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50 Million Of Us


50 Million Of Us

There were potent responses aplenty to last night's "stream of lies" and "racist pablum" oozing from a once-sacrosanct Oval Office - Ocasio-Cortez: "What we are seeing right now is death" - but we'll add one roof-raising amen from Jenifer Lewis, Brandy and Roz Ryan. Their fiery version of "In These Streets," released as Trump took office and first started babbling about his wall, calls for resistance and echoes Nina Simone: "An artist's duty is to reflect the times."


Register to vote as nonpartisan, fifty million of us vote for sanity or write in None of the Above.

Use democracy to throw a monkey wrench in a system designed to destroy Earth.

Why not? Fifty million of us. One hundred million will do it for sure.


This has been a wish of mine for some time!!!


Here we go! Each of us find a few people and before you know it we are an autonomous democracy incarnate and we tell the government exactly what to do.


You go girls! I am going to be in the streets with you. Whooyah!


They! Those that govern…the big THEY… have always feared the awakening of the ‘beast’.

My dears…WE are all the beast… together we stand. Together we win. That is the only way it has ever happened. The BIG they has a very small following of very vocal MAGA’S. If as I suspect large numbers of true believers are seen coming their way…whoosh…they will vanish as fog in the sunshine.


I am not holding my breathe with voting. We need our country back now. I do not want to live among people who are scared out of their minds because of some jackass in the White House. If you do not fix the roof right away and keep allowing it to be damaged by rain and wind…then the roof caves in on those who waited too long.


Evolution is accelerating at an accelerating rate along with Cosmos. Biology began when the first quarks precipitated from primordial plasma and mated.

Occasional voting in representative democracy is like being hungry and only smelling food. Even so; we are where we are and we use the tools our ancestors have provided. What comes next we make together for those yet to be born.