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50+ Groups Back Landmark Effort to Halt 'Out of Control' Factory Farming in Iowa


50+ Groups Back Landmark Effort to Halt 'Out of Control' Factory Farming in Iowa

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

More than 50 groups are demanding that Iowa lawmakers urgently pass landmark legislation to enact a moratorium on factory farm expansion in a state that is home to more than 10,000 of them.

"A stop to the expansion of factory farming needs to happen now. It begins with Iowa."
—Krissy Kasserman,
Food & Water Watch


A huge BRAVO for this principled and wise stand! May it bear fruit in abundance!!

If you love animals don’t eat or abuse them!!


Drone pilot finds “river of blood” outside Dallas meatpacking plant
Headline from yahoo news 24 January 2012
These horror abattoirs have been around a long time. See the PETA website for details of the cruelty and suffering of sentient beings.


The choice is veganism or barbarism.


I support your animal rights stance. However, that’s not going to change what this moratorium is really about. It’s really an indictment on the horrible outcomes you can expect from industrialized farming and food production.
Iowa has been producing pork in very large quantities for many decades. It used to be known as " The Hog State ", actually. But, the " old school " farming methods were junked, even though they produced very few of the negative effects, now seen with " modern agricultural/business practises ". The short term has pretty much destroyed any prospects for a long term in Iowa, though the hardheads will never admit it. Even the topsoil will be depleted in 50 years, as monocultural practices and chemical toxins, silently choke off the lifeforces of nature. In a place the Sioux honored and venerated so much they called it’s big lakes holy places; Iowa, " the beautiful land ". It only took 180 years to do it, too. That’s the Christian work ethic on display. But, where did the trees go?
Now, it’s not so much beautiful as it is a " pig shithole "; soon to be like Trump’s other so-called " shitholes ", as well. Run over by progress and greed, free markets😉 and federal gov’t subsidies😉 for some, from cradle to grave. Now, ain’t that America…little pink houses for you, and for me.


“All states are equal, but The Hog State is more equal than others.”


Manure is defined as " the smell of gold ", in Iowa. But, that’s not the real issue. Current farm practices do not make current farms, perfect. But, they do make living near one almost impossible, often times.
Manure is not a bad thing, actually. But, I wouldn’t recommend vegans and vegetarians eat it, necessarily.


Pork was the first meat that grossed me out.

I was told giving up beef is better than buying a Prius for the environment. I can’t afford a Prius so I quit eating beef.

Now I eat occasional poultry and no bread. Lots of beans and corn and rice, Dropped to a youthful waist size.


Pigs are very intelligent, way smarter than dogs.
If any of them read your comment they probably concur with your eating decisions. Whole hog!
BTW- Did you hear about the 3 legged pig that saved an Iowa farmers’ life?..


Here it is from Yahoo…


Like most dim Americans, Iowans just can’t see past their own back yard. They genuinely believe that they need factory farming in order to maintain their lifestyles (although, that’s setting the bar pretty fucking low)
Like west Virginians and Kentuckians with coal, the people of Iowa seem willing to trade clean water and clean air for jobs. They’re not smart enough to figure out that they can have all of those things without coal and pork chops.


I didn’t see anything about the name of the factory company. American? Pork for national use or export?


If humans continue to torture and kill animal life the resulting side effect is the unwittingly self inflicted torture and death of humans. Eating a whole food plant based diet is healthiest, best for the environment and most economical way to go— it changes the world for the best.


Each farm must have it’s own waste water treatment plant w crew. Problem solved. Make Wall Street pay.


At this point, I don’t see how there can be anything like simply going BACK
to old farming practices – the entire concept of animal-eating has to be overturned.

This is “business” built on violence against animals - a long chain of violence - which
has resulted in creation of human diseases.

And these practices depend upon Americans seeing this “business” as a package of
"meat" in groceries stores. There is slaughter involved and it’s on a massive scale.
Once begun – once the propaganda of “meat” is put in place and once the industry is
hidden from citizens – it could only grow.

The entire concept of animal-eating has to be exposed.

The Old Religions based in Nature came thousands of years before male-supremacist
religions which gave license (Manifest Destiny and Man’s Dominion Over Nature) to
exploitation of Nature and Humans. In between those times, a new concept arose which
was based in violence. That violence has filled the soil of the planet with bloodletting of
animal-life and humans.

You can’t permit exploitation of animals without ending up with exploitation of humans.


Well said. I was born and raised in Iowa. All of my extended family were hog farmers. They were the old-school, small-family-farm hog producers, with maybe 300 or 400 acres planted in corn, and 100 or so acres dedicated to hogs. 300-400 or so hogs at the high end. Most of them sold out, over the years, to the factory farm conglomerates, and moved to the city to retire. Now those family farms - once belonging to our early settler ancestors, and passed down from father to son - are razed and gone. I have driven past a few of them over the years - or where they used to be. Just a huge expanse of empty dirt and mud now, filled with metal hog sheds and tens of thousands of hogs, surrounding huge metal processing and breeding buildings. All blended in with all the other adjacent former family farms, all gone. And stinking to high heaven.

I remember as a kid spending lots of time at my relatives’ farms, and how beautiful they were. We’d run through the meadows and the fields of corn, go fishing in the ponds and creeks that ran through and dotted the land, climb the trees that grew all over the homesteads. I drive through Iowa now and it is far uglier. More industrialized, more “factory farm,” uglier, less natural. I shudder to think what it and other farming states will look like 50 years from now.


I read about that pilot in 2012 but didn’t see the river. It’s just too disgusting to contemplate. I have been vegan for 35 years. I couldn’t eat meat now to save my life!!!


I can’t say that, but I am trying…


One culprit is Brazil based JBS - ecology and long term thinking are shaped by what is known in Brazil as “latifundia”. Still being unpacked is extension of the largest corruption case in the world - in Brazil ‘Lava Jato’ - known in English as Operation Car Wash to JBS. In this context there is also Five Rivers. Be sure to check which US meat vendors are now owned byJBS and the businesses under its brand.


Good response. I think the Iowa we are reminiscing about changed in the 1960s. And, I also think it didn’t have to be done this way, either.
Iowa is a stark reminder that Federal Agricultural Policies matter. And, while market timing is important, political timing is even more so. " If you want to live like a Republican, ya’ got to vote like a Democrat ( Roosevelt ) ". Harry Truman :grinning: