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55% of GOP Say Sexual Assault Not Disqualifying for SCOTUS; What Is *Wrong* With Them?

55% of GOP Say Sexual Assault Not Disqualifying for SCOTUS; What Is *Wrong* With Them?

Juan Cole

What in the world is wrong with self-identified Republicans in the United States. I mean, look, I’m a historian and a world traveler. I get that different people have different ways of looking at the world, different norms and customs. It is to be expected.

But the blatant amorality of GOP voters, at least as they represent themselves in the polling, baffles me. Morality ought to be equally distributed across parties, like immorality. People are people.


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Thank you Professor Cole, ever stalwart!

The trump WH is How is the trump WH directing the FBI to NOT interview witnesses or potential witnesses to the very serious charges (arguably the most serious and widespread of the current three accusers), that are directly connected to the sworn statement/charges against Kavanaugh by Julie Swetnick not an obstruction of justice, under the statute you referenced, and its very wording?

The “deal” made between Sen. Flake, the committee and Dems, was that the three existing accusers , Dr Ford, Deborah Ramiriz, and Julie Swetnick, would be investigated by the FBI. Now trump is shielding the nominee and hiding more damaging evidence just like the 100,000 pages of history when he served a political role in the Bush WH The limitation itself is an admission and complicity to a continued cover-up that muat NOT be tolerated!

He - trump - by very intentionally limiting the scope of the so-called “investigation” - is corruptly influencing, obstructing, impeding, the due administration of justice _that limitation is in itself an admission and clue that much more is known by the WH to the veracity of the accusers charges!

So exactly HOW are the actions by the trump WH not an obstruction of justice - a premeditated obstruction?

"Obstruction of justice is defined in the omnibus clause of 18 U.S.C. § 1503, which provides that “whoever . . . . corruptly or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication, influences, obstructs, or impedes, or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede, the due administration of justice, shall be (guilty of an offense).”


" the White House is not permitting the FBI to pursue the allegation of the third accuser, Julie Swetnick, who said Kavanaugh was present at a party where she was gang-raped when they were teenagers.

Also, the agency reportedly cannot seek employment records from a Safeway supermarket in suburban Maryland for Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge, whom Ford says witnessed and helped in assaulting her. Ford told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday that such records could provide evidence to corroborate her account, helping to establish the time period."


What’s wrong with them? It’s simple. They’re assholes.
We all know them. They’re never wrong, even when they are. They look down their noses at everyone else. Authoritarian and racist to the bone. Guns and god and the American flag.
All the assholes found the biggest fucking asshole in America and put him in the White House, just like Mencken said.


I think Professor Cole is on to something here…something very significant.


I wonder how many, if not all of them, are anti-abortionists too.

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And most anti-abortionists are also anti-birth control, except for abstinence, an approach that results in even more unwanted pregnancies and therefore MORE abortions, at least for those who can muster the means to get one.


55% sounds credible. Whenever anybody says “this is not who we are”, my response is to tell them to look at all of the evidence that confirms that This IS who we are.


it was the same for Democrats (at the time myself included) when we rejected Clinton’s perjury and intern banging as grounds for impeachment.

Those responses have nothing to do with sexual assault, the same as ours didn’t for intern banging and perjury.

This is about defending your letter and your tribe. The Right isn’t going to stop supporting their guy because liberals are mad. They’ll just dig in their heels. Ds do the same damned thing.

The real question isn’t “what’s wrong with that team!”. It’s what’s wrong with the dillwads who keep defending their teams to the death no matter what.


Mr. Cole,

In order to put things in more perspective, perhaps after you quote findings in a poll for percentage of Republicans and Democrats, you might also want your reading audience to know the percentage of Independents or Greens or Socialists.

You never know what stark difference you may find.


Good point Drone,

Standing up for someone simply because of their political affiliation, and dismissing a serious crime they did, is just simply, wrong.

We are supposed to be human before we are Political party supporters.

Humans who haven’t learned this simple fact are the reason many continue to support the parties of the Duopoly.


Had such a shady drunken background been revealed in candidate put forward by a Democratic president, or evaluated by a Democrat-majority Senate committee, he would have long ago been dropped from consideration.

So much for the tweedledum-tweedledee theory.


Why would anyone now expect anything different from the Republican party? Remember, a majority of Republicans support separating immigrant children from their parents; a majority of Republicans polled were okay with torture; a strong majority of Republicans favor the death penalty; of the percentage of Republicans that actually believe global warming is real, only small percentage think it is caused by human activity; a strong majority of Republicans do NOT think Donald trump is racist; a strong majority of Republicans support Trump’s bans on immigration from Muslim countries. The list goes on.

Fascism is alive and prospering in this country.


Dear Republicans : OMG, I think you have not only dissed the country, but your own relatives( the female ones)
55% of the Republicans don’t think sexual assault is an important issue? Wow, well , I suppose that people will look up how each of the Senators all voted and then decided …hey no harm, no foul, because historically they think it’s always the woman’s fault. Oh the sadness that can come to wives , daughters and granddaughters to some of you who do not see assault as a crime. : ( ( like Stanford Swimmer’s dad and his comment on “20 minutes of action.”

There are some men who do NOT want to be fathers—but they are more than happy to spread their Y chromosome far and wide. These are the ones that are a big worry, and GOP, I hope nothing happens to your wives, daughters , granddaughters------but by your display of NO EMPATHY, and NO PROBLEM HERE---------- you have put so many women and girls at risk----and Mr. Kavanaugh--------you just put your own teen daughter at risk.
Besides being more humane, GOP, perhaps it’s also time AMERICAN GOVERNMENT to use other law school besides Yale and Harvard-----because your know, quite a few men do NOT seem to see women at school, at work and in life as equals with equal rights.


Many, if not most, military and corporate organizations teach/demand loyalty and group solidarity over the Stage #6. Look nor further than the Police Orders & Unions ( Fraternal & Retired especially ) to see this play out. Also, our local, state and federal governments and their subsidiaries, function in this solidarity/survival driven manner.
Apparently, whole states function in this way, to a great extent. ( Look at the %age of victory in 2016 regarding Trump v. Clinton ). Which states hated Clinton ( and by extension the Muslim, Negro, Socialist, Queer-- whose wife is really a Dyke ) and overwhelming conferred their fealty to the Trumpster/ Dumpster. What has that fealty wrought? Can you see an even more dystopian world? Or, a complete breech, as some do?
This is not a Duopoly problem, it is a Republican problem. ( If it is, in fact, a problem in your eyes. )
Day in and day out the Democratic Party’s glaring shortcomings are mercilesly brought out here at CD. Narry a whimpering peep though from the people who constantly harangue about " they’re both the same, they’re both the same " pointing out the obvious pathologies of the vast majority of the Republican Party. Lose your keypads?
Your constant meme is to be commended and your eternal righteous optimism has been noted. I’m just not as confidant your " cureall " will serve as remedy, for all that you seek. In this instance you may want to put yourself in the shoes of a starving human being and ask, " is half a loaf better than none " as opposed to " careful what you wish for, you just might get it ".
Being a cowboy, ethics aside, is actually a dangerous and isolated career choice. As someone who learned to ride a horse before a bike, I wish you the best and god’s speed.


There’s a BIG difference between CONSENSUAL SEX between CONSENTING ADULTS and SEXUAL ASSALUT on a 15 year old. Monica Lewinski NEVER asserted sexual harassment or any kind of pressure by President Clinton. It was an AFFAIR on her part and INFIDELITY on his. What Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of is SEXUAL ASSAULT ( a CRIME). One point that Juan Cole did NOT make is that Republicans seem OBSSSESSED with CONSENSUAL SEX between ADULTS with a desire to POLICE OTHERS intimate lives—especially WOMEN’s lives. Yet, SEXUAL VIOLENCE is of NO CONCERN to them—whether by predator priests or college coaches or politicians or CEOs (UNLESS the accused are DEMOCRATS or perceived to be “liberals”). So, the question should be furthered deepened to ask: WHY are Republicans willing to POLICE people over CONSENSUAL SEX–yet, don’t give a damn about RAPE,HARRASSMENT or the SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN?


Headline sez: “What Is Wrong With Them?”

I’ll go with ‘Fear, resulting from arrested development’ for $500, Alex.


The allegations of sexual assault have become the sole issue in
Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and the Democratic Party and the media have
presented Kavanaugh’s guilt on this matter as a foregone conclusion. The
focus of the proceedings reflects the political priorities of the
Democratic Party and the interests of the affluent social layers to
which it is appealing.

There are some who, though uncomfortable with the abrogation of the
presumption of innocence that is characteristic of the Democrats’
treatment of the sexual assault allegations, are eager to seize on any
opportunity to keep Kavanaugh off the court. The ends, as the saying
goes, supposedly justify the means. They should be warned: This is bad
politics, bad strategy and even worse tactics. There are political
consequences to such efforts to confuse and cover up the real issues
confronting the working class [which includes most women too].

A central aim of the Democrats’ strategy in the Kavanaugh hearings
has been to obscure the most important class issues. They adopt the tone
of phony moral outrage over the three-decade-old allegation while
expressing no similar anger or even concern over the crimes committed by
the American ruling class throughout the world.

Not a day goes by where the US military is not dropping bombs or
launching drone strikes, with the death toll from the “war on terror”
well over one million. Thirteen thousand immigrant children are
currently locked up in internment camps. Thousands of workers in the US
die each year from industrial accidents and work-related illnesses. When
Democratic Senator Cory Booker complains about the “patriarchy,” he
looks past the fact that the fall in life expectancy in the working
class is largely driven by alcoholism, drug abuse and depression among

Kavanaugh is himself complicit in these crimes, from which the
relentless focus on allegations of sexual misconduct is intended as a
diversion. There is documentary evidence Kavanaugh helped author Alberto
Gonzales’ “torture memos” during the Bush administration. He is on the
record praising the constitutionality of mass surveillance by the
National Security Agency. Email exchanges prove he advocates repealing
the right to abortion for millions of women across the country.

The Democratic Party’s refusal to address such issues is a deliberate
decision. They are themselves guilty of involvement in these crimes—and
intend for them to continue, whether Kavanaugh or some other
reactionary is on the court.

The Democrats are not even capable of addressing the fact that twenty
years ago Kavanaugh was a central player in the Republicans’
anti-democratic use of sex scandals to attempt to bring down the
administration of Democratic President Bill Clinton. To raise this issue
would expose the fact that the Democrats are engaged in the same
methods today.

As part of their effort to center opposition to Kavanaugh on
allegations of sexual misconduct, the Democrats are utilizing the
methods of #MeToo, which have consisted of treating allegations as fact
and the presumption of innocence as an unnecessary burden that must be
dispensed with.

Kavanaugh is a political reactionary and an enemy of the working class.
However, in waging its opposition to this right-wing Republican and the
Trump administration, the working class must not allow itself to be
subordinated to the agenda of the Democrats. To do so would only disarm
the working class, undermine democratic rights and facilitate the ever
more right-wing trajectory of American politics.


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Your premise lacks foundation, so all the palaver is just more word salad or, where I come from 100% Grade A BULLSHIT.
Kavanaugh’s writings and rulings were objectionable long before the sex scandal. U R a filthy liar, live with it and own it.

Ruffled your Liberal feathers? I guess you couldn’t care less about most women - who are working class.

And I don’t think you read what I posted. You reacted emotionally w/o using your brain. The article talks more about Kavenaugh’s real right-wing record than most MSDNC/Liberal media and speaks to the hypocracy of the Democratic Party and its allies in the MSM.