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50+ Artificial Intelligence Scholars Launch Boycott of University Over Fears of 'Killer Robot' Weapons Lab

50+ Artificial Intelligence Scholars Launch Boycott of University Over Fears of 'Killer Robot' Weapons Lab

Julia Conley, staff writer

More than 50 artificial intelligence researchers and experts from nearly 30 countries around the world announced a boycott on Thursday of a South Korean university whose new defense partnership, they fear, could lead to the development of "killer robots."

“Those who live by the sword…”, and all that. Anthropogenic climate disruption, nuclear waste, air and water pollution by fracking, drug-resistant superbugs, yada, yada—it seems we’ll only stop inventing ways to kill ourselves when the profit is taken out of all such experiments (or when the proverbial chickens come home to roost).

The best decision I ever made, back in the days of “duck and cover,” was to refrain from bringing children into this lunatic asylum on perpetual suicide watch.


By the time Eisenhower warned us of the dangers of the military industrial complex (MIC) in January 1961 the US had indeed already made the world unfit for children and other living things.

MIC’s morphing into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) now brainwashes kids from the tine they are born so very few ever have any idea of the danger surrounding them.


Its almost too obvious to say but AI killer robots is way to far.

“My precious”

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This sounds like one we’ve come step closer to the “Terminator” scenario. Now, all they need is to develop “poly metal” and there is no telling what these machines could do. Maybe wars of the future (I’m assuming that there will always be some kind of wars) will be fought just using killer robots and the country with the least effective ones can sue for peace. (sarcasm)

Like “SkyNet”.

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“When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America you get a front row seat.” – George Carlin



And “democracies”


And “humanitarian interventionists”

You and me both, luv. Though I wasn’t around during the ‘duck and cover’ era, the best decision I ever made is not to have children. Wish more people (then and now) would choose the same.


America, unjust environmental exploitation full of poisons preferred,
for no reason, fossil fuel design and poor product, cell phone staring idiot,
obeisence to computer world self-driving car nonsense, putting at least
cart before the horse and the horse is blind, drunk or treated badly.
Goodnews: EVs PVs PHEVs BEVs new grid structure ‘sans’ self-driving,
Compromise position: ‘Driver Assist’ tech level 3, but near never levels 4 nor 5.
Driver assist level 3 possible, but not past that. ScrewUAmazon!

In my reading, I filled that in with ‘future.’ Instead you said ‘war.’ Both are assumptions, unfortunately, your one looks to be on track to putting an end to the other.

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Yes. Second only to suicide, childlessness by choice is the next most powerful expression of consumer boycott. There’s no downside that I’m aware of.

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“SkyNet” don’t you mean “Facebook”?