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#55Strong: Rejecting Flimsy Deal, Teachers Back on the Picket Line in West Virginia


#55Strong: Rejecting Flimsy Deal, Teachers Back on the Picket Line in West Virginia

Julia Conley, staff writer

Public schools in West Virginia did not open as expected on Thursday, after teachers rejected an offer by Republican Governor Jim Justice they say comes nowhere near meeting their demands. Justice offered the promise of a pay raise to teachers, but a permanent fix to the state's health coverage for public employees was not included.


The system is so corrupted that it couldn’t deal with the real issues if it wanted to, and it doesn’t want to. I support those teachers and encourage them to stand strong. The fascists care nothing about you and will do everything in their power to break you. United you have a chance. You really have nothing to lose that they don’t intend on taking from you anyways so you might as well fight. Show America the way teachers of West Virginia.


“To the shock and anger of West Virginia teachers and school employees, union leaders announced Tuesday evening that they were shutting down the statewide strike and ordering educators back to the classrooms Thursday without achieving any of their demands.”

The above sentence is from the World Socialist WebSite: http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2018/02/28/west-f28.html In this article and a previous one, WSWS gives a different view than Common Dreams about what is going on in WV. It’s not just the Legislature and Governor who oppose teachers getting significantly higher wages and fixing their very expensive health insurance, but _it is also the teacher’s unions, American Federation of Teachers WV and National Educational Association WV.
This nuance is very telling. The big unions have the same problem people in the DNC have: the leaders have very cushy jobs and they don’t want to rock the boat for their union members because it might upset the relationship the unions have cultivated with the conservative Republican governor and the WV Democratic Party. The WV Dem Party has controlled the Legislature for most years and have done nothing to help the teachers.
I hope CD can do research into what’s really happening in WV instead of just apparently getting info from the unions who are not serving the teachers.


The teachers are awesome and deserve lots of support.


Thanks for the information nobody else is supplying.


Just remember it is because of TEACHERS in OKLAHOMA in the 1930s that teachers were able to get health insurance at ALL… GOTTA KEEP FIGHTING OR they will either TAX YOU TO DEATH or TAKE BACK ALL YOUR BENEFITS ONE BY ONE BY ONE and YOU WILL ENRICH the OLIGARCHS EVEN MORE…