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50 Years Later, We Still Have a Dream


50 Years Later, We Still Have a Dream

Rosa Pavanelli

They gather every Monday. Hundreds of low-wage workers, faith leaders, civil rights organizers, trade union members and liberal activists from all over the US have been taking to the streets every Monday since May 13th, to protest inequality, racism, ecological devastation, militarism and all kinds of discrimination.


While the Poor Peoples’ Campaign has serious organizing problems (e.g. it is not run by poor people), it’s platform is one of the few platforms in U.S. “progressive” movements that put militarism and imperialism front-and-center.


Tom Johnson
Columbus, OH USA


As a Public Service Worker, I appreciate the recognition. I see these “poor people” everyday, all day in our clinic. I hear their stories. I know how it is for them. They aren’t poor because of “bad decisions” they’ve made in their lives or any “laziness” on their part. Rather, they are poor because of bad decisions made by the rich and the rich’s laziness to do anything about it. All we’ve gotten from rightwingers is a bunch of lies. Lies do not improve lives. Lies do not create opportunity for people to improve their lives. Its really hard for disempowered people to improve their lives, when those in power are striving to keep those people disempowered because y’know the rich don’t want any competition in the marketplace…