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50,000 Endangered Species Condoms Given Away for Earth Day


50,000 Endangered Species Condoms Given Away for Earth Day

Center for Biological Diversity

TUCSON, Ariz. - More than 500 volunteers will give away 50,000 free Endangered Species Condoms from the Center for Biological Diversity in time for Earth Day on Wednesday. The condoms will be given away at Earth Day events and on campuses across the country, as well as in venues from tea shops to tattoo parlors.



Not a bad idea when it started many years ago, but the truth is, the cause of every problem in the world is rich people, and their numbers are not growing through births.

The richest 7% of people on Earth emit half of human greenhouse gases; the richest 20% emit 80% of the GHGs. Rich people, mostly in rich countries, order and buy the products that they then throw out as e-waste, plastic nurdles in ocean gyres, toxic waste in landfills and water and air. They decide what gets made and how short its use is before it falls apart. They decide where poor people can’t live. The rich crowd others onto small areas of poor and degraded land, they destroy sustainable, carbon-absorbing, productive small farms and replace them with unsustainable, carbon-emitting, less productive large ones. They make and sell weapons. They destabilize poor countries on the whims of empire and profit. They use money and power to warp government so they can get more money and power; they use it to make poor people poorer and less equal, with less power. Elites make bad decisions. Democracies make good ones but rich people destroy democracies as they destroy not only the economic base of their nations but the ecological base that all economies depend on.

Every problem we have, including extinctions caused by climate change, habitat loss, toxicity, overharvesting, and invasive species, is caused almost entirely by the richest few percent of people on Earth. Until we change that, you can give out all the condoms you want and suggest what you’re suggesting with that action and it will do nothing–absolutely nothing–to solve this problem or any other.

It would be better to give out blank signs and paint, and cameras to record the results, so we can get our message out while we’re blockading the corporate headquarters and houses where the destruction is being planned and where the money goes that comes from that destruction.