake of last night’s primary in New Hampshire, you’ve asked Sen. Warren to drop out and endorse Bernie, for the sake of the progressive movement.

When are you going to realize that Sen. Warren is one of the most determined foes the progressive movement has ever had? She’s only in this race to split the progressive vote. Her most vicious (and transparently false/manufactured) attacks have been reserved for her “friend” Bernie, even as she spares Joe Biden and the establishment from any strong criticism.

And her foreign policy is appallingly right-wing, conceding much to the neocon agenda. The same goes for her condemnation of Julian Assange, a champion of free speech, speaking truth to power and revealing elite criminality and corruption for all to see.

Do you not recognize an unabashed enemy of the left when you see one? Long after her “progressive” mask has fallen off?




Seems like she’s gone off the rails since she finished raising The Beaver.
…You mean that ISN’T June Cleaver!!!
Never mind…

Drain the swamp? He had no intention of doing that. Just another lying campaign slogan.

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The swamp personified. And that’s just if we’re lucky.

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Besides nay-saying to the point of nihilism, CD forums seem now to be drifting into Manichean (all-or-nothing) thinking.

The “Swamp” in Washington vanished YEARS ago.   It’s been a CESSPOOL for at least four decades now, ripened daily by the K-street sewer and effluent from the White Brown House.