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6 Lessons Learned Fighting Oppressive Regimes While Trying to Protect People and Planet

6 Lessons Learned Fighting Oppressive Regimes While Trying to Protect People and Planet

Terry Odendahl

The U.S. is bracing for President-elect Donald Trump. All initial indications are that the U.S. is in for a dramatic change of leadership, more like some of the authoritarian regimes we are used to reading about in other parts of the world. Over the last decade, I have worked as an environmental and human-rights philanthropist trying to protect people and the planet, some of that inside oppressive and authoritarian regimes.

Here's six lessons I've learned:

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Thank you. Concise and to the point advice is always appreciated. Since the attacks on local issues has been fierce Iā€™m a big believer in local. There may be a time when social media and even the internet is cut off. We need to stay connected locally to stay connected nationally.


6 Lessons Learned Fighting Oppressive Regimes

You own nothing
therefore no one can take it from you.
If they move to drown your love
your neighborhood
your water
they kill theirs too.

Who you hold can help you
breathe. Who failed you can be
forgiven. The oppressor unlearns
the power of touch and yours
has bloomed and bloomed and bloomed:
It is worth the fight.

If you cross the waterless plain,
the mountains of the blackened forests
the salt muck where the birds
once swooned and sailed,
listen closely, the enemies of earth
have yet to move on

and they will kill you
for your truth, your understanding
of the soil, your willingness
to grow roses
when what you need most
is bread.

On the horizon the sea
is still gyred with junk
and a fan of poison
from the quaking heart of the oligarch
inhales the colors:
you cannot give in.

All we have is each other
All we know is we cannot use
the same tools they have used.
Everything we invent
becomes a child, a home left behind
a heart. Remember.

ā€“ Bob Vance


Good stuff Bob. Thank you.

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You are a leader.

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This is where I needed to land this morning. Thanks Terry, Dede, Bob.

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