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51 GOP Senators Just Voted To Cut More Than $1 Trillion from Medicare/Medicaid To Give Super-Rich and Corporations a Tax Cut


51 GOP Senators Just Voted To Cut More Than $1 Trillion from Medicare/Medicaid To Give Super-Rich and Corporations a Tax Cut

Jon Queally, staff writer

The Republican budget, declared Sen. Sanders after its passage, "is not a bad bill. It's a horrific bill."


No offense Senator Jeff Merkley but getting loud was your job, that is why the citizens of Oregon elected you. Maybe the disabled that were dragged out of wheelchairs in the Capital building should have been at your office.


On October 5 after the US House voted for massive tax cuts, I stated the 99% were screwed. Today the US Senate did the same. It is now a fait accompli and those not in the top 10% are going to suffer. Those of you with republican representation should be howling at the gates and demanding (figuratively) their heads…


I am going to DIE. Why didn’t mccain and flake just shoot me? F&%^ING COWARDS. I get funding for housing, drugs and medicare premium. I just lost my life. When I do die let to be known it was because of them!..gilbertweaversatchell.org…read the tab Political Commentary/Attic Thoughts


sorry to hear this. I’m under the gun with these jokers, too.

the bloodletting is getting ridiculous.

this country needs to revolt. today.


Whatever, I stand by my post. And Senators Harris and Feinstein will get the same message tomorrow.


Wealthy sociopaths joyous over their gambit to screw over the poor, the sick, and the elderly so their club can masturbate in even larger piles of cash.

Someday, the tables will turn you sick fucking jerks.


I don’t like to make things personal but you have no Idea who I represent . I"ve read an untold number of comments about the senators in my state. Have never made a comment. this my first. If you don’t like it to bad, grow up.


Queally sez: “The measure passed by 51-49 vote …”

Remember when Democrats had the majority in the Senate? And they couldn’t move anything without 60 votes?
Good times.


please remember…with eyes of fire, no one can see / Robbie Robertson

it is a very sick world we live in right now, we, you and I and everyone else that is sane must stay healthy w/healthy thoughts of non-violence…


Yeah, isn’t it amazing how it all comes together when the wealthy are screwing everyone else over.


Fern…I’m here, your okay, you’re doing a great job…okay?


I really like this…thanks


Well if you can come up with a valid criticism I would have an interest but if you just want someone to take out your frustrations find someone else. I use to work with people that ate their own shit. I’m not easily offended.


I have sent mc cain & flake emails, I was politely rude.


Thanks Ditton… Its ok.


Okay…gotta go, you know where to find me…


Peace out…me too.


Until these rich corrupt Republicans have to live with no free health care and pensions and no one loading their bank account with big bucks, they will never care about the sheeple they abuse.


Somehow that’s not surprising. I can almost visualize you actually feeding them yours.
Answer why you think you, shit feeder, can be so high-minded that you attack the ONE Senator out of 100 that supported Sen. Sanders and the most progressive platforms/positions in the election of 2016?
Your answer better include something resembling coherent thought. Because right now you sound like an asshole who can’t see the forest for the ferns.