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57 Climate Scientists Object After Biden Falsely Claims "Not a Single Solitary Scientist" Thinks Sanders' Green New Deal Can Work

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/29/57-climate-scientists-object-after-biden-falsely-claims-not-single-solitary


I’m a solar inventor and I object too.

The only reason the inventions won’t succeed is if some other inventor comes along with something better.


I do think the headline here is short of context. Biden, of whom I am no fan, did caveat his comment with the condition that zero emission by 2030 was unachievable. My gut reaction tends to agree with him. So what? The goal in my mind is absolute minimal emission by 2030, 2040, 2050, etc., until we get it right. Reestablish forests and other carbon-uptake ecosystems. All hands on board. This corporate pandering has to stop. Green New Deal and perhaps then some.
BERNIE 2020!


Again, Joe Biden proving to be the wet blanket typical of the modern democratic leadership.
Keep telling the electorate what we can’t (and you won’t) do. That’ll win the primaries.
Please Joe, i don’t necessarily want you to go off to the retirement home and die. I just want you to go.


Always with the negative waves! WTF Joe? Of course nothing will ever work on so many issues now driven by wealth and profits above all else, environmental crises or civil justice if nothing is either acknowledged as critical or tried! - “we must act immediately to bring the world together to stop the catastrophic impacts of climate change”

It seems clear that what has gone before and been “tried” has brought us to the brink we look-over and that path must be altered for the survival of much of life on Earth.
Refusal to address the crises is not unlike the entrenched DINO “elite” where their self-interested “strategies”, myopic vision and service to big-money has lost election after election and support of the 99% but they as a mechanism - the DP is not an open democratic “big-tent” but a corporate hierarchic-controlled leadership that serves a constipated minority dedicated to wealth and “growth” - they refuse to change course or listen to voices other their own; not rank and file voter “base” of Democrats, progressives, independents, and all people that see the critical need to change, like Bernie Sanders message to the future.
Both the environmental crises we face, the refusal of government and capitalist big-money to take that bull by the balls, and the DINO “leadership” refusal to do likewise and greet and serve the future show utter failure of responsibility.


I can’t argue details because I haven’t read them but I am sure that the amount of my tax money that goes to the military is massive and, if redirected away from the Lockheads and Raytheons etc could make a yuge difference in our economy and ultimately, our planet.
Your figure-- $1.6 trillion over 10 years doesn’t sound that big compared to the $6 trillion our empire has spent on Iraq etc over 18 years. And I believe that number is way low— look at how the Pentagon failed their audit and basically said: “we’re not doing it anymore!”


Unless I’m misunderstanding, the Green New Deal calls for zero emissions by 2050, not 2030 as Biden implied.


Sanders says it will pay for itself it 15 years. $800 billion was spent on utility bills and fuel for transportation last year. Growing at 2.5% per year, that would be $16 trillion for the 15 year period 2022 through 2036. Theoretically, If the green sources of electricity were 100% owned by the government and it charged consumers of it (including for transportation) what they would otherwise pay for our now mostly fossil fuel sources, it could get it’s $16 trillion back…thereafter, it would be close to free.

By the way, included in his wealth tax proposal is an “exit tax”. People denouncing their U.S. citizenship and leaving the country will have their wealth (net worth) taxed at 40% and at 60% on the amount above $1 billion. Under current law, failing to report foreign income subjects one to a 75% tax penalty and up to 5 years in prison and failing to report foreign assets (on form 8938) subjects those assets to a 50% seizure…also, 1/3rd of the approx. 100,000 households wealthy enough to have to pay the wealth tax would be audited annually. (each of those households would be audited every 3 years).


Love the reference to “Kelly’s Heroes”. Classic Donald Sutherland line. One of my all time favorite movies.


Other than providing no actual stats, I would like to ask one thing.
What’s your solution? How do you think we should address global warming and resource deletion?


No, Michael. Re-read the article and my comment. That’s $1.6 trillion ANNUALLY. $16 trillion over 10 years. We spend way too much on our military but this dwarfs anything we’ve ever seen and it’s surely below reality anyway.

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Thanks Nevermind, at least one person got the reference/quote! If you’re a fan of Southerland like I am, I very much recommend the film “Citizen X” directed by Chris Gerolmo, described as “riviting”, that never got the recognition it deserved. The entire cast is superb and brilliant. The subject on the surface very disturbing, but there is an underlying message of love, especially from Steven Rea’s character. Well worth the watch!

So long as the question is “How is it possible to stop fossil fuels without inconveniencing anyone?” the answer has to be “Not at all.” These descriptors of potential – possible and impossible – continually bob in the backwash of predatory rules and rulers. What is possible depends on where we are. For instance: Are we living in a democracy? One of many questions relevant to possibilities.


So many lies in your regressive comments, it’s useless to try to refute them all point by point.
Suffice to say that what FDR did to CREATE jobs and public infrastructure, and what Eisenhower did to CREATE jobs and public infrastructure (interstate system) and what Kennedy did to CREATE JOBS and further science (the moon program) can be done now.
“Expensive plans” in America, such as wars, tax breaks for the rich, bailouts for Wall Street criminals, etc., are paid for by debt, so why not for the Green New Deal?
Mentioning Venezuela is so precious, a sure sign of a right-wing troll.
Step out from behind your lies and stop being a corrupt, sick, pathetic propagandist, or just STFU and go away.


You are correct! When I see people sitting in their cars with the motors idling in parking lots for an hour while they wank off or text, when I see fools with their gasoline leaf blowers outdoors creating noise and pollution, when I see boaters and jet skiers ruining our seashores, lakes and rivers with their endless motorized circuits of stupidity, when I see NASCAR, when I see buildings lit up from within and without all night long even though nobody is in them, when I see people getting on airplanes to go places they don’t need to go, when I see monster trucks with tires bigger than most cars, when I see people destroying the deserts with ATVs, ORVs and motorcycles, when I see chainsaw massacres, when I see massive RVs towing boats and cars, I see a dumbass culture addicted to fossil fuels that will never give them up, and besides…no less-harmful form of energy generation could ever replace the gasoline/diesel drug Americans love.


Holy shit, they’re right. Venezuela? This is from early rushes for the next phase in the pathetically counterproductive M$MBS magic boomerang attack on Bernie Sanders: My fellow USAmericans, watch out – we could wind up like Venezuela!

OMG, not that!

Q: Why will there never be a coup in Washington DC?
A: Because it has no US embassy.

(Okay, I’ll stop feeding the you know what now…)


Will do. Sounds interesting.

By golly, I think you are right. I’ve been gaffed! Thanks for the correction.


The turbulence of the future we face, starting today on planet Earth, is beyond anyone’s capacity to foresee – based solely on the precarious state of the cryosphere (ice on Earth). It’s hard enough to foresee how the next soybeen season on the plains will work out. From there, to how humans might react, is beyond incalculable for any serious statistician. We’re not allowed to know much of the future, and therefore not well qualified to speculate on what might be possible within that future.

Just as I am not the same person I was yesterday, neither is USAmerica the same dumbass culture. (How refreshing, to greet a freshly revised dumbass culture this morning!)

How about taking a small percentage of our military budget ( the military which purports to make us safer but does the opposite while killing innocents and striving for oil we can’t afford to use while using more oil than anyone) to do something actually life affirming rather than the endless funding of the death cult?