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6 Incredible Moments from the Nationwide #StopTheFCC Protests for Net Neutrality


6 Incredible Moments from the Nationwide #StopTheFCC Protests for Net Neutrality

Collette Watson

Last week, the people stood up to cable and phone companies in a historic way.

"The message was overwhelmingly clear: The open internet belongs to the masses, and the masses refuse to let it die."


Too much AgitProp from Ajit Pai

I’m dreaming of a Free Internet!!!


And there you have it! Lobbyists and insiders are more important to this Administration than the Public! Their ultimate goal is to make Everything private and Nothing public, so that only the well-off will be able to afford a decent amount of service. If you make less than a six-figure annual income, you will have to pay more, or do without! That is the Republican way, and this Administration is making it possible.


Ajit Pai needs to here the sound of a file sharpening a guillotine blade.
It’s time to stop playing nice.


There is no free internet. Someone has to pay for the servers and routers and fiber optic lines. If companies make infrastructure investments that make higher bandwidth possible, they deserve to be compensated for that.


But ISPs won’t make high bandwidths possible. In fact they literally buy votes in congress to make higher bandwidth broadband like Google Fiber blocked in most places in the country. They don’t care to give us higher bandwidth. Why would they? They already have a monopoly on the market. Kill Net Neutrality will do nothing but give ISPs the excuse to artificially slow the internet down for sites they don’t want you to see.


They are already very well compensated. Americans pay some of the highest internet fees in the world for what we get in return.