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6 Crucial Races That Will Flip the Senate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/25/6-crucial-races-will-flip-senate

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@ “Winning the White House is absolutely crucial, but it’s just one piece of the fight to save our democracy and push a people’s agenda.”

The Democratic wing of the War Party pushing a people’s agenda? You gotta’ be kidding.


I admit, I still have to read this article… but I had an idea I want some feedback on while I read it.

I have always been registered as a Democrat. More and more I see the futility of this and recently left the party and became “unaffiliated”. Then, thinking that down ballot votes mattered more than the lame ass MF in the White House, was going to re-register just for the local vote. Better to have an AOC then a Pelosi type of idea.

Instead, maybe it would be better to register as a Republican and use that to primary for the “biggest loser” Republican and then when the vote is in the final stages, vote my conscience. This way… since I know my Dem primary vote for higher offices is a waste of time, at least I can trash the Republicans in my own little way.

I have thought for awhile now this has been a Republican ploy… water down the opposition. Some of the “Dems” I know prefer being slaves to the system and want the most conservative Reagan-ista Dem they can vote for. And this is supported by the Dem establishment, because they only want watered down policies, you know, the “Wall Street seal of approval” type policies.

Rather than leaving the system, use it against them.

Any feedback?

Edit to add: Okay read the article… not impressed.


Try not to blame people on our side for the other side issue. These races are important. Anybody deny this. Many use the incorrect excuse that they are all the same they all do it so I will put my head in the sand and not want to learn or change my prejudice. We have hope, probably all we have since many votes are already in the bag. Not just for pres but in these races. what you think they are not important? Cause I assure you the other side does. Best wishes, stay safe.

It could get a lot worse for blue states, and if he loses or wins, it will. One will solidify, the other will see spite kill many, many.


WTF does that mean. You just are giving up! Vote more progressive into the party and get rid of the corporate war mongers of the party.

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Sorry but White Supremacists have cultivated more violence and looting than antifa (anti-fascists). 200 to 20 from 2010. We have had more violence since trump has been elected as he is the instigator of it.


Could we give Paula Jean Swearengin some support in the West Virgina race for the Senate --???-----Also because Maine has ranked voting I would support Lisa Savage then the dem as second choice.

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So you’re saying you want to register as a Republican to vote for someone so bad they’d be sure to lose; did I get that right? And you’re going to do this because your vote for good Democrats is only one vote and can’t make a difference in bringing progressives to office, because you’ve correctly perceived that the D party lies, cheats and steals to stop progressives from winning. Well, that’s a contradiction. How can your vote be inconsequential and powerful at the same time?

We have an actually mentally ill rapist president who is literally a moron, with the vocabulary and cognition of a six year old and the attention span of a 3 year old, who is as evil as anyone in human history. With lots of help from small-state bias, gerrymandering, voter suppression, etc.[1] How bad would a candidate have to be in either party to lose an election? Given the continual degradation in candidates, from Nixon to Reagan to Bush the Incomprehensible to Bush the Lesser to the current travesty, can you actually imagine any human so bad you and the millions of others in every state who are running a false flag candidacy could vote in and then wouldn’t win? (The choices on the other side have deteriorated right along the Republicans.)

I recently had a discussion here about continuing the trend of ever-worse presidents. Who would fit the bill for the next Republican president? Assuming they didn’t think to just get the worst serial killer they could find in prison, pardon him and set him up to run, President Steven Miller, vampire king? President Bannon? You think they would lose? Can you think of anyone so bad they’d be guaranteed to lose? If you can’t, why use your powerful impotent vote to help him get elected? Why not register as a Green, or just vote for downticket Democrats where one vote might matter? Why not flip a coin, because it really doesn’t matter, then help organize so you can make an actual difference?
Or why not just decide whether your vote is powerful or pointless? Then your decision is made for you.

[1] ~https://grist.org/article/the-debate-is-over-the-oceans-are-in-hot-hot-water/#comment-4300972502

Just in the primary. Make sure the choice is weak.

And I am not saying I am going to do this. Just thinking out loud. 42 years of voting and I have yet to see things get better because of my vote. So I am getting cynical and thinking how to do things differently.

Seems like that up until now it has been a waste of time. I am not saying I know the answer… just asking some questions.

Nate Silver analyzed the 2012 and 2016 senatorial results and estimates that the Senate as a whole may be structurally skewed towards the GOP by up to 6 points relative to the national popular vote. Since changing senator allocation would require a constitutional amendment that the Senate itself would have to approve, the only solutions he can think of right now are 1) realigning to somehow appeal to current rural red states behind this imbalance or 2) adding more states. And since 1) is a bit of a tall order, that leaves 2).

PR statehood 2021!

I don’t mean to be mean or encourage despair, but of course your vote has no visible signs. If we lived in a perfect world, or at least a much better one than tthis, where people were psychologically healthy and they overwhelmingly agreed with you, you still wouldn’t see any results from your vote. Only in elections decided in our favor by one vote can we say it mattered. Otherwise, maybe it would help to stick by the Buddhist/Hindu/Gandhian principle of non-attachment–acting rightly and expecting nothing…

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Up until now… and continuing for a few more years I hope, this has been my way of existing. I think of it more as the Taoist part of me, but it is the same thing.

In the past, on a personal level, no matter what happened I knew I could bounce back, and always have. Now that is not so clear. Maybe age has something to do with that and it is just part of the path we all take from birth onwards.

Also I understand that for a true change to happen… for people to really rise up and demand change, we need to get to a point of “almost” no return. There has never been a revolution that transformed society when the masses are happy and content. So maybe despair is what we need, as long as we don’t stop there. It is a necessary part of the growth that has to happen. It sucks, but it is how we are wired to behave.

I wish I hadn’t wasted my mid-life crisis 20 years ago. I could use it now. {wink}

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