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500+ Groups Urge Senators: 'Use All Your Power' to Block Anti-Environment Pruitt


500+ Groups Urge Senators: 'Use All Your Power' to Block Anti-Environment Pruitt

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

More than 500 national, state, and local organizations on Tuesday announced their opposition to Donald Trump's fossil-fuel soaked nominee to run the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt.


A few well placed corporate bribes are all it will take to get Senators to confirm this troglodyte.

Online Direct Democracy


By nominating so many bad apples, Trump has ensured his opponents have to fight on too many fronts and in the end all the bad apples could get in. It may be that there are only are few key ones and with so many fronts, they have a better chance to sneak in. But if there was a concerted effort to focus on only some of the most odious nominations then perhaps those could be defeated.

Of course, concerned people would have to agree on which were the worse and to focus all efforts at stopping them. Personally, I find them all reprehensible but the P-bodies are, perhaps, the worst of the worst: Pruitt and Pudzer.


A very concerning pattern is forming. Mafia Don is appointing has been (non-reelected) Republican hacks to head departments they despise and have attacked. His pick for VP was also a has been, controversial lackey. Also, most nominations are people unqualified and inexperienced in the departments they have been chosen to lead.


Instead of, "draining the swamp" it's more like filling it with incompetent morons.


Test, test, test.

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We need to never allow such environmental ignorance, stupidity, and/or corruption by big-money, to gain public office ever again! Without the natural world and The Wild there can be no sustainable future for anyone including city-dwellers/cliff-dwellers and even those swine concerned with money as the end-all and be-all.
The last several cycles elevated the antithesis of competent, moral, courageous stewardship and leadership - quite the contrary, they gave us lap-dogs, craven puppets and sycophants that have served the big-money powers of exploitation, pollution, unsustainable policies and industries, at the expense of all life on Earth!


If the Trump Cabinet and gang of advisors get in there and enact their beliefs there may not be a "next time" to put other aware and sensible individuals in to replace "Team Trumo" and undo the damage which by that time may have crossed the line into the "utterly irreversible zone."

Those who try to remain aware must keep trying and to use all communication tools and techniques to spread awareness because only a groundswell of loud and very visible opposition to snything they try to do has any chance of turning the terrible tide back on itself.


OK here in Canada TJ - but you are offshore I believe ?


United Nations time for now I think.

Rights for the Environment might conceivably be passed by the General Assembly.

Right now money rules in the United States.

Fight where there is a chance of winning.


If one cannot breathe or drink clean water- why would money mean THAT much?


Great to try to get in touch with the UN.