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50,000 Hit Streets of Poland to Rally Against 'Creeping Coup d’etat'


50,000 Hit Streets of Poland to Rally Against 'Creeping Coup d’etat'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Chanting "We will defend the constitution!" an estimated 50,000 people rallied in the Polish capital Warsaw on Saturday to denounce what they see as threats to democracy by the newly elected government.

Demonstrations were held in other cities across Poland as well.


So how do these kind of people keep getting elected? Was it a free and fair election? It seems that we the people of the world are easily dubbed!


Good for them! I wish people would take our freedoms and rights (in a democracy) more seriously here too.


Excellent question. People are duped easily as we see in our own elections. Oligarchy money is creating a new ruling nobility class. They won’t call themselves dukes and princes but they will act much the same.

I’ve always wondered just how is that republicans keep getting elected…lol.


‘“I fear that we will become an intolerant country where minorities are oppressed,” 35-year-old trader Karol Katra told Agence-France Presse.’

Fear not Karol, the minority rich shall not be oppressed. /s


Montesquieu noted that democratic governments can easily become despotic…Poland seems to be on its way to demonstrating the truth of this construct. I shudder to think of the future those protesters confront as their rights erode and violence enforces the new regime’s agenda.


from 6 months ago - US / NATO deployments following the Ukrainian debacle


Conservatives are authoritarians. They are allergic to democracy.


It’s a weird kind of authoritarianism. They new government got elected in part because they promised to eliminate taxes for poor people, expand the safety net, and raise the minimum wage-positions which would normally be considered left wing.


Anyone know what personal gun ownership laws are in effect in Poland?


At least the Poles have the gumption to do something about it. They did it with http://tinyurl.com/zkv5rlb (Solidarnosc) and they will hopefully do it now! 50,000 Wow!

And where are we?


I can assure you, that they do not have a constitutional right to bear arms. We are unique in that respect. Poland has a firearm related death rate of 0.26/ 100,000 compared to our 10.64/100,000. So it is unlikely that they have a lot of lose guns laying around. :wink:


See more on these protests in Poland here:

I notice a lot of EU flags among the demonstrators. Another protest against the new government after this:

EU flags disappear from Polish government press briefings


Hi Saint (I love talking to a saint :wink: ),

I doubt, that NATO plays into this at all, while NATO is starting to leak, there is still a lot of loyalty toward it and US in the countries of the former Warsaw Pact. Because it stood up to the Soviet Union. You can see that in the fact that after most other NATO partners have declined, they have permitted US to erect stations of the Missile Defense System in the Czech Republic and Poland.

It has more to do with the fact, that the new government won the recent election, because they campaigned against accepting Syrian refugees. That was well accepted by the majority, which is very protective about their undiluted ethnicity.
Now the people appear to realize, that this was not the only issue on the agenda of the ‘Law And Justice Party’.
See: http://www.ibtimes.com/poland-parliament-elections-2015-results-right-wing-euroskeptic-shift-marks-polish-2155399


Thanks for the reply! Lets all hope this situation can be resolved peacefully, for the people’s sake…


I do not think, that there will be any violence. That is not the Polish way. But they can be very tenacious, when marching the streets in protest, as we have seen in the Solidarsc movement, even while they were still under Soviet control.


I believe it’s called, ‘bread and circuses’ and not so unusual. It may be the modern, technologically-sophisticated authoritarian system that is weird as it seems to believe there’s no longer any need to placate the, in their eyes, ever redundant, over-populated masses. We are not even worthy of crumbs much less bread.


Obama’s TPP, TTIP and TISA are the US’ (and other member nations’) “creeping coup d etat”, right ?


Isn’t Walesa still alive ?


Same crap everywhere. The politics is a sham, a smokescreen for the real power, corporate money. Even when our governments give more of an appearance of democracy than in this case, they never really are. And it won’t change unless something more is done than tweaking a few of the system’s knobs.