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5 Years After: Deepwater Horizon's Lessons Go Unlearned


5 Years After: Deepwater Horizon's Lessons Go Unlearned

Miyoko Sakashita

Remember that helpless, infuriating feeling watching gallon after gallon of oil spew into the Gulf of Mexico in the spring and summer of 2010?

After Deepwater Horizon - the worst oil spill disaster in U.S. history - came the mantra: Never again.

But now, as we mark the fifth anniversary of BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster - which killed hundreds of thousands of dolphins, whales and other sea life, not to mention claimed the lives of 11 men and fouled hundreds of miles of oceans and beaches - I'm left wondering whether we've learned anything at all.


Just as another example of what Brack Obama has said as it seems there still far too many who put stock in the words of our Political leaders.

Barack Obama A: One of the things I draw from the Genesis story is the importance of us being good stewards of the land, of this incredible gift. And I think there have been times where we haven’t been [good stewards], and this is one of those times where we’ve got to take the warning seriously [about climate change]. And part of what my religious faith teaches me is to take an intergenerational view, to recognize that we are borrowing thi planet from our children and our grandchildren. And this is where religious faith and the science of global warming converge: We have to find resources in ourselves to make sacrifices so we don’t leave it to the next generation. We’ve got to be less wasteful, both as a society and in our own individual lives. I think religion can actually bolster our desire to make those sacrifices now. As president, I hope to rally the entire world around the importance of us being good stewards of the land.


Obama has been “The Supreme Disapointment” of my generation (I am soon to be 70). Possibly this is a positive happening, as he has proved himself to be a fraud and a coward, thus showing those of us who still believed our gov’t could work for the majority of citizens that only a complete upheaval of this government and our capitalistic system will bring about any hope for our future. We simply cannot vote for anyone, that is anyone, who currently holds federal, elective office. The only other solution is for the 90% to not vote at all. That would show a complete lack of faith in our system and a gov’t without the power to govern. Our time is running out and the opportunity for action is sailing by. Quit shopping and start acting up!


I don’t know. notwistalemon may be on to something. An abysmal turnout would give a strong message that the majority believe that the process/government is illegitimate. That would make the chiefs nervous.


Ms. Sakashita mistakes corporate power and its influence over lawmakers for some uniform Truth that we, meaning the composite of citizens, have not learned.

I tire of this frame. What MANY human beings knew all along added to what many more human beings DID learn… has NOTHING to do with what corrupt power acting OUTSIDE of genuine accountability, honesty, media scrutiny, and actual Democratic channels does.

The two factors are not one-in-the same.

Treaties being forced down citizens’ throats are not about anything other than short-term profits. So long as the agents of mammon (dark $) and Mars (militarism) maintain control, horrors will continue. The fact that they do is hardly an indictment that some universal WE fails to learn. This is a widely used idiotic frame. The fact that it’s so often utilized is because it hides genuine culpable players.

Similar strategies involve PR firms green-washing the acts, motives, and operations of known polluters and dirty energy corps.


Somewhere in the ballpark of 38% voted in the mid-term elections and the result is a majority of Rick Scotts or Scott Walkers… sicko white males who hate anything that isn’t made in their personal image and likeness. That includes women, Blacks, Latinos, Arabs, Mother Nature, and most everything else. Your strategy would bring about yet more of this curse.


I respect what you say, but would go one step farther. A new party needs to grow out of people’s desires to see a truly new day. I suggest naming it the Populist Party and bring in the Greens. This is, however, a time not for party politics but a time for survival and a time for people to rise up and say enough. Did you ever look around and see huge mansions and yachts worth $millions? There are 1,700 billionaires Iin a world of 7 billion people! 1 billionaire worth $1billion can buy 100 $5million properties and still have $500 million in the bank to play with. That is 170, 000 $5million properties out there and is why we look around and say to ourselves, where do all these rich people who can afford these mansions come from? The reality is there are not that many of them and they control and are destroying our world. 7 billion vs 1,700 plus a few more mega millionaires; go figure.


In the short run, indeed. It might be enough to generate bubble-up change though, in the long run.


It is gravely disheartening to hear Obama has been so gung ho on new drilling. I did not expect it. Another area I would guess where he caved to propaganda about him being anti-business.
When Deepwater happened I felt strongly that BP would put up a smokescreen for a while with PR and ultimately leave the big mess. Not unique to me, anyone could tell what was going to happen. They should be shut down completely as a business. If this had happened in an earlier year the penalties would have been far more severe. As it stands now they have murdered enough sea life to warrant greater criminal penalites.


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