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6 Million Stricken With COVID-19: Trump Has Turned the US Into a Sh*thole Country

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/31/6-million-stricken-covid-19-trump-has-turned-us-shthole-country


You simply don’t care for each other …

Well, what do you expect from a country that spends 60 cents of every dollar on the military? And that military budget, Mr. Cole, is happily passed by both Republicans and Democrats.

Our government does not care about its people.


Speechless …that was synchronistic.


If Orangeman were a foreign agent, specifically deployed to permanently destroy the USA, he could scarcely have done any better. SARS2 is our pet microbe in USA, allowed to run around making trouble all night like a mischievous cat, our permanent guest now that USA has 6 million cases, approaching 2% of the population. To compound and continue the physical toll – the burgeoning mound of human flesh consumed – Orangeman energetically sows destruction of public confidence in all (formerly) scientific agencies, especially CDC, FDA, and OSHA.

A country cannot absorb this level of demographic injury while maintaining its tenuous grip as the world’s sole superpower. Even our warships are in serious trouble. The president’s mobility is limited, as he’s running out of Secret Service agents. Welcome to the third world, USA.


What can you expect from a Shit for Brains presidential impersonator?


We spend a lot on the military, and war, and intelligence services – waaaaay too much – but it’s nowhere near “60 cents of every dollar.” Not even close.


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The country is in tatters for the most part – Trump is a good self-promoter and grifter, but an abject failure on every other level.

Now put that in perspective: The d-party brand is so in the toilet, its nominees at the top of the ticket so unengaging, and their leadership in the form of Obama, Pelosi, Perez, Bill & Hill, and Schumer so detested by so many Americans, that they’re heading for a second straight loss to the very unpopular Trump.

Now how can you conclude that the d-party even wants to win? How can you conclude that lessons which shoulda/coulda been learned from 2016 are either going unlearned or ignored by the d-party establishment ON PURPOSE?

And yet vote shamers around here have the gall to tell us to fall in line? When my vote is here for the earning, and the Biden/Harris ticket is turning wouldbe voters off left and right, even with a corrupt moron as their opponent? Damn, I hate to be the one to tell you vote shamers, but politics entails actually going out and trying – not once again hoping and praying that not being Trump is all you need.


Only 10 more weeks of this shit hole administration, it will change either way, I think directed change is better than no change at all. It is up to you.


I am not out to vote shame or tell you to “fall in line”. The line of the duopoly has brought us here to chaos, oligarchy.

It is a line that must be broken.

Falling in line means telling you to just STFU and vote for biden/Harris. I’m fully with Cornel West who is encouraging people to oust trump and NOT fall in line with the dems:

Cornel West on CNN: "We’re at the most pivotal moment in history of this experiment called the USA


I am literally begging and pleading with people (not shaming) to think about the consequences of trump and (neo) or full throttle fascism when we are at the precipice of environmental social collapse unlike no other point in the history of humans on earth.

Begging/pleading is much different than shaming. Shaming comes from a place of ego, arrogance and feeling like “we know best”. I don’t know what is going to happen thus I can’t shame you. I don’t know what is best or even what to do at this point in time. Much of the time I feel it is too late and there is nothing we can do to stop ecological collapse (and thus life for humans).

I can tell you Skeptic Tank----everything I thought I knew in the decades of life here on earth and in the u.s. was a lie.

I do know that trump is about as sick, violent and brutal as they come-----yes even sicker than the dems who are also pathological. And that is coming, in part from my educational and work background in psychology.

I do not read much, if any, “shaming” here. I am reading some very intelligent comments about why some, who hate the dems, are holding their noses and voting for Biden.

We are supposed to have healthy discourse here----not attacks for those who feel and perceive things differently. I feel we need to get rid of trump and I state my reasons why. You are choosing to call that “vote shaming”.

Please try to stop that, it’s not helpful and FWIW I have read nothing from commenters suggesting to “fall in line”-----quite the opposite in fact.


The final speaker at yesterday’s MPP convention, Nina Turner, someone I respect, referred to vote shaming. I’m not going to apologize for calling something by it’s name, so no, I will not “Please try to stop that.” You chose a more emotional appeal than vote shaming, a better tactic. Not one that will work on me in particular, but I welcome any and all attempts at persuasion.

Now here’s my perspective:

Yep, so I have stopped voting for precisely that.

Yeah, it’s always that. The most important election in history. Biden said so. Trump, too. Obama said it, thereby undercutting his own two elections, which apparently didn’t mean that much. Except they resulted in a President Trump.

If you would like a compendium of vote shaming from the likes of bluevote, bocacat, lil’ floggie, Emphyrio, and others, let me know. They can be quite, um, colorful in their critiques of those who refuse to hold our noses. Which is fine. I can be colorful, too. Color is nice.

I voted D for decades. And the country kept moving rightward. Trump is the logical and completely predictable outcome of the process – hold your nose to prevent worse evil, receive worse evil anyway, and then do it all over again. In the name of healthy discourse, I’m obliged to point out that Biden/Harris is now poised to lose. They did nothing outside of playing your game – handwringing over how bad Trump is – to actually earn my vote. Little if any policy I can support, phoning their message in (“we’re not Trump”), and even going beyond not trying to win my vote by actively scorning progressives in favor of actual Republicans at their convention.

For their efforts, they won precisely no polling jump from Republicans, in fact current polling indicates that more Republicans will have voted for Hillary than plan to vote for Biden.

And for their efforts, progressives are far less willing to hold their noses. Again.

And, for their efforts, the #1 reason cited by Biden supporters for voting for him (a whopping 55%) remains that he’s not Trump. Meanwhile voter enthusiasm within Trump’s base is soaring.

Now I ask, in the name of healthy discourse and based upon the glaring miscalculations I note above, does it really seem to you that the d-party is trying that hard to win? That they have the smarts to win? That they learned a damned thing from 2016? That making this about Trump (again) instead of what they have to offer is a good idea? My answer to those questions would be NO.

Trump is bad. Really, really bad. But a Biden/Harris Administration will be a repeat of Obama/Biden. A placeholder administration opening the door to and actually passing Republican legislation like they did with RomneyCare. An administration that gets walloped in the midterms, like Obama/Biden in 2010. An administration that ushers in worse than Trump, like in 2016. Sure, Trump is scary – the future scares me much more.

I want to be wrong on that. The problem is, it fits the pattern you beg/plead with me to continue.

I’m off that hamster wheel, friend.


Sorry, but IMHO you are wrong on two counts:
1.  It is NOT “our” government, it is a government owned by the top 1% or – more accurately – the wealthiest 0.1%.
2.  Said government cares a great deal about IT’s people, but not a duck’s tight ass about any of the rest of us.

This descent into Sh*tHoliness has been going on for a long, long time – with a short respite in the mid-Twentieth Century – and for at least the past five decades has been the goal of BOTH major parties; one is just slightly less blatant about it than the other.   To blame it on Tweetle-Dumb is ridiculous, almost like blaming the gun instead of the shooter.  He is just the surface manifestation of a widespread systemic rot.


Thank You, Tank, for explaining it all (or at least the past twelve years) so clearly.  I’d agree with you 110% if that were possible, but in the real world 100% will have to do.

And I also wish you were wrong, “But In My Heart I Know You’re Right!”


If you didn’t see his presentation at yesterday’s MPP convention, Ron Placone hits outta the park.
His prediction for the 2028 election is hilarious – but possible! Only 3 minutes, well worth your time:


Excellent, thoughtful response – what an interesting dialectic on none-dare-call-it vote-shaming, thanks! I plan to hold my nose (for the first time in awhile) – but I’m hardly even interested in sharing that, practically ashamed of it every time I see the grin on that white guy’s face (forget about his bumbling rambles, I’m already holding my nose, averting my eyes just at the sight of that shit-eating grin).

This is my own ordeal. I’m even gonna do it here in CA, where it hardly matters (if I’m still alive come November), just to hopefully make the vote against dictatorship as overwhelming as possible, this time. I don’t consciously hold out any hope for USA’s future anymore, but I’ve heard it said that this particular election is special because democracy itself is on the ballot. Okay: that’s a stretch, our federal system has been screwed up all my life and democracy is difficult to locate anywhere. Still – maybe it’s an emotional thing, I feel like a victory for Orangeman this time would be a formal statement by the polity, reiterating their opinion of USA from 2016: “The hell with it!” It would feel like the final shitcanning to me.

I can’t even defend that emotional feeling of mine – it makes no logical sense. So I’d have no business suggesting that others should go around not making sense in the same way I do (not).

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FABULOUS, 'Tank!   Thank You for the link!!!

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Thanks for those corrections, Fester. You rock.

With the topic of COVID-19 and the downward slide of the US, as Professor Cole observes, Trump and Pence have failed us.

While not a fan of Obama, he and Biden are vastly superior in containing actually and effectively the Ebola virus disease of 2014-16. Obama and Biden believed in modern medical science, and applied it.

Tired of winning yet? That’s what Trump promised. Yes, Ames, Iowa, and Iowa City, Iowa, are US hotspots with the highest COVID-19 numbers in the highest-by-numbers country in the world, and I’m appalled and disgusted watching Trump steer this country into this disaster.

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He is a foreign agent.

Vote trump=insanity
Vote Biden=return to sanity
Vote 3rd party=might swing it back to trump

Our country cannot endure four more years of criminality and lunacy in the White House. He’s a pathological liar. He’s trash. It’s time to put out the trash. If that takes voting against your principles, please choose that for the sake of any reasonable future for the children of the United States.