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54 Years After the March on Washington, We're Far From Racial Pay Equity


54 Years After the March on Washington, We're Far From Racial Pay Equity

Sarita Gupta

Fifty-four years ago this week, on Aug. 28, 1963, hundreds of thousands of people gathered for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. The event marked a turning point in our society in recognizing the need for civil rights and equality for African Americans. But it’s painfully

clear we have yet to achieve the dream set forth that day by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


I have worked 12 hours a day on average most of my life.
Part of it has been to not only further my skills but also stay ahead of the technology curve to develop tools that are time and face savings, and perform consistently in an office environment.
This requires exhaustive knowledge of the technology first.
The office I was working for has never handled large projects before, and has completely tanked two minor project after I joined. They lost both contracts, and made a friend of mine a scapegoat of their ineptitude.

They only reason they met their deliverables were because of tools I wrote.

The person in charge of the packages is insecure and inept.
He has stuck his foot in his mouth in almost every meeting, with those of us around him shaking our heads in collective disgust as he imposes his antiquity upon us.

He is a full time employee, I have had to write new contracts every forty five days to justify my existence.

With these fairly large projects coming in, I proposed about 15 new tools to expedite matters accurately.
Of course they were run by Mr. insecure and he was asked if they were necessary.

My contract was not renewed last week.

It is not just the pay scale - I will say I was making a lot more money than the employee.
It is our very jobs that are at stake.

I much prefer Ms. Gupta’s article here, compared to her feminist piece in the last forty eight hours.


Unfortunately, pay equality is a dream that will NEVER be realized—for the simple reason that soon our species will “be no more”! This article (http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2017/05/abrupt-warming-how-much-and-how-fast.html), posted in May of this year asserts:

With little or no action taken on global warming, it appears that the Anthropocene will lead to extinction of the very human beings after which the era is named, with the Anthropocene possibly running from 1950 to 2021, i.e. a mere 71 years and much too short to constitute an era. In that case a better name for the period would be the Sixth Extinction Event . . . .


Rev. Dr. King and the civil rights movement as a whole, fought for equality not just for Black americans. the civil rights movement back in the day, was and is still today , stands for universal human rights for all. not just rights for Black folk