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5 Ways To Make Sure Trump Loses


5 Ways To Make Sure Trump Loses

Michael Moore

Over the past few days, a number of polls have come out showing Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump nationally by double digits, including in blue collar states like Michigan (10%) and Pennsylvania (11%). If you are a Clinton supporter and have felt a sense of relief when you saw these numbers, your shoulders suddenly relaxing and an audible “phew” coming from your mouth, if you got excited that your belief system was now reassured that there was no chance your fellow Americans will vote for a narcissistic misogynist, then you just became part of the problem — and why Donald J.


Irony the French Resistance was largely Communist, Hillary types aren't real likely to deign to join.

Separately: I've been puzzled by the Nov 8th thing for some months, what is this a Microsoft "Patch Tuesday" sync up?

Not voting for Hillary myself, nor would I likely do so if I lived in a "swing state" like Florida, given how badly Hillary supporters behaved during the likely stolen primaries.


Hey Michael, take your own advice and come out of your lavish multi-million dollar estate and return to your roots in Flint MI. Then try to sell that "Hooray for Hillary" nonsense to those in your hometown. When you are done in Flint, go to Benton Harbor, or Grand Rapids, or Saginaw, or Pontiac. See how well your line of beat the drums and get out the vote for Hillary BS sells there.

See, Michael, for all the snarky lines you can sling around about The Donald (and for all the ways The Donald is an embarrassment to himself as well), he realizes the truth of those famous lines from Bob Dylan's Ballad of a Thin Man:

But something is happening and you don't know what it is
Do you, Mr. Jones?

Over the past 16 years especially many things have been happening that the paragons of privilege among the Reps and the Dems either cannot or will not acknowledge. The Donald acknowledges them and even though he has no useful plans for fixing the mess, he is at least a different face--IOW he isn't a Bush, Clinton, or favored by the political establishment of either party. In this way he is a mirror reflection of the discontent of the US electorate in this election year of discontent of 2016.

For anyone who cannot stomach voting for The Donald or Queen Hillary, there are the Greens and the Libertarians. They too seem goofy and unattractive to the professional punditry like yourself who whore themselves out to the political duopoly known as the Republican and Democratic parties. Deal with it Michael--because you are just as detested as the politicians (Hillary in this case) that you support. Maybe you can make a profit earning movie out of the whole thing.


I'll never vote for Trump, but Hillary will probably do more damage, based on her proven record: off-shoring jobs via NAFTA, putting African-Americans in jail via 3-strikes, and of course her enthusiasm for bombing Muslim nations back to the stone age. President Trump is liable to be too disorganized and have such poor self-control as to be very effective at whatever lunatic agenda he really has.

Voting for Hillary is a form of self-brainwashing, making yourself believe that awfulness is a good thing.


Thank God only one of them can win!


Michael, you must be forgetting it was the DNC that anointed Hillary, not the voters.
The DNC decided it was her over Bernie even though he was the one that could have beaten Trump handily. So since she wasn't elected I feel no need to vote for her, it's not our job to fix their screw up.
They wanted it so badly they fixed the election with the impression we would all fall in line for her because of Trump. Except her and Trump are two of a kind. Also, in some countries fixing an election is considered illegal.
I understand you are scared of Trump but I am just as scared of the war hawk, lying, cheating, well entrenched, neocon, Hillary Clinton.
Hillary will have her way with wars and regime change. Trump is disliked by his own party so he won't get to do what he raves about.
Take a deep breath and relax. The Red Queen is just as bad as the Orange tyrant.
Jill not Hill


Dear Michael, I am saddened to see you have lost your principles and insight and have joined Bernie in double crossing the 98%, your fans, admires and supporters by oozing into the slime of the Clinton Cabal. What our country needs now is not your joining the plutocracy but the Michael of old that had the guts to call it like is in “Roger and Me” and “Bowling…”.
The country and indeed the world’s people need honesty and truth from all those in positions of influence. We don’t need more Clinton Cabal media or talking heads to jump on the band wagon of Trump bashing. We need the piecing insights of those free thinking compassionate people that can see the failures and abuses of the status quo systems that are controlled and manipulated by the 2% for the benefit of themselves. The 2% are killing us and the planet.
Michael, my former hero we need you back to help those unschooled and outside the establishment systems regain our voices and representation. Please do not abandon us and robotically march to the drum of the Oligarchs. Help us unite and solve the problems. Teach us, show us with your clear vision of old the errors and help us find the humanistic and compassionate solutions to save our species and our planet.
Say what you will about Donald Trump, but consider this. Donald Trump is a gutsy patriot that cares about where he sees our country's future. Trump may not have the vision he needs of the world, the planet and the destructive path we are own. He may be as everyman and ignorant of many of the intricacies of the establishment control mechanisms. He may not be a polished political operative or a political establishment insider, and lack the smooth gloss of a "slick Willie" or the affirmative action Ivy League education of an Obama but he is deeply committed to altering the downward spiral we Americans are descending. It is easy for the Clinton Cabal to mock him as a candidate based on his personality's rough edges and “get err done” character. That’s all a diversion the Clinton Cabal is using to hide their real agenda. The facts are Hillary and Co (the DNC) cannot, will not, save our democracy and the American people. The Clinton Cabal has only one goal, Self Enrichment at the expense of everybody, and everything else. If you think continuing the power and growth of the military capitalist complex, over consumption to benefit the few, and a continuation of the Plutocracy in control of our country is the best way forward then go ahead and commit that suicide. However, if you really want to join the ranks of Americans that want to save our way of life and the majority of average Americans then don't buy into the hype of the Clinton Cabal's media. Return to the Michael we knew, show us your vision; teach us to see the wrongs and the right path forward to save our country, our planet, the American people and yes, our species………jmc


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Not 5, just 1, and it makes sure Clinton also loses . . .

vote Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka of the Green Party.

Green 2016


Nice try Mike.


Michael, I love you but you can't seem to get beyond liberalism. Why is HRC a lesser evil than Trump? Trump is a racist, sexist megalomaniac. But Trump is a f**cking imbecile who should be locked up in an insane asylum. He's not a fascist. He's not (yet) a war criminal. Clinton, however, is very much a war criminal. HRC can't wait to become Generalissimo HRC so she can invade Syria, reboot our wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond. Why to you think she is any kind of lesser evil than Trump? For my part, I won't be crying if someone shoots the both of them.


NAFTA was drafted by George Bush. True Bill Clinton signed it, and the three strikes law was passed under him as well. We are not re-electing Bill Clinton. This is Hillary we are talking about. And no one knows what she will do.


Actually both can lose. According to the NYT polls that has got the current voting electorate the 9 % that want to vote will for hill or trump. The other 91% make this election a true horse race with other candidates who can make the finish line. That is why the dems are taking out all the stops to get Hillary in. Just what does she have in you Michael?


Bull EAW. She spoke about nuking Iran, she had the illegal wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq and hellraising regime change in Afghanistan, crappy work done in Haiti, election supression in Puerto Rico, hiding her shitty work for Monsanto regarding Glyphosate and GMOs, hiding her findings regarding William O Douglas at Watergate, the whole string of presidential pardons during the clintons reign at the White House, the lack of work ethic for our country at the State Dept. Including the worker and student visa mess she never cleaned up. And dId I mention she is a vindictive person? She is a vindictive person. Just.look at her glee in announcing Ghadaffi's death by bayonet sodomization before his execution. This is one very sick and twisted woman.


Even Michael Moore is shilling for Oligarchy? I salute those of you who still have not sold out your principles. Who refuse to be blackmailed by trumped up fear. Salute!


Yes, lets defeat Trump in 2020 with an actual progressive candidate.


If HRC cannot beat the utter farce that is Trump based on her own merits and demerits, it is completely her fault. She and her supporters really shouldn't have to ask citizens to vote against their own beliefs and conscience by casting a vote for her in order to beat Trump.


As Moore's sample tweet shows, Clinton surrogates and supporters continue to be their own worst enemies.


What you don't get Michael Moore, is that wer'e in the oligarchy resistance.


General Election Day is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November for a very arcane reason. November 1 is All Saint's Day. Halloween (Oct. 31) is a contraction of All Hallows Eve. So, Election Day can never fall on All Saint's Day. In the 21st Century we have this ridiculous and convoluted election system because of an arcane religious holiday that no one observes anymore!

CD, please quit with these softer attempts to force those of us who absolutely hate the Clintons into voting for her. IT WILL NOT WORK! Period. Hillary must lose this election, no matter what else happens. She is the danger to the World, and peace in it. She is the competent war-mongering hawk who WILL take this country into another illegal and immoral war for her MIC owners. No doubt about it. While Donald is not good, he most likely will fumble and bumble his way through four years and we can then elect a REAL progressive. She is a guaranteed eight years of neo-liberal Hell! #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!